The Conscious Living Programme

Are we the tools of our tools?

Natural General Intelligence (1)

The Principles of | Real Growth | Discipline |Transformation

New Literacy Ask, Search, Connect , Synthesise, Exposition | Adulthood

Turnaround : Outcomes to Inputs circularity GIGO

10 Regeneration .of the Planet |Body
9 Build | Community | Shared space virtual or physical
8 Human human.ness ADULT…ASKs…Zero waste
7 The Animal…perfection
6 Plant…roots…rooted
5 Cell ….biologic
4 GPS..machine self regulation. The rule of four
3 Clock ….measure …Rule of 3..invisible hands that go back Time does not run out We do
2 Pencil .Doodle
1, 0, 10, Compass…position,.direction reflection…Process awareness

10,9,8 Community Intelligence

5,6,7 Ecological Intelligence

4,3,2,1 Machine Intelligence.Nothing artificial or adorable about Machine Intelligence

Evolutionary or Natural General Intelligence NGI = CI+E1+MI.

There is no substitute for NGI
S self-managed
M measured
A autonomous
R responsible
T transformed

Integral Analytics | Smart is the new sexy


Some questions Google | Wiki | Quora | Scholar/s fail to answer

0. You think you are smart ?
1. What distinguishes the human from the Animal ?
2. Give three words that reflect your Invariant positions in life
3. What is the minimum requisite number of steps on the ladder of understanding to effectively deal with reality ?
4.What is the potential lifespan of a human ~ ?
5. How many years is your career horizon ?
6. What differentiators distinguish the ADULT from the parent and the child ?
7. What is NGI ?
8. What is your NGI score ?
9. What is Evolutionary Intelligence ?
10. What is Community IQ ?
11. A Question to the Transformers. What is the outcome of the process, the three invariant steps involved and the metrics ?
12. What is the implicate order in Indian Philosophy ?
13. What causes information asymmetry ?
14. Why do we prefer chaos to order ?
15. Why do we hate unpleasant questions ?
16. Why do Yogis | Church sell cosmetics run hospitals ?
17. Shashi Why are you not a Buddhist ?
18. How old are you ? Chronological, Biological, Psychological, combined average ?
19. Frame 5 questions that Google | Wiki and Quora fail to answer
20. What is regenerative learning ?
21. List 6 New Literacy Skills
22. In how many years do you plan to retire from work | play ?
23. What is the common ground between art, religion and science ?
24. What is your digital presence ?
25 How do you use social media to create content ?
26. List 5 words that you associate with SMART as in smart cities .
27.Give an example from your own life where 1) practice is ahead of theory and 2) theory is ahead of practice
28.Cite a time when you disagreed with someone and yet respected him/ her for the disagreement…
29.Do you think it is perfectly in order when two persons viewing the same thing see them in completely different ways.
30. Explain stretch in one sentence
31. Machine Man Nature Alignment in one word
32. Is physical immortality feasible ?
33. What is a zero marginal cost community. Examples
34. Are you a net giver or taker ?
35. How is the GPS different from the Compass ?
36 What is THE most basic of human needs ?
37. I need around …Hours of sleep a night .
37. My favourite brand of a 4 wheeler, two wheeler
38. 4 of my favourite brands
39. My favourite role models
40. Authors/Books/ Movies (two  each)

41. What is faster than light ?

42. Narrate a dream that you remember (not a daydream)
43. What do the four varnas signify ?
44. What do the four Lions of the Lion Capital of Asoka signify ?
45. How do you align the unconscious with the conscious ?
46. Why is the Turing Test redundant ?
47. Ifyour 10 fingers are numbered from 1 to 10 from the right thumb to the left and each finger is one level above the previous in four dimensional space how many variants can your 10 fingers signify ?
48. If the matrix has four times the cells that can be signified by 10 fingers what is the total number of cells ?
49. Are you within the matrix or outside ?
50. Of the 10 levels of systems what is the current state of evolution of humans and their institutions ?

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Integral Analytics | The Lilliput App


Since 1990, Interrogator asks

The humans here please stand up, Everyone does

What distinguishes the human from the Animal ~?

