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Best of times | Worst of Times
🔍Natural selection plays major role in an organism’s capacity to evolve and adapt December 4, 2020 Santafeedu
Not for Us Humans Un|Fortunately
We need to Consciously Choose our EvolvAbility

A time to ACT
Wake up from dreaming
🔍 Let Us Dream by Pope Francis review – the holy father of fraternity In reflections written during lockdown, the pontiff adds his weight to a growing group of people seeking a return to community-minded values ~ Julian Coman Sun 29 Nov 2020 Observer

•It’s harder to guess what we see than what is hidden from us ~ Oscar Wilde

••Emergent Causation In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence occurs when an entity is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own, properties or behaviors which emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole ~ Wikipedia

•••Beyond what meets the eye

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End of Kleptocracy : Time FB pays Loyalty Bonuses

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Buddha’s Smile | West Meets East : A Bridge Across.. From Boston to Bangalore

E: Hi G I’m lying on my bed not doing so well due to pain. I have my splints on and a heating pad on. What do you think I should do?

G: We have an energy healing
meditation we give in class Would you like to give it a try?


G: May be a little inconvenient as you will have to watch the screen and do it Stretch your lips very lightly as if a smile is breaking out

Feel the loosening of the lips Visualise the Buddha and the gentle smile

Feel the tingling around the corners of your lips

Observe your breathing Feel the air entering your nostrils going in
breathing becomes slower and slower tingling spreads from the corners of your lips.. very gently

Imagine a flame of light behind your head and you are tuning in to the flame

Allow your attention to shift from the tingling to your breathing and the flame The smile spreads very very gently breathing becomes slower and slower the flame grows larger gently touching your head and expanding Continue with the cycle as the sensations spread from your face to the body very slowly very gently

The body relaxes Air goes in filling your lungs and leaves the body with the pain tensions and stress

E : Sorry to interrupt The pain is gone Blood has returned to the arms

G : Great I was doing it with you as I was texting Once you are familiar with the steps do it at intervals Extend the duration The details of your visualisation is left to your imagination Your proficiency increases as you practice Focus shifts from healing to health

Remember your comments to our last post ” Its all a ‘Matter of Energy’ ” Gravity | Pain is a very local condition

Teach a few people It helps your learning

E : Sure Thanks G

G Most welcome Next time you have pain that you cant manage ping me we will do it together Dream well Good Night

E: Good day G


End of HiStory | Beyond Ages Stages & Colour : Fifth Kind Untouchable to the SEER 🦉5 ---

Truth 4🦁🌕 | 🌑🐟 1 Kali
Threta 3🐗🌔 | 🌓🐢2 Dwapara


2|4 | 1 |
♾️—0—♾️ —🔥—
3 | 2|4 |

What’s in a Number other than in relationship with Zero?

Being and Nothingness ~ Sartre

🔍All Things are Nothing to Me: The Unique Philosophy of Max Stirner ~Book by Jacob Blumenfeld

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences ~ Thomas Theorem

Atlantis Rising | Entropy Metrics
The Free Association Test FAT

Write 4 words each that comes to mind corresponding to levels 1 to 21 in under 1 minute for each level

1 🦁N NE 🦁

2 1+ 🦅 🌈🦋

3 1 ☔ +1
4 0.9 👭
5 0.8 🚶‍
6 0.7 🐄
7 0.6 🌵
8 0.5 🧬
9 0.4 📲🦁
10 0.3 ⏰️🐗
11 0.2 🌎🐢
12 0.1 🧭 🐟

13:0 ⚓ 👁️🔥 @ home +1

14 -0.1🧭 🐟
15 0.2 🌎🐢
16 -0.3 ⏰️🐗
17 -0.4 📲🦁
18 -0.5 🌓
19 -0.6 ⚫
20 -0.7 🐸 Machina
21 🦁 S SE🦁

Keys to Unlock the Unconscious | Subconscious
Remembering Who We Are

Of 🐸 | 🦅|🦉


North NE True North Emergence Potential Direction ReGeneration True to Nature True Normal Natural Improvement Progress Development Levels Virtual

1+ 🦅 🌈🦋 In Process Whole Transformation Macro Global Perspectives Shared Vision Infinite Limitless Learning = improvement from the previous best Order Quality

1 ☔ +1 Knowledge Systems Knowledge Management Commons Shared Vision Frame of Reference

