Long term capitalism. Seeing and showing the challenge, solution space and metrics

Some communication is feasible only in the visual mode.  Imagine navigating with text on the road or what the GUI did to computers ! Visual literacy wins where conventional literacy fails.
To lead is to SEE and SHOW
The tool is a visual interface to managing which facilitates, seeing and showing, to create, enhance and continually renew community – local and global.
It shows
  • Positioning, The invariant position and variant positions in the journey
  • Where are we headed?  See the red arrow
  • Where we should be headed, the green arrow. The shift is an imperative.
  • Between the red and green arrows is the blue ocean space/waste in the system, the unrealised potential
  • The process, how to align the four wheels,catalyze the process and ensure that the learning engine continually improves on its previous best performance. Who drives the learning engine?
  • Metrics, measuring real / sustainable improvements.

The framework holds good at all levels from the personal to the community and global.

We have built beautiful castles in the air and it is time now to build the foundations. The apporach integrates and consolidates the essence of all great contribuions of the past and anticipates those in the making. The integral view facilitates and accelerates the journey towards true north transcending semantic barriers.
“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. – Lao-tzu.   Seeing is the first step to showing it.From the design follows the prototype, testing, metrics and continuous improvement in specific contexts.
Do you SEE the transformation of classical capital to knowledge and community captial?
  • Develop holistic performance measures
  • Retool management for an open world
  • Rebuild management’s philosophical foundations