👁️Q .. EyeQ..IQ

👁️Q A different kind of Seeing
The Fall
Humpty Dumpty ..
All the King’s men could’nt …
None asked the women…!
If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.’ Napoleon Bonaparte
‘Mithraism, the worship of Mithra, the Iranian god of the sun, justice, contract, and war in pre-Zoroastrian Iran. Known as Mithras in the Roman Empire during the 2nd and 3rd centuries ce, this deity was honoured as the patron of loyalty to the emperor.’ Britannicacom
They had their meeting places mostly underground Feast was their ritual Guess who copied it in their ceremonial magic ? Mithraism had to give in to Christianity Rest is HIS story Hypatia was skinned alive Joan of Arc was burnt at the stakes pop
Hippocrates wouldn’t begin treatment of the patient unless she is in touch with her dreams Dreams that she is on the way to healing If the patient doesn’t want to be healed the physician is no help !
In B School we were made to slog One Professor taught us to optimise our sleep by keeping a dream log Some of us continue to do it Over time they become very mundane He was against analysis and interpretation Just be aware of your dreams You are your own therapist ! The outcome Better sleep Lesser hours 24×7 awareness We work extra long hours

The 24 year old FM dreams
I am at a hotel with a guy The receptionist is around 50 Could be my fiancee I am not the one talking My friend wants to know if he can have an extra room I can’t remember who my friend is Receptionist says the only room available was the one vacated by a sick person Some stain in the bath sticks doesn’t go despite their best efforts I am thinking .. maybe they should flush it out with a bucketfull of water She knows why ? It’s her dream We would see it our way Our Prof would say .. No analysis please He was neither a Jungian or Freudian Just remain in touch with the dreams Be on the royal road to consciousness Don’t create an unconscious for the therapists’ sake We have a dream bank going back to 40 years In many ways the ancients were more modern than the ‘modern’Most of us dream in our waking hours sleep extra long hours and vehemently claim .. we don’t dream at all India lives in her dreams We don’t even know what we dream ? The developed are no different The human is in a deep slumber Have a good night’s sleep 🎣

22 FM Kottayam The Malayalam movie says it all .. better
Dream snippet .. the following night
A very crowded shopping mall. Waiting for my cousin and her son They come and together we come out of the mall From the outside the mall looks like an old building with cracks on the walls some sort of aancient spot for worship A middle aged man comes with a sack full of thrones He places them on the wall and goes back The themes are carried over ..conflict confusion tradition vs modernity the middle aged man …In this case she knows why the movie unfolds this way She knows she is making the movie for her own SEEing
Why do we dream what we dream ?
Why do we love our pets and hate our neighbours ?
Why do shadows | substitutes | Placebos sell better than real goods ?
Snippets from History Napoleon was not defeated in Waterloo He was defeated in GOC Kerala
A few decades from the burning of Joan of Arc at the stakes Gama lands in Malabar Imagine the mindset that drives the Man the mission to redeem the inhuman begins here He is followed by the British The mission continues More missionaries follow including a very different one..Gundert grandfather to Herman Hesse the Nobel Laureate Wellington who defeated Napoleon tastes his only defeat in Malabar by a tribal king .. Pazhassi Napoleon and Marx are not far away from each other We seldom notice a connection between the two The corporate pillage of the planet that began with the EIC is globalised by the MNCs Process Inverted Culture reinvented
Summary : Toxic Male > Eros> Love > Sex > Power Porn

The midnights children were conceived in slavery The generation conceived in freedom and great hope .. are in their seventies 70 years is end of history for most The centenarian sanskrit scholar kept on .. slow silent and steady .. showing us that there is life after 70 At 60 he had made it known that he has 40 years of unfinished work to complete We witnessed it ..how less is more .. for 26 years Then he ran out of work Departed in six months past 100

It is work that drives us to live Real work remains undone

At seventy substitutes have little relevance We are aging but not aging well living accelerated lives Japan is the prime example Europe is no different The US needs immigrants much more than any other nation despite the loud rants to the contrary US needs India much more than India needs the US in the scheme of things where markets dictate diplomacy

As we age the business of substitutes shrink

Jung was more of a prophet than a psychologist He took great pains to deny it though He foresaw the end of humanity .. the West The Red Book remains unread What we pay attention to is our reality Pay attention to the unconscious It grows Pay attention to the conscious It grows The West created the unconscious We sow what we reap The East paid attention to the whole From completeness arises completeness Culture proved to be a handicap
The pendulum swings both ways We translate it as linear ..an arrow without the bow We see devolution as evolution and evolution as devolution Both are simultaneous ..the swings of the pendulum