0.9 👭 Community Homo Sapiens Taker | Net Giver Contributing Work Re Imagined

0.8🚶‍Human Humanness Individuation Waste Taker
Learning Improvement Infinite

0.7 🐄 Perfect Being itself Quality True to Design No Expectations Zero Waste

0.6 🌵Rooted Connected Bridged Synthesis

0.5 🧬 Unicellular Self Regulation Living Systems Managing Non linear Dynamic

0.4 📲🦁 Algorithmic self regulation Driverless Feedback
Reflection Machina Simulation

0.3 ⏰️🐗 Metrics Quantity Quality Time Linear Non Linear

0.2 🌎🐢 Crossing Maps Mapping Map of Maps

0.1 🧭 🐟 Position|s Location Search Informed Meaning Lighthouse | Ship

0 ⚓ 👁️🔥 Location Anchor @ home Centre Positioned Human Adult Professional Facilitator Consultant Catalyst Student ADULT Wo|Man Conscious Agent

-0.1 🧭 🐟 Compass Positions Location Search Informed Virtual

-0.2 🌎🐢 Crossing Maps Mapping Map of Maps Bridge

-0.3 ⏰️🐗 Measure Metrics Quantity Quality Linear Time Cyclical

-0.4 📲🦁 Algorithmic Information Feedback Driverless
Reflection Machina Simulation

-0.5 🧬 Unicellular Self Regulation Living Systems Manage Non linear Dynamic

-0.6 🌵Rooted Connected Bridge between the top and bottom Transformation | Synthesis

-0.7 🐄 Being itself True to Design Expectations Waste

  • 1 🐸 Micro Details Routine Quantum Quantity South Developing Edge Chaos Performance Physical

🦁S SE🦁 Black Ignorance Hell Machine

The Owls Vision |5th Kind | The half way milestone


5 | 👁️
14 | 14
2 3 | 23

Buddha Smiles
The System : What Asoka & Nagarjuna SAW
Bhavishya Purana : The Future of History

🦁 🦁
🦅 | New
👁️ 1—0—1🔥
Old | 🐸
🦁 🦁
Truth will Free Us

The Pilgrim’s Progress | 18 Steps on the Ladder of being InFormed Information being even more fundamental than ‘Consciousness’

Capacity Capability or Potential ?

Perceptual Ladder of Consciousness to the World of All Possibilities
SOS : The System of Systems

🦁N NE🦁

1+ 🦅 🌈🦋

1 ☔ +1
0.9 👭
0.8 🚶‍
0.7 🐄
0.6 🌵
0.5 🧬
0.4 📲🦁
0.3 ⏰️🐗
0.2 🌎🐢
0.1 🧭 🐟

0 ⚓ 👁️🔥 @ home +1

-0.1🧭 🐟
0.2 🌎🐢
-0.3 ⏰️🐗
-0.4 📲🦁
-0.5 🌓
-0.6 ⚫
-0.7 🐸
🦁 S SE 🦁

The Process 🔥 O Men W👁️ Men O ccult M ind M eaning M odels M aps M etaphors M agic M iracles M ythology M ysticism M etrics Management

• The Aion Lectures: Exploring the Self in C.G. Jung’s Aion
Edward F. Edinger 1996 Jung’s Aion laid the foundation for a whole new scholarly discipline that could be called archetypal psychohistory. It applies the insights of depth psychology to the analysis of cultural development, here focusing on the idea of the God-image, or Self, as it has evolved over 2,000 years of Western thinking. An edited transcript of the lecture series given at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles,1988-89.

•Novel Folklore: On Sadegh Hedayat’s The Blind Owl Jason Reza Jorjani Sadegh Hedayat’s novel The Blind Owl is widely considered to be the greatest work of modern Persian literature. Often compared to the classics of Existentialism and Gothic horror, The Blind Owl is widely believed to be cursed, so that anyone who reads it seriously is driven to suicide. … Google Books

•First Discipline 2013

•GovernMentality Kleptocracy & Utility Monsters
Governmentality, approach to the study of power that emphasizes the governing of people’s conduct through positive means rather than the sovereign power to formulate the law. In contrast to a disciplinarian form of power, governmentality is generally associated with the willing participation of the governed…..
…. Thus viewed, governing is an art involving the imaginative application of intuition, knowledge, and skills to administration and management
~Richard Huff Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University. Encyclopedia of Governance (2007) Britannicacom

