Why First Discipline?

Built to Last
Built to Last !
We have too many disciplines and it has become impossible to navigate through the semantic swamp created by the disciplines that we need a discipline of disciplines.
  • Learning begins at birth, may be even earlier and lasts till death, LLL, or we die when we stop learning. Learning is the core, the first, and other disciplines can only be secondary
  • Self is integral to learning and the discipline covers self-learning as individuals to organizational and community learning. The concept of self / identity at these levels and approaches to learn as groups, organizations and community are critical to our common future.
  • The only real competitive advantage is to learn faster than the competition
  • The very survival of the species depends on whether we learn as a single community as well as diverse specific local communities without compromising identity and interdependence of each other.
  • FD is an umbrella term to bring together the concepts, tools and methodologies relevant to this context

What is the learning outcome of FD?  > Development / Sustained high performance.

Development is the process by which we realize our personal and collective potential conserving and enhancing our commons to produce sustainable and justly distributed improvements in our quality of life consistent with our own aspirations.

It sounds a lot like David C Korten.

Yes, almost, except that we are not external to the process.  We also learnt it from experience while working with artisanal fishermen for over two decades.

Why did you go to two B-Schools?

I went to those two schools as a student to learn whether they mean business or not. Now we frequent B-Schools as part of our work. We believe that it is business that makes or mars development.

What was the best learning from the B- Schools?

That they don’t mean business or they only mean business depending on how you define the term. But this was the best learning, which took us to the new curriculum

You also worked closely with governments for over three decades. Did you learn something?

Yes, primarily how not to manage. That governance will always be done by businesses directly or indirectly.

What is the process of your facilitation of learning?

We offer a nano MBA on one to one basis. We also offer 3-5 days’ short duration organizational workshops and seminars designed to meet their specific requirements. Other than the tool and methodology, everything else varies with each student/client to meet his /her/their learning requirements.

Tell us something about the tool

It is a meta map, a map of all maps. We work with you to understand this map and customize it to your requirements.

What about the methodology

We have a large inventory of tools and techniques. Some of them are storytelling, dream design, activities, games, projects, dialogues, action learning and so on

Who can join?

Anybody whose business is REAL sustained high performance /improvements

Any age preferences?

Older, the better.

Do you award degrees certificates, diplomas?

None whatsoever!

Why should I join?

No reasons whatsoever other than if you want sustained high performance/improvements and live a life by design rather than default.

What are sustained High performance competencies?

1. Positioning Position>Positions>Variant, Invariant positions

2. Directioning Direction > True North

3. Reflecting > Paying attention to real improvements

4. Personal Mastery

5. System/s Thinking

6. Community Intelligence > Intellgences > Multiple intelligences > Gender > Community Intelligence > Natural Intelligence

7. Accelerated learning, Stretch, physical, mental, spiritual

8. Continual Renewal > Radical Renewal> Regeneration Therapy

9. Mental Maps. Models > Maps > Meta maps

10. Aligning with the unknown. > Intuition

In short the practice of three imperatives and six perfections

What does it cost me?

Nothing, other than your time. Real learning has zero costs. This is the only real investment that invariably gives you the highest returns.  We guarantee that the benefits far outweigh the cost of time and money.

Are there any scholarships?

Yes. You need pay only a small part of the incremental returns to you and as decided by you just to meet our very minimal overheads when you can afford to pay.

How long have you been doing this?

Since 1990.

Do you have case studies of successful alumni? We have had only successes.

Give us some examples

I refuse. You might meet some of them and it is up to them to divulge

Less FAQs

What is the first step to a journey, physical, virtual or the journey of life the second step and then the third? What differentiates the human from the animal?

What is our most basic need even more basic than the physiological? Guess what? We are yet to get the right answer at the first shot over a period of two decades from  groups of some very intelligent people and their gurus !


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