Technologos | Pathologos

Freida Soares
She used to run a flight school Showing the ‘how to’ of freedom and soaring .. sort of ‘Hitchhikers Guide to Life’ This was in those days when we were drunk on Jonathan Livingstone Seagull | Richard Bach towards the end of the turbulent sixties

The Algorithm

Information MATTERs Manifests
Nothing else matters
Intent is discipline focus persistence Iterations unlimited
That was nearly 50 years in the past
It works This was information Information then information now
There is no country for the Adult Nobody loves Information Everybody is in love with Data Science

There ever was the Pathologos problem ..Thank you Pierre Grimes
The solution is Technologos ..Techno Logic How we understand and relate to our tools

The compass
GPS > all rolled into one The cell phone

Compass to GPS took around 1500 years to matter The last of the wicked problems is solved

The logic is simple
Reflection the rearview mirror Dreams 24×7 awareness

If we get the logic right we have moved ahead of the robotic else we will be ruled by the robots living and nonliving

Campbell’s hero takes 17 steps The 18th step is to freedom In GOC the Lilliput turns Gulliver in just 3 steps

As below so above

The logic is Nature’s will built into the cell plant animal human community the singularity of technology man and nature in alignment

At 70 the slow life begins .. the life of reflection .. grand new synthesis .. Regeneration .. solution to an aging world If one weather’s the seventies well the journey is smoother Same is true of India We are 70 years into freedom Our friend the pessimist .. Devil’s Advocate .. emails He is off grid from FB The rot is pervasive

It is good to be reminded

The Unconscious has been globalised The earlier waves of globalisation were not this toxic We already have enough of first monkeys The Ark phase is behind us Things can not get any worser Will not if we will

🌈 The Spectral .. Jason Reza Jorjani

Seven notes | Colours


The rainbow follows the flood The fisher reminds us The logic of sea works on land Logic of the land is no logic The fit shall survive Nature is ruthless Gravity tells us

Choice is ours to pay attention to the signal or to the noise

There is a period in which I owe my silence. It’s not eternal. It’s not going to be forever.. Jim Mattis
Silence is more eloquent

Future is Glocal .. Global and Local

Green Shoots

Acceptance is the Key ..The Good Guru
Accept me No questions
What’s in a name ?
Non acceptance too is Key .. the other end of the bow
Truth is in the middle The Arrow ..points
Fakes > Fake News > Chaos > Placebos > Growth
Adults > Information > Order > Real goods and services
Adults ask questions
Data transformed to information
Man makes robots Robots make clones .. Ma vs Musk
Adults are not meant to be herded like sheep to the butcher’s knife .. man ..aged
One prodigal sheep is worth risking the 99
Milk as Metaphor | Churning the Ocean of Milk
In the land of the holy cow the cow is the most persecuted of all animals
It is also the lifeline
Operation Flood Dr V Kurien | Prodigal
Non acceptance of business as usual
But for the cow where would farmer suicide statistics be ? But for him where would the Cow be ? Then came the Cartman .. NS Ramaswamy Reminding ..Animal Energy .. powering India .. the butchery that goes on We chose to keep our eyes shut scoffing

Tame the Animal before we tame the shrew Taming is different from domestication Stray dogs are far more intelligent than the petted

The burrow cats | Economists do not have to mind for the quarterly Farmer suicides is neither data nor information The Egyptians knew better They wrote off accumulated farmer debts every 7 years Why write off ? Why 7 years ? That is another story
The cream rises to the top Then it sours
Time to churn > Process > Butter > Ghee
Allegoric illiteracy assumes Himalayan proportions
Bunchy top and Root wilt
It is not just about the plants
Rootless nationalism will not take us very far the American or the Indian Indian
We shuttled between the so called top and the so called bottom
Burrow Cats of different shades .. priestly political .. Farmers Fisher and the tribal
Still do
Midwifed .. always in process .. since 1971 when | where we first met at NDRI Bangalore the Imperial Dairy Research Institute 1923 re birthed
Met Others on the way ..part to meet and meet to part Not a business as usual
Learning happens at the edges of disciplines ..markets ..borders .. physical and virtual
Better to be idiots and learn from the falls rather than intellectual and indecisive fomenting confusion despair and illness
Open or closed
Some keep the windows open doors closed
Some keep both shut clamour for openness rotting at the core
Burrow Cats seldom get out of their holes .. get to see the light at the end of the tunnel
There are just 3 centibillionaires
They hold the money not the Keys
The rot is pervasive but not as pervasive as our pessimist points to
Green Shoots are all around if we choose to shift our focus
The silent majority is not silent