•The Medium is the Message
Foucault (1983) the Culture of the Self YouTube


👁️Q Asian Age

Working Paper Sep 23 2019
👁️Q intelligence in Seeing
Swarm Intelligence | Atlantis Rising | Asian Age
“Had he insisted I take over the family farm I would have been a statistic long ago” In India Farmer suicides do not make news The free will question is no question other than for the academia which do not figure anywhere in the global 300 The fisher and the tribal are no different No freewill Only tenured professors | burrowcrats have options.. the luxury of retrofitting theories to their own hallowed existence What works in practice works in theory Osrrom’ s Law We found ourselves working with Farmers Fisher and the Tribal the very contexts we were fleeing from It started with The White Revolution in the early seventies something that worked in post Independence India Now farmers have an option ..with or without the Holy Cow The Fisher and the Tribal have no such second option It is either fight OR Flee Yet they flee less in comparison to the farmer The fisher is the sturdier of the lot With fifty years behind us to ruminate over this here is an indulgence that more people in the world are more likely to do as we age retrofitting theories to our experience We have the option To Think or not to Think Free will or Free won’t Unlike in the US where thinking is not allowed we have nothing to lose but only gain One Channel we watch is New Thinking Allowed That says it ALL What is paranormal elsewhere is the normal here
So We Think
Quantity We have the numbers
Quality v What is that ? 0 / 300
In search of Quality with Quantity
When the compass malfunctions do data matter ?
In trust we trust We have more trust in the farmer fisher the tribal than in the Pedagogue | Burrow Cats Why we use this platform
Swarm | Scam
Middle ground | Commons
Return of the collective
Wiki is 12 years behind the process of knowledge construction 30 years behind us in swarm intelligence It is feasible for a crowd to tune in to the music of the universe and dream the same dream
Age of Reason | Atlantis Reimagined
East or west North or South the last time we were massively logical was ..
Nagarjuna 150 AD 250 AD
Naga = Snake
Arjuna ..the supreme Archer
Taxila | Nalanda Old | New
Chanakya believed in the sword and the word History tells us Mentor to three emperor’s C..B..Asoka
For Nagarjuna word was the sword
The Warrior | Archer stands poised the bow string fully stretched arrow pointing at the Target | Truth
Duality gives in to the Nondual
The snake disappears Adam | Eve Masculine | Feminine to the Human Paradise Lost | Regained .. Ardha Nareeswara Nagarjuna was a healer a centenarian prophet of Regenerative Learning Learning is no learning unless the outcome is regeneration of the body |planet Judge the tree by it’s fruits
Survival Drive Distortions | Fitness
Fear Quantified
The global arms trade is almost the size of the Indian Economy
The size of the US Placebo Industry is the same as that of Indian Economy now
Economics has nothing to do with ethics ?
When we dream of a 5 Trillion economy we make no distinction between real goods and the substitutes Even suicides add to the GDP
Afraid to dream
The minimum scale to dream is 5 times the US Economy at PPP
Afraid to be gods .. to create
All growth is not Growth
More of this later
Making more with less and less Minimal is in – Buckminster Fuller
First Things First | Orientation
Atlantis Rising | The middle Kingdom |

Return | Reign of Quality with Quantity

Getting our numbers right

0 Nothing
1 Everything
0 | 1 Nothing or Everything
0 &1 Nothing and Everything

Let us opt for ..1 ..Everything .. for the sake of conversation
10 or any other x ..infinity
Everything includes Nothing Right ?
Which way to go ?
Clockwise | Anti clockwise ?
Order goes one way Chaos goes the other way
Fishermen midwifed us with navigation They are good at sea Their women fare better on land They took to the GPS before we got our mobiles

Why the 👁️ keeps popping up ?
We need to SEE the problem | solution

Oriented | Disoriented ?

IN | Old
W 10…1👁️1…10 E
New |. OUT

Recession is when real substitutes the substitutes As we age well and more we realise we can do more with less and less Only the impossible happens- Buckminster Fuller
Swarm Intelligence | Atlantis Rising
The Reign of Quality
Paradigms have shifted Habits seldom die All growth is not real growth The first link that surfaces is proof Magical
Time we return to First Principles Nagarjuna rebirthed an ancient system from the South Gave it a second life Also to Buddha
How minimal can minimal be .. to be oriented
Return of the Middle Kingdom
IN |. Old
W x …1 👁️ 1…x E
New |. OUT
Navigation in Conceptual | Physical Space
x can take any value from 1 to infinity Even more simple π
2D turns 3 D and 4 D
The geometry of thought was a prerequisite to the making of the Philosopher King | Chakra ..Worthy | Master of the self at the Academy Aristotle couldn’t make it happen
It takes no time for a crowd to be oriented to turn into a swarm when data makes sense
Less than 1 % makes all the noise
The swarm is at work
Silence speaks more eloquently