All answers fail Google. Google is better but fails to offer a workable answer. Quora is no better

Proof: We are sub-human, and the machine is already ahead of us
Animals are perfect we don’t even know what distinguishes us from them
Turing is history, Ashby wins We do not have the requisite variety to deal with external variety….unfit to survive? Devolving | Evolving

Interrogator provides a working solution

Humans ask questions
Humans have the potential to build..Continually improve …Learn…
An Intelligent system is one which continues to improve on its previous best performance

The retreat takes off.Proces lasts 3-5 days 8+ hours a day

Mastering the Lilliput
Why master the App~?

In case

you would like to transform yourself to Gulliver

to master rather than remain a slave of various tools and disciplines

to be a builder rather than a breaker

+ Many more that we leave it to you to add on

above all choose not to give it all up to AI

Now the journey begins

In the past we used to do this one to one and in groups

This is the first time we are taking it online

We will complete the first round in 10 steps, a finger a day

The thumb stands for 👍

GPS 0,1 | Principles| Position | Positions | Direction | Reflection | Human | Adult | Professional | Woman / Man

The right palm stands for personal mastery

The left for Community

Another story, wiki for the Lighthouse story

Over 20,000 lighthouses have become redundant with the GPS

Lighthouses do not run around ships navigate in relation to them

invariant and variant positions

So let us look at some invariant positions

Human | Adult | Professional

Do we it…share it as your own on your page …this is in the commons…no copyrights..let us are with us…completely.. on this..

Key takeaways

Position, Positioning, direction, reflection
Why the right thumb not the left ~?
Return, reflectThere are many rooms in my father’s (source) house

The second room / the pointer …Indexing finger …Why ~?
The Pencil | Map | Maps |Map of all maps | The personal map | The Community Map

The compass | GPS enables mapping

Every build process begins with a fix of the position

We are as good as our maps. Remember Columbus

Every discipline (esoteric box) has its own maps

We don’t have maps that connect the silos

The Lilliput solves this fragmentation conundrum

For the Lilliput the first discipline is personal mastery and the second, learning together – community learning

Learning is outcome based, improvement from the previous best

How long is the planning horizon ~?

Wiki has lists of living centenarians who continue to work…Gullivers in comparison to Lilliputs who manage to 75 and barely work (often doing a machines job) for 25- 30 Years

The App works on an infinite mode with a real-time update of our previous best performance on each one’s focus areas

All users are potential immortals

Look at the number of variables when we reach the 10th level / finger

Two palms, ten fingers, each finger has 4 subsets 2×5×4= 40

The Tamils had a decimal system in which they further divided each finger into 10

If we follow that map we get 400

That’s quite a roomful..mind..FULL..ness
Inside 400 | outside 400
With two more quadrants for the past and future that would take us to 1600 the foundation on which the Kerala School of Astronomy and Mathematics was built. They called it Catushkoti

Lots and lots of balls to juggle with

But we don’t use all but one finger to fiddle with our devices and might even do away with that completely

We will get into this inside outside relationships much later when we finish learning to count – Akam | Puram connections as they understood it aeons before us even prior to the Vedic period or at its very beginning

We hope you see the road ahead

Next 3. Why we are no better than clocks and on freedom from the slavery to clocks
The Middle Finger
Clock, Measure,Metrics,Time flows back

The clock represents simple machines.All of them including the Newtonian Universe.In that universe even our bodies are clocks
The shot that leaves the barrel of the gun too works… a clock

But for the duration of the bullet’s trajectory and our 75 years some say there is no difference between the life of the gunshot and us

We are born like the gunshot with sound and fury and inevitably pass off like the bullets. What a meaningless life.

Wonder why the suicide rates are this low ?

We are but slaves of the clock and Time.Since we are mortals we created corporations….

Now think of Big Ben

Big Ben has been around than any of us

Think there are 4 hands to the clock
Two that you see..And two that you can not

The visible hands go forward making infinite circles..

The invisible hands go backward ….Anticlockwise…
Time flows back…

Every measurement involves looking back…Reflecting

Like where were you yesterday at this time and where are you now….~?

If one is not just a body …time travel is possible….

The body at rest continues to rust….!

Rest….less is rust…less

Was Newton wrong ~?…Partially yes

When we wake up in the morning and look back …Recollect our dreams we are going back in time…

She had a dream..