The land of Vidhyadharas ..
Knowledge bearers
Knowledge EM .. bodied

Response Ability

Two of us have crossed fifty years of working in the dairy system They are neither tired or retired It is not the money Some of us moved to work with the Fisher and the tribal We thought we knew We didn’t They midwifed us

The Rain maker and the possibility cloud

The Ophthalmologist sees only blindness in his working life Blindness could turn out to be quite normal Yet she has to see the possibility cloud not to fall prey to the epidemic of myopia Her normal is the new normal The rain maker has to manifest rain every quarter of the year all his life to remain in business The nay sayers normality is not the normality of the opthalmologist | the rain maker On land we have a sense of stability believe we are on terra firma The Flood and the Fisher open our eyes to a different normality of remaining ANCHORED in storm and calm war and peace how to remain responseAble without waiting to be invited We may be divided but we SEE alike The Psychologist predicts ‘The India of tomorrow will be a copy of the West today’ The Shamans Way is the old normal The information philosopher is the new normal Graduates of the FB | WhatsApp Insta Universities The 4 year olds remind us Child is the Father of Man Adults creating | recreating each other Reality is co creative .. participative If the Wild West needs to reinvent itself it needs to go East China proves challenging to the West They have bested the West on their own terms The cowboy west of the macho male is of the past lives on on Twitter among leaders and followers The poles are melting So is the Polar South meets North East meets West The plural is the new normal Reformists in Kerala realises it the hard way
Kashmir | Kerala and the bridge across forever Compare | Contrast Paradise on Earth | GOC Gods ‘own’ Kerala not Politicians’ Our friends on FB Pandits and Sufis of Kashmir remind us of Katha Sarit Sagara .. the ocean of stories .. the land of Vidhyadharas .. knowledge bearers .. embodied knowledge the re..Generative Time we kill the stories and the mythical Story telling is passe’ Snake oil salesmen face a long recession The new normal beckons us
The great levelling is at work

… ….N
…IN | Old
W .. 👁️… E
New |. Out

Binary to the Spectral

Yes Or No to Yes and No
True or false to True and False

Alexander cut the Gordian knot with a single sweep of his SWORD

Asoka cut the knot with a single WORD picture of the tetrad | Catushkoti | Tetralemma | Asoka Chakra

The talking knots of the Inca talks .. we are clueless The Incas and Egyptians left the pyramids to talk to us the living
When we look at the pyramid we see the fortune at the bottom The good professor had only good intentions
We don’t get the message The treasure is at the middle Where the bottom up pyramid meets the top down invisible pyramid The message is very simple
As below so above As above so below As it is in heaven so it is on earth The ladder of understanding is the bridge across

Order not Chaos

The Templates of Nature | KB Man |
Knowledge bearers

Techno. Compass
Maps | Mapping
Clock | s
GPS…Cell phone Robots ..

Eco Cell
Knowledge Embodiment

The conscious agent is in the process of embodying knowledge | continual renewal a learning engine that continually improves on its previous best The body is the proof
IQ is = Longevity No IQ without 👁️Q

Habits die hard

This is as simple as it gets ..jargon..less ..countAble with our fingers

The Irreducible minima

3 | 7 | 10 ?

O | 1 Binary
3 > Trinity 3D
7 > Spectral 🌈 7 notes | colours
10 > Dasa Ratha | Dasaavathaaram

Welcome to the post gadget economy | Conscious Evolution Spacetime is dead Long live spacetime

Work is love expressed – Khalil Gibran
Why pay ?

🌀 Search | Connect

The Hero’s Journey Joseph Campbell Wiki
Burned at the Stake
On May 29, 1431, the tribunal announced Joan of Arc was guilty of heresy. On the morning of May 30, she was taken to the marketplace in Rouen and burned at the stake, before an estimated crowd of 10,000 people. She was 19 nineteen years old.Apr 18, 2019

Vasco da Gama 1460 – 1524
Napoleon 15 August 1769 – 1821

Pazhassi Raja (3 January 1753-30 November 1805) was born as Kerala Varma and was also known as Cotiote Rajah and Pychy Rajah. He was one of the earliest freedom fighters in India. He was a warrior prince and de facto head of the kingdom of Kottayam, otherwise known as Cotiote, in Malabar, India, between 1774 and 1805. His struggles with the British East India Company is known as the Cotiote War. He is popularly known as Kerala Simham (Lion of Kerala) on account of his martial exploits. He was the only person to defeat Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington in a war. Wiki

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Karl Marx 1818 – 1883

Dr. Hermann Gundert 1814 – 1893 grandfather of German novelist and Nobel laureate Hermann Karl Hesse 1877– 1962

William Dalrymple’s new book shows corporate violence began in India with the East India Company

The Signs of A Pathologos Problem
Pierre Grimes, Ph. D.