The Asian Age
Nagarjuna re..formed Buddhism Gave a second life to it Also to the Science of Life Ayurveda | science of the Whole Regeneration is feasible The loglic is missing in praxis After almost 2000 years we are opening up to the possibility .. Epigenetics the Process | Iterative perspective .. the essence of Sanskrit Integral is the state of being Whole India is the land of the integral Asia is Buckminster Fuller and Werner Erhard would agree In 1984 we went to the EST before it re..formed .. into Forum | Landmark They didn’t quite make it to the Integral With Nitin Nohria Harvard adopted it Gravity is ruthless Nature is Compassion can be Love is Life follows the CPM the critical path similie the path not taken the direction of the journey the process takeover
Every meeting on the road turns critical
More and more with less and less is the way to more of our humanNESS Mainframe to the mobile to the handsfree Algorithm is the soul Time we go handsfree The seat of the soul .. Gary Zukav .. is the body Soul is that which unifies .. makes it 1 ..everything..the algorithm The hole on the wall ..Atlantis missing .. is a projection of the hole in the lens of our vision With the return of the soul the body heals regenerates renews continually Ozone hole thins Earth heals Trust is faster than thought Thought is faster than light It takes courage trust in us to trust others What if Asia goes borderless ? That would be the poleshift to the plural multipolar Nobody wants to let go of what is in hand to reach grasp the whole Fear is in the family
The User Interface to the Whole

IN |. Old
W x…1 👁️ 1…x E
New |. OUT
IN .. the introverts domain conceptual ideal Out .. Extroverts Physicist rules Between Intro | Extro Old ..HiStoric stuck in the past Gravity Drag
New .. Future Vision .. pull
Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes….Carl Jung
Creating alignment with the four wheels of the chariot Arjuna the driver Krishna the soul Trust | Mistrust Insecurity Council Mintzberg Three members of the Security council accounts for 2/3 of the arms trade The business of Security Test oneself to trust oneself to trust Why Crumbs when we can have the Whole cake ..indivisible Akshyaya Indiminishable US is Rich India is wealthy The temple treasure | City of Eternity Money talks we listen Shifting attention to the minimal

The transformational

Ahead of the Curve
One step not too many
Technology mimics Nature
Race goes on
Nature is much more than Quantum Computing & we are much more than our physical body which we have begun to experience Friends who took to running at 70 do better than their earlier versions @ 40 | 25
Tturning ADULT is owning up
Nudge this not illness | mistrust
Fakes meet their destiny on the road
Crisis | Opportunity
Seeing the method in the madness
Options Freewill | Freewon’t
Turn Catalyst | Burn Out
Evolve | Devolve
Flowing with the will of Nature
Slow life | Accelerated lives
Modern slavery = To be Tools of our tools
Real work never runs out
Catalysts remain catalysts unaffected
@ the core | centre
Why not mimic nature itself ?

The UI to the Whole | Integral
Visual Computing | Seeing | Synthesis

In 3 steps


IN |. Old
W x…1 👁️ 1….x E
New |. OUT

The Conscious Agent

If you meet the Buddha | Expert
on the Road KILL

Understanding Integrity | The unbreakable bundle of sticks

They make sense together in the order in which they are

In 10 steps | Avatars

Ladder | Levels of Understanding

7 Process | Iterative
6 Community
5 Human
4 Animal
3 Plant
2 Cell
3 Clock .. we are here !
2. Maps
1 Compass | Position
👁️..x 4 Quad Core

The Hammer
The flat earth model gives in to the spherical linear to the nonlinear Dymaxion..dynamic maximum tension – Buckminister Fuller
Seeing is central to the Core | Integral | Conscious Agents | Problem Solving

An expert is an expert in any one
Long live the experts ..the Integrators | Problem Solvers

Another perspective

O men
W 👁️ men …signs
O ccult …search
M ind
M odels
M. etaphor ..allegory
M agic
M iracles
M ysticism ..trust
M anagement | ADULT

End of Leader | Follower .. Ships
No country for Adults ?
It’s ADULTS only .. young or old 🌈