The Shape of Water ….this was post Oscar

She is on the veranda of her place by the sea…Looking out into the sea …post
Oakhi….that was a different sea

Waves roll on to beach…..Rather the seawall of giant boulders of all irregular sizes and shapes…..protecting land …they claim…

It is a beautiful morning …The sun is behind her…..The blue gray of the water turns bluer …

The sky turns golden

The waves roll on gently caressing the giant boulders

And then …as time stands still…the rocks disintegrate …..turns powdery ….into a golden beach

She has a golden beach

She wonders …Has my real estate crashed …~?

There is a man standing behind her..No I am the land…it is only a presence…and a whisper

The waves are gentler…They continue to caress the golden beach..

She wakes up …Wonder…What it means

In memory of Mr C Prasad ( PGP 79 – 81) the Gulliver among Lilliputs a dear friend and inspiration to this …Of 39 years…Words fail

Lilliput 4

The Ring Finger Thermostat .Universe of advanced machines…Self regulation ..Control..Marriage/Synergy..How did the 4th finger become the ring finger? Positioning, Mapping and Reflection, the job of fingers 1,2,3 become meaningful..If..and if only.. self regulation is achieved…Water turns to wine. Thus unlike the clock the compressor of the fridge is designed to work or not work, a kind of marriage of the lower levels to work together in an Intelligent manner. This is the how to of machines or the technology of technology, the symphony of the machines…

Are we collectively as intelligent as the fridge ?

We are not. We are nothing but clocks claiming intelligence..?

Do we act on available information ?

Farmer suicides in India, Gun control in US..The plight of the Fisher and Tribal in Kerala… Is more data the solution..? Or the transformation of data to information mediated by the self ? Why fake information works or killing us !

Where are the Adults~~?
Process maturity ~

Has machines already taken us over ~? Turing is redundant and it is time to revisit Bertalanffy, Boulding, Ashby et al…

Yes …whatever concerns we have of AI is already a reality.

Next The Little finger. The cellular ..Beginning of life as we understand

Do we collectively match the intelligence of a single cell ?

Yes No Yes and No …?

The Lilliput 5

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special – Stephen Hawking

Very kind of him..Not to say potentially advanced but regressed to sub monkeys…Monkeys might object…We love our cats and dogs more…

The Little Finger. Level 5

The 5th step of 10 of the Ladder of Understanding in Flatland

The Cell. The Universe of unicellular organisms inclusive of the single human cell. Graduation from Machine Intelligence to Natural Intelligence / biological systems. The beginning Life as we understand it. Even the Rock has its own life and if we could take a leap outside of the well of Nature or Plato’s cave Everything is one as they saw the planet as one from space.

We have reached the halfway mark to the requisite level of awareness to grasp the nature of the design. on the ladder of understanding. If it were a 3D model the ladder would transform to a sphere. The Palm connects all the five into one and the self both hands into one

Lilliput 6
Hitouch Hitech

We are reviving a tradition as old as the human about to be lost completely by the new digital. This too is digital not binary but decimal demonstrating that our 10 fingers can be used as an interface to the machine, a metaanalytic framework, that it is imperative we manage invasion of data and the machine however massive their computational capacity and intelligence will evolve to be

All we need is not to lose TOUCH at Home not lost@home/s High Tech High Touch

From the right hand we move to the little finger of the left

From New Literacy, algorithmic literacy, we move to Community

The little finger Level 6

The Plant, the Universe of plants, more complex than the cell, a class apart from the unicellular, can we do without plants vegan or non

One takeaway the importance of Being Rooted

Extreme relativism has promoted the notion that everything is relative and slippery that there is no non controversial reference point around which we can come around, and we are destined to be lost in the desert, everything a lie in a post truth world

There may not be an absolute truth but is there something that is more true and less of a lie on which we can come together, which is in the Commons, the basis of Community. Modernity has pushed the tribal and the Fisher to the edges . Some of us have been and are still working in these edges witnessing the tragedy of the Commons. We see also the rise of the new commons, thanks to the new digital, the platforms are in place which makes this dialogue possible