Thinking Allowed Jeffrey Mishlove | Jason Reza Jorjani | Pierre Grimes
The concept of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid originally appeared as an article by C. K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart in the business journal Strategy+Business.[1][2] The article was followed by a book with the same title that discusses new business models targeted at providing goods and services to the poorest people in the world. It makes a case for the fastest growing new markets and entrepreneurial opportunities being found among the billions of poor people ‘at the bottom of the [financial] pyramid’. According to Bill Gates, it “offers an intriguing blueprint for how to fight poverty with profitabilityp Wiki

The theory of conscious agents proposed by Hoffman and Prakash (2014) takes conscious agents, rather than physical objects and space-time, as fundamental. Thus the perceptions and actions of a conscious agent are not localized in space-time, and conscious agents cannot be reduced to microphysical particles or fields.
cogsci.uci.edu › HoffmanTime

Gordian knot
an extremely difficult or involved problem.

Quipu (also spelled khipu), or talking knots,[1] are recording devices fashioned from strings historically used by a number of cultures in the region of Andean South America.[2] Knotted strings were used by many other cultures such as the ancient Chinese and native Hawaiians,[3] but such practices should not be confused with the quipu, which refers only to the Andean device. wiki

The Next Bailout
What went wrong with the blue eyed boys and girls ? ILFS ICICI Banks …Enron..Utility Monsters
India Inc today is a pariah, says Biocon chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Revenge of the Underdogs Pariahs | Paraya .. untouchables !


The Ladder/Wheel of Understanding and the 10 % Monkey

Now that you are a Now-ist ! , you know what a compass is for.  That doesn’t mean that you are disconnected from the past and the future. It is your now that creates your and the other’s future

The Now-ist uses his embedded GPS, compass, if you want to call it that. S/He is one with all the past and the future


The monkey ran into the cave farther than his previous best. He came across a flight of ten steps. He slowed down. There was no need to hurry. He had all the time in the world.

He climbed each of the steps in awareness,slow and steady, reflecting over each one as to what they stood for. He felt as if he had ten heads, one for each level. He realised what it is to be a monkey. I am that and all the heads understood each other perfectly.  The babble in his monkey brain ceased to be. 

He woke up relieved that he had just one head. It would have been very unwieldly to have ten

He looked at the world outside. He could see all the abstractions in concrete.

He said to himself. ” I am but a 10 % monkey ! 

Holy …..he rushed back to the cave. Went a little further searching for the next etching on the wall . He stood looking at the wall for a long long Now.




The cave effect

The Transformer

A body at rest continues to rust, thought the Monkey. I should get up and go. Food was no problem. His curiosity was beckoning him. He knew that he could go out only to the extent that he could go into the cave. He wanted to explore both the worlds.

He decided to go in

The Gallery was a complete work of art. He couldn’t imagine whose work it was and how long it would have taken them to complete it. They should have been working on it for ages. He wondered whether the humans would have done it prior to their exodus from the Planet. It could not be because had it been done by them, they wouldn’t have been compelled to take the exit route. How could one ever imagine to leave such a beautiful planet ?

He was brought back from his reflections by a shaft of light from far above which fell on an etching on the rock face.

He stood gazing at it for a long time and exclaimed: Hammer of Hammers!


More than enough for a few days, thought the monkey.

It took much more than a few days. He found that he could go out into the external world far more than he had ever been. He stretched himself for weeks to find how far he could extend the boundaries of his sojourns

It was the day after the big thunderstorm. He had woken up many times during the night by the lightning and thunder. He was feeling called to go into the cave to fulfill his responsibility to the community to remain a monkey. The weeks of deliberations had led to flashes of intermittent lightnings inside his monkey brain. He knew what he had to do with the map that had taken him weeks to make sense of.

He had his etching tools. He went to work, doing his bit in the scheme of things.

He added a traffic signal to the two roads in the map.