MIT Technology Review
Humans and Technology Sept 12 2019
An important quantum algorithm may actually be a property of nature
MIT Technology Review
Longer, healthier lives will spark a new generational conflict
As older generations stay productive for longer, they will hold on to more of the wealth and power.
Rebecca Roache Aug 21, 2019
Taking Up Running After 50? It’s Never Too Late to Shine
People who start running competitively in their 50s can become as swift and well-muscled as older runners who have trained lifelong NY Times Sept 16 2019
Environment Climate Change Proof that saving the ozone is world’s biggest environmental success Sept 16 2019
The happiest introverts may be extraverts Neuroscience News
SEPT17, 2019
Why We Should Stop Celebrating Consumerism
Forbes Sept 17 2019
Richard Buckminster Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist. Fuller published more than 30 books, coining or popularizing terms such as “Spaceship Earth”, “Dymaxion” house/car, ephemeralization, synergetic, and “tensegrity”. Wiki
Math Reveals the Secrets of Cells’ Feedback Circuitry
September 18, 2019
Maintaining perfect stability through negative feedback is a basic element of electrical circuitry, but it’s been a mystery how cells could do it — until now.- Quanta

👁️Q The Hero’s Return

Working Paper 15 Sept 2019

👁️Q The Hero’s Return

Hero | one who has conquered her fear
Binary | Spectral
An illusion is a partial truth The illusory snake can kill The child in us is stolen by the Pipers of the planet Priests | Pedagogues None left to call out that we are naked Noise | data is perceived as Information fact as fiction fiction as fact We live 3D accelerated robotic lives The clock rules over the compass In the beginning was the logos the word the carrier of the affliction Text is is out Hypertext is in The spectral rules Why read when we can SEE When the compass malfunctions all data are irrelevant This is information
Time Re Imagined
Future 👁️ Past
Thought is faster than light
Intelligence Is the tool to test our intuitions when instincts show the way Nothing artificial about it We are AI ready Intent is the discipline of focus Algorithms rule Not gadgets Nothing repeats as such We are born to fly Children have flying dreams If not Wright brothers somebody else would have The journey is just begun The four year old already knows how to NAVIGATE Fear kills creates death and illness It sells well Dare to dream BIG together the most IMPOSSIBLE
Life | consciousness orders organises as the compass map self regulation in to one system the GPS manifested in the unicellular organism Consciousness is the organising principle of the Universe What the cell is to the organism human is to community We are one There is no other for the mystic in every one of us
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour – William Blake
The Magician has no magic The audience is thrilled A miracle is unexplainable by the known laws of nature We need not know everything We only need to know that we are one with everything in communion learn to read the code .. signs .. miracles of everyday life .. synchroniCity

👁️Q is Gainful as against Lossy Compression of data .. solution to complexity ..iterated over 30 years across the most complex country of the world among the farmer fisher academia and industry where jargon and language break down an outcome of social computing If one has a good friend one can do with far less data with or without gadgets Algorithms evolve out of gadgets …break free ..can not remain biased and monopolised for long Though not recognised as such complexity is the competitive edge of the core country if it works here it works anywhere else The solution to complexity is not more complexity but Simplexity .. gainful compression of data Ashby saw it coming ..the law of requisite variety . the bare minimal to retain mastery of the game

Hesse saw it …The Glass Bead Game HG Wells ..The World Brain 1936-8
Kolmogorov complexity

The IOT is the best Metaphor of Consciousness that we have dreamed up collectively It can turn out to be the worst nightmare | one of those most beautiful dreams that come true Fitness lies in striking the balance