The War on Kids . Pipers of Hamlin
Lilliput 7
Left palm..Ring finger, Animal|s
Key takeaways …Perfection, Community

We love our pets more than our neighbours
They are perfect
They don’t kill within the same species without rhyme or reason
We would not prescribe this prescription to improvement even to our dogs

We would need coaching by the Ants and Bees….On Community

We are Animal worshipers

We gain they lose : Research..Stray dogs are more intelligent than domesticated dogs. They become morons like us by the association

Level 8
Third finger from left : The human | Individual | The Fall | What is it to be human | Wo|| Man

Lilliput 8
Level 8 the middle one Human The Fall from perfection Paradise Lost The individual human What the cell is to the body the human is to Community

Human unique in potential to improve from the previous best

Reflect …The best was before the beginning ..

The blessing | curse

Digital…Binary 0 |1 or Decimal ?

When binary meets the decimal its 0 | 10

Digital transformation…A perfect 10

Singularity is here now

Future is History

Level 9 fourth finger from the left


Level 10

Regenerative Learning

The system of systems continually improving from its previous best

The body is the mirror of the Soul

Now what : Iterate…To the right thumb start all over.. its return but with an improvement from the last time we were here

Iteration is not repetition Hope you remember the simplex method Linear programming Optimization It works at this level not at level 8 and the famous Five….

Aavartanam gunavartanam

The Lilliputs are gone

Gulliver wakes up to freedom

No knots

Remembers It was a bad | good dream

Re..Search is to Re…Member

Kerala meets Kashmir….Once again
Story killing : intuition supported by reason…Hare and the Tortoise recycled n times and a Nobel ? ….What is novel ?

Eagle …Frog
Thinking Fast …Thinking Slow
System A….System B
Gulliver …Lilliput
Lighthouse…Compass / GPS
Left brain…Right brain

+ n …….

Before the beginning was the picture….Picture perfect ….

Once again the visual is taking over….If we choose to SEE

The Lilliput ..In process…Integral Analytics

1. Draw the outline of your palms ….Mark the key words in the natural order..Max 10
2 Dumb charade in class …Guess the 100 words
3 Plot Time Now..Past and Future
4 Find the four spinning wheels
5 Find the Fire Chariot
6 Find the driver of the Car / Chariot
7 Share your outputs…Show
8 Find the connections…Akam/Puram…inside/outside…Catushkoti….Asoka chakra …Nagarjuna Chakra…Yoga…Singularity…Music..Vastu…The middle path…other knowledge traditions..religion…myths
9 CAR…Concepts…Action…Results
10 Restless is Rustless…Thanks to Whitehead

There is no computer more powerful than this that restores the natural order …Regeneration is the outcome ….Healing our..selves

Who is afraid of AI ~ ?


Transformation is digital…. not binary …but decimal

The only species sans a sense of direction is US. Ducks and turtles are waterborne though they take birth on land. They don’t attend swimming schools

Birds and Fish migrate continental distances without GPS

Plants are rooted not homeless like us

Every single cell is as old as the universe. They go on living infinite lives

The Dravidians had a 10×10 x4 matrix with 400 variants to describe the interior world- mind FULL – and three more of the same to signify the external, past and present. Their lens to look at reality was not broken into binary as ours continue to be. They could see future as history…..Bhavishya Puranam was a much later addition

Our collective psychological age is 12 and some of our tech Titans are living out their early childhood dreams of flying that they don’t remember…

Why 12 ? Proof is Porn. We are blissfully unaware of our survival drive distortions …our collective crisis of adolescence …but discussing the midlife and late life crisis !

From the binary to the decimal

1.Thumb, 0,1,10, GPS..Principles..Position/s…Direction/s, Reflection/s, nothing, everything,choice

2Right little finger represents number 2 the tool at this level is a hard rock that the cave dweller used to leave his footprints on rock. We can replace it with a pencil. …to represent our simple tools…..+ Map/s..Our current maps remind us that we still remain land borne not waterborne airborne or flexible enough to see that we continue to be dwellers in flat land

We hope you SEE the direction of the exercise…Happy juggling with 1600 balls between your two palms and 10 fingers

Transformation is at our fingertips…numbers were coterminous with language…if we figure out our numbers order is the natural outcome…