He knew which of the roads, the humans had taken. He had made his own personal decision to take the road not travelled. As for the others he was not really concerned. He knew that Nature is much more ruthless than gravity and it would take care of itself. I too am that. He remembered a verse from his mom’s teachings, Thattwam Asi

Form, Re-Form, Trans-Form


It is a perfect sheet of Rubber, being pulled -stretched- evenly in all directions. Being perfectly elastic it stretches infinitely.

Where is the centre of the sheet of rubber ?

Now stop stretching. It reforms itself, there was a form, there was a re-formation and a recovery of the form. All through the process nothing happened to the centre. It was always at the centre.

Now make a foot- ball out of it. What happens to the centre?

The centre has shifted to the centre of the FB.

Take the FB to the World-cup. The FB is kicked around mercilessly by the best of players. Imagine its plight from post to post.

What happens to the centre?

The centre is not disturbed unless you decide to destroy its foot-ball-ness.

Is there any rubber at the centre of the FB ?

It is the zero-point that holds the FB together as a FB

The centre and the periphery are in a relationship? This is the nature of the problem of centralisation vs decentralisation. Either or is an impossiblity. It is centralised and decentralised at the same time.

‘Return to the Centre’ – Bede Griffiths

The zero-point is the source of infinite energy available at all points in space. Connected to the source, the flow is infinite. Transformation is inevitable. This is the power of the invariant position.

Light houses do not run around.

Either change your course or take up the lighthouse position.

Buddha was a lighthouse. Sankara was a reformer ~ xxxx years, Gutenberg, another lighthouse. Martin Luther was a Reformer. Sankara to Martin Luther ~ xxx years. Asia ~ Europe. Text – linearity – flat earth lasted for xxx years, hypertext took over since the 1990s.

Birth of a new species , the Planetary Human is Now.

In the connection economy, information is the commodity. It demands its own literacy (New- Literacy) to filter information from misinformation for search, connect, condense and exposition to be effective. This is the purpose of the MOS

The narrative has changed, the Alchemist comes on stage. From Re-Form to Trans-Form – NITI

 Adult  – Human, Facilitator, Hand holder, Consultant, Builder, Mentor, Coach, Team        leader, Member/Team, Guide, Nurse, Doctor, Healer, Philosopher, Professional, Transformer, Catalyst, ……………..Friend

Be, Build



The monkey woke up from the worst nightmare of his short life. He was being pursued by a sledge-hammer and the mother judge forcing it to become a Human. His relief was immense.

The Community College: Ride IT

“What are you building capacity for, the Taj, the Temple or Community?  Gurcharan Das’s ‘Cathedral building’ talks of building the Taj. ‘Ride IT’ fits the bill for real community building, building for the next generation, creating a footprint of their own by scavenging waste. “

“But carpooling has always been there, not been very successful.”

“Do you really want it to be successful? The government, employers and employees can come together, exempt road tax for corporate fleets and make such investments eligible for CSR benefits. It is more than free like all good things in life when four in five cars go off the roads, cars idling in parking lots carry employees from the graveyard shift, leverage shared journeys to promote internal and external community, reduce the carbon footprint, eliminate the need for a few flyovers……….. Don’t you see what they are trying to do?  If you can see it you can certainly do it. Gone are the days when your car created your identity. It is your sense of community that creates your identity”

“Should we build capacity or create an environment for expression of capacity?”

“We can build to break; we can also break and build. It depends”

“Check with the visual whether Ride IT fits the bill on all dimensions for   bringing community centre-stage through convergence “. Less is certainly more.

The Community Learning Engine

community college

“What do you mean, the learning engine? “

“The learning engine continually improves on its previous best performance. It feeds on waste like all good consultants do.”

“Let us look at our municipal corporation as a learning engine. It would look something like the next visual”


“GIGO, Garbage in garbage out?”

“Solid waste is very visible and tangible, the more vicious waste goes unseen, intangible. If you can see the waste behind an IMR of 40+, visualize all the wasted years, it might make one shirk off a little bit of complacency. If you want to solve the problem at source, see the garbage inside and treat it there. Intellectual poverty is more vicious than the other poverty”

“Why do you stress the visual so much?”

“Search for Sabrina Bresciani on Knowledge Visualisation. If you can see it you can do it. Text is no substitute for the visual in certain contexts- think of a map or the design of a machine. We are building a vision to be shared, the first step to building community.The issue is ‘New Literacy’ “

“New Literacy? What is that? “