Analysis | Synthesis

One more Onam has been celebrated Nowhere else is the myth celebrated at this scale Some myths turn into ritual as in the pilgrimage to Sabarimala Millions climb 18 steps to merge with the ultimate repeat the process More the better Another myth of the local version of Sisyphus is that of the madman and the origin of the 12 tribesTogether they hold the key to Campbell
The 17 | 18 steps of the hero’s journey are collapsible to
14 + 3
7 +3 and then to
Where Vamana and Mahabali meet
One came on foot or horseback the other by sea took much less to reach
Both are immigrants Who is not ?
We are conscious that we are conscious and not conscious ..robots already ? Not always We do wake up in between
Thanks to the Good Professor Dr MNV Nair He wanted his students to be oriented We did our best He left us and we were shown the door Exit That was a blessing in disguise
When we are oriented we can do with much less data | information If not no data transforms to information Flood Forests burn Fisher and the tribal turn heros
Iteration is not Repetition The Chant
We haven’t taken everything away, they can still breath “Said the one eyed ruler and the chief reporter of the micelandTV nodded his head in a vehement agreement. The ruler was happy, he gestured to his assistant who came forward with a slice of cheese and slipped it into the breast pocket of grateful reporter. ( From forthcoming novel about cats, pigeons and mice) writes Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki Professor Poet Scholar Novelist .. Polymath from Kashmir friend since 1976
Chithran Nampoothirippad from Trichur plans his 30th trip to the Himalayas for his 100th birthday another friend digs up on FB
Raj at 80 sees him running the marathon at 100 while on the treadmill to stretch a little more than yesterday’s 9 KMS in 60 minutes He is not alone There are many others who have already done it
The cataract surgeon who removes only cataracts all her life never repeats Every time she does it better and faster
None of them repeat yesterday They do a little better than their previous best .. being more human
In B School while working out linear programming problems for optimal solutions the simplex way through Iterations we wondered why the hell Now we know the optimal lies beyond us | the firm . at the level of community
FB and Google are biased in their favour We can turn the table The links turn up in tune with how we have used it in the past
To repeat is the road to death to iterate is to be human The Guinness reminds
Nature expresses itself through the exceptions pointing to the true normal as against a historical | statistical normality Statistics lies It also points to the true normal
The tip of the iceberg is not the whole iceberg
We talk in real time across the planet every day to more people than we could reach in a month in the early nineties at zero marginal cost The office and overheads have vanished Then was Local Now is Global The mainframe has shrunk to palmsize though we use it for an hour or two With real good friends far and near we need less computing Lonely but not alone Our brains are shrinking ..slow and steady freeing up memory to do much better stuff Computing has gone social We are one with 60 % of the people on the planet online We don’t need to be connected to everyone to be connected to the whole The only time we computed the linear programming problem in real life it worked for us not for the community The web is the desktop to a much larger reality beyond the visible universe with which we are one The iceberg is one The tail doesn’t wag the head What is seen shows the unseen the more beautiful magical and miraculous To be connected is to heal and healing ourselves is healing the Planet The quality of the whole is emergence
Welcome to the Reign of Quality
The hero returns
To fear fear is fine
Next : The Long Recession
Hindu rate of Growth is Good
Growth’ | Growth..Impossible | Possible

The evolution of lossy compression
Sarah E. Marzen and Simon DeDeo
Published:10 May2017
The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research YouTube Brenda Dunne |Jeffrey Mishlove New Thinking Allowed
Wiki Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey
Individuals, institutions, and innovation in the debates of the French Revolution
Alexander T. J. Barron, Jenny Huang, Rebecca L. Spang, and Simon DeDeo
The Reign of Quantity
René-Jean-Marie-Joseph Guénon, also known as ʿAbd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá, was a French author and intellectual who remains an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics, having written on topics ranging from sacred science and traditional studies, to symbolism and initiation. Wikipedia

Year 2050 ‘Bhavishya Purana’

Another kind of Seeing Year 2050 | One 100 years of The Republic | The Bhavishya Puurana

New literacy.

“The dog barks, trees don’t bark though all trees have barks. Stripped of the context, bark makes no sense The same goes lfor iteracy. Kerala the core state of India is 100% literate or almost so. On 👁️Q .. new literacy most of us are .. neo..illiterates ! Nature engages in building and breaking We as a species have collaborated with the breaking Opted to facilitate our own die off Nature’s way of testing our fitness to survive We don’t build We are great breakers Future is now as much as past is in the now This was true when they coined the term Bhavishya Purana They could see as much into the future as they saw the past Accelerated lives spare no time for reflection The churn is at its peak spin The rush is to keep on spinning not getting thrown out The core doesn’t spin We are yet to witness the last chapter of the boomers 70 now is 35 of the pre republic They have the time money and the leisure to reflect and see like the ancients did ..placing things in perspective .. creating a more desirable future for their 7 year olds

The turning point

2020 was the year Hopeman and Prakash were awarded The Nobel for their work on ‘Conscious Agency ‘ This was the first award since they clubbed all the different prizes into one The committee had decided that the work ought to be so profound that its impact is transdisciplinary including Peace and Literature No prizes will be awarded in the absence of such work

70 years of the Republic

The Buddha’s Smile

M assively
O pen
D e..Reconstruction of
I ndia . ..the MOOC

India is much > 1/6 of the Planet in more ways than one Indian = Global

Zoroaster Buddha Asoka Alexander Nagarjuna Sankara Vasco Da Gama The last days of the Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths EIC 70 years of the Republic We have seen it all

Kashmir went one way Kerala took a different path

The unexamined life is no life
Not much time left to turn reflective
The Jungian psychologist laments India of tomorrow will be a copy of the West of today He is the worn out copy of Jung in the land of the Buddha enlightenment | completeness as against incompleteness and the Unconscious
He is mis Taken
It is not the politicians who failed It is the Intellectuals who failed more..the burrow cats who had a lifetime to reflect in leisure unlike them who faced their exams every five years They are no smarter than the cram schools that coach students how to beat their filters of elimination The rare corporate spokeswoman who dares to speak cries foul We are the Pariahs anglicised ‘Paraya’ of Kerala the least touchable of the Untouchables probably unaware of the origins

The academic cries foul ‘ Fake ‘

The question is not conscious or unconscious more or less of a fake The question is more conscious and less conscious The academic and the intellectual are more fake than the accused They had 70 years to redefine what is Indian while a few worked against all the odds Even the devil deserves credit For the details

There is hardly anything Indian about the Indian Institutes of Technology | Management Name them if you can
scientists who worked in India who were at the least considered for the Nobel Maths or Management the story is no different The last time we were massively logical was during Nagarjuna’s He lived to be a centenarian .. a healer ..practiced regenerative medicine 70 years was good enough to reinvent him Tharoor is the archetypical Paradoxical Indian Ambassador of the more English than the English Ought to have written Why he is not a Buddhist ?

Churning the ocean of milk | The Conscious Agent

There is no observer independent reality Some are less conscious some more The Rock is conscious The Bull is more conscious Man is conscious that he is conscious and not conscious Divided we are Yet we agree on many things like Milk is white

In the beginning was the main frame then the PC without the desktop with the desktop the cell phone without the GPS with the GPS The Atlantic salmon migrates continental distances without a GPS Ducklings do not go to swimming school nor does eagles to flying school The world we see is what the desktop is to the laptop and the UI to the mobile The driver of the car need not nessarily be the engineer of the car The conscious agents read the code recognise the signals from the noise They are the Gullivers We are the Lilliputs The illiput world gives in to Gullivers’

The Icons to the Code of Consciousness

Let us Count it on our fingers ..1 to 10 From the right thumb to the left

1 Compass
2 Map
3 Clock
4. GPS
5. Cell
6 Plant
7 Animal
9 Human
10 Count again

Remember to remember
Process.. Algorithmic Iterations


A 10 x 10 Matrix and two diagonals 4 of them around .. 0 | 1 the binary .. All or Nothing

10×10 | 10×10
…. 0 | 1 ….
10×10 | 10 x 10

Replace 10 with the infinite

In | Old
New | Out

A chariot with 10 wheels Dasaratha .. Dasavatharam.. Ravana with 10 heads | levels .. Where is Sita ?

The choice is to be the driver or the driven

Dead or Alive
Robot or Human
Robot and Human

The Physicist lives within the Matrix The matrix that was It is 100 % replicable in use since 1990

Nothing original Just re .. membering The world we see is just the desktop Navigation is natural to us No mediums and middlemen

See: The Visual
Test it Share it No copyrights We live a transactional reality

Nothing or All
0 | 1
The world we see is what the desktop is to the Internet far <1 % of the vast network of hardware software people across the planet At every touch of our fingers it responds as One If the Iceberg is conscious it knows that it is not just the tip of the iceberg It is one with the submerged There is nothing unconscious The Leviathan is dead Jonah is delivered .. Free The GPS integrates the compass mapping clock + self regulation into one system
At the level of the cell self regulation takes a big leap Every single cell is one with the past and future of life capable of taking care of itself reproducing maintaining living an infinite life Life takes care of itself We do not We are less intelligent than the clock driven by it living accelerated lives Robotic victims of habit gullible No..thing < 1%
This is in the past Not true any more We are much more than our first two fingers ..the icons .. stand for
Jacobs ladder connects the earth and the heavens Evolution is a two way street The conscious agent is one with the Big one In process evolving The Universe reveals itself bit by byte The bend on the road is not the end of the road The journey is just begun

7 Sept 2019
Where are we Now


When noise is the signal data consumes attention Information frees attention feeds on entropy before it begins to feed on itself

Prosperity breeds Idiots ..Solzhenitsyn
If so then
Poverty breeds Intelligence
Rationally speaking
Complexity breeds Intelligence
It’s a double whammy
Blessed art thou
We the poor in spirit, for ours is the kingdom of heaven.
India breeds …both
Intelligent NRI Indians INRI
And Idiots in billions
Homegrown Intellectuals in millions
The elephant in the room has hit the ceiling
Poverty of Attention couples with Satisficing stated Herbert Simon
Fuels dreams of Abundance
Scale is no scale !
US $ 3 Trillion .. is the size of US Health Care
Prozacs and Placebos
Substitutes for healing
Same size as India Inc of US $ 3 T
1.3 billion dreams of a modest 5T
Ahead of $ 2 Trillion of global trade in arms and ammunition
Substitutes for Peace
Real | Substitutes
Dreams do come true in strange ways
If not the mountain the prophet moves
If only we could dream better | bigger
Idiots love Apple|s
They keep eating
To keep the doctor away
Better to be idiots and decisive
Than intellectual and indecisive
They learn bit by byte
Intellectualism breeds idiots
Idiots graduate to Underdogs
Better to be poor and intelligent
Than moneyed and idiots
Then comes
The Revenge of the Underdogs

United States is about 3 times bigger than India.
India is approximately 3,287,263 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km. Meanwhile, the population of India is ~1.3 billion people (955.3 million fewer people live in United States). Wiki

Herbert Alexander Simon 1916..2001 was an American economist, political scientist and cognitive psychologist, whose primary research interest was decision-making within organizations and is best known for the theories of “bounded rationality” and “satisficing”. Wikipedia
worldpopulationreviewcom › unite…
United States Population 2019 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs) – World Population Review
20-Aug-2019 · By population, the United States of America is the 3rd largest country in the world, falling far behind China (1.39 billion) and India (1.31 .

Do take a look at the visual
It is more than all the words All data can be compressed to the surface of a thumbnail Data has no volume they say

Year 2050

When noise | silence is the signal Data consumes attention Information liberates attention Feeds on entropy before it begins to feed on itself See Chandraayan Thought is faster than light The sun we see is already in the past Einstein on a beam of light will lag us traveling at the speed of thought Bounded Irrationality yields to the unbounded and borderless Adam | Eve | Snake > Union of the masculine | feminine > Regeneration of the body | Earth The trickster and the temptress are in the past Ouroboros

Confessions of a Burrow Cat or Is it a sin to take care of my skin ? Yes it is when skin is the only game The cats are out of the bag The conscious agents form the core of the core A few are identifiable Most are not Spooky action is the new Normal Substitutes are no more the reality The post gadget economy is in India leads Quantity Quality Demographics The Sun is more benevolent Open borders with it’s neighbours Earth is healing K | O holes plugged

100 + and back to School at 70 are quite normal The New Centres of Learning GOC the core state of the core country leads Home to the meta mono myths the root myths of Transformation

in God’s Own Country

The Parrot’s Tale
Can we have a Parrots’ day ?
Learning is Churning
Noah’s ark had it’s pairs
Milk owes it’s whiteness to the Black sun God to the Devil Order to Chaos Truth is in the middle beyond the tension of the bowstring stretched between the ends of the bow pointing to the eye of the mocking bird and beyond 1..2..3..4 Every hero is an Archer Eka..lavya…Rama Arjuna Karna The hero conquers his fear The warrior is one who has left his death behind him The celluloid hero is the substitute Cowards die many deaths It is God and Devil It is not Vamana or Mahabali Truth is crucified on the cross between the two thieves the good and the bad one Church stands witness like the women by his side It is always Yes and No Vamana and Mahabali AND the holy conjunction Allegoric illiteracy assumes Himalayan Proportions Logic died with Nagarjuna to be reborn in the west to be reinvented by NarcissusProcrustes Karma He had failed to acknowledge his sourcing from the South The parrot is force fed fattened on the leaves of the Book Krishna cheats Yashodha Steals the butter They stole Amrit the outcome of churning the milky ocean Some of us witnessed a flood of a different kind The Operation Flood When we work in a non stop process industry for decades we too get processed Milk from the farmer flows through chillers pasteurisers cream separators butter churns centrifuges homogenizers sterilizers vacuum driers innoculated with cultures in cheese vats to reach us in all its myriad forms The product is in the process that goes on 24×7 x 365 The parrots tale was prophetic Tagore must be turning in his grave Teachers live on Students die off a Parrots’ death Patriotic A physicist writes We don’t understand Quantum Physics nor do we want to ..NY times The psychologist prefers to remain one rather than turning Human The Roman Empire lives on through the Holy Roman Church The East India Company is reinvented in more potent versions Slavery abolished but reinvented