Singularity is NOW

#mentalmaps #integralanalytics #processthinking #newdigital

Singularity is NOW

The binary flood | Building your own Ark
The new Glass Bead Game
Inside 400, Outside 400
Past 400, Future 400
Juggling with 1600 beads in real time …at your fingertips..the immortal’s dance
Rest..less is rust…less
We are works in process WIP
Identified Flying Objects IFO
Rusting to pieces
Children have flying dreams …?
Grown ups dream up UFOs…?
Feathergirls become airborne
Ferrygirls bridge continents
Flatlanders, most of us, remain landlocked !
No wonder we are restless

No..thing to worry
Even particle physicists are unemployable !
Nothing matters dark or otherwise

Thanks to all friends who chipped in

Evolutionary Intelligence / Natural General Intelligence (NGI)

Living according to nature

(We have crossed the homeostatic thresholds. We consume more than what is naturally regenerated. The article outlines a systems and design framework, a human machine interface to align man and the machine to facilitate regenerative learning and sustained high performance)

Turing’s Dilemma and the Ashby Solution

Interrogator 1 :What distinguishes the human from the Animal ?

Interrogator 2: The ability to ask questions, improve on my previous best performance….

Turing: Which is the machine …Which is man ?

Google comes up with the answer

Men have become the tools of their tools – Henry David Thoreau

And the tools are




Sciences …Not Science

Intelligences…Not intelligence

Religions…Not Religion

Ashby: Assuming life is a game how many options do you have ?

Turing: n

Ashby: Sapiens never went beyond the level of the clock. Humans fail to Google’s algorithm.

I win, I have n + x ..all the options available. Nature prevails and NGI, Natural General Intelligence or better ….Evolutionary Intelligence .

Who is afraid of AI ?

Not the Indian

Why ?

Complexity (variety) absorbs complexity. And India is the Everest of Complexity

Indian means global. They say ‘ Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam’. Ashby spent some time in India. He should know

Evolutionary | Natural General Intelligence

NGI |EI involves the conscious informed Invariant positioning for Sustained High Performance being aligned at all the minimum requisite 10 levels of awareness in its natural order

The New Normality

This would have crossed your mind somewhere on the learning curve with WhatsApp. We are not literate, not even WhatsApp literate!

New Literacy skill sets

Ask….” when answers are free questions are priceless”


Connect , Synthesise, Exposition,Community

Adulthood, Evolutionary Intelligence

A story…

Gulliver returns. In his absence the Lilliputians had crafted their constructs of normality, modernity, progress and development

Now the Lilliputian Maths is in crisis.What is the new normal, the Lilliputian normal or Gulliver reference normal ?

Gulliver sets up The School of New Maths

Launches The Lilliput a layman’s machine interface based on the computational capacity of fingers. Starting from the right thumb and going anti-clockwise each finger represents the following.

O,1 The GPS, Invariant position,Human, Adult, Professional

2 Map, maps, disciplines

3 Clock, measure, Metrics

4 Thermostat, Self regulation, Reflection

5 Cell, Organic, Regeneration

6 Plant, rooted

7 Animal, Perfection

8 Human

a 9 Community

10 Learning, An intelligent system is one which improves on its previous best performance

Now can you do without any one of the fingers ? The students were to keep their minds refreshed, remain mindFULL once in a while

A new way of Looking / Seeing


Community Intelligence / Learning


Living according to nature

Why I do what I do or why I should not be writing more

How to Be a Stoic

Zeno, Cleanthes and Chrysippus

The ancient Stoics were famous, or infamous, depending on whom one asks, for promulgating doctrines that sounded “paradoxical.” Indeed, Cicero wrote an entire book called Paradoxa Stoicorum (my commentary here), in which he tried to explain six of them. “Paradox” here, however, does not literally mean something that is logically contradictory, or that otherwise appears to violate the laws of logic. Rather, it simply means a notion so odd that it is hard to imagine that serious philosophers — such as the Stoics certainly were — ever actually said that. The Stoic motto “live according to nature” certainly falls into this category. And yet, it is a fundamental aspect of Stoic doctrine, so it is important to understand exactly what the Stoics said, and what they meant by it.

One thing the phrase does not mean is that we should go running naked into…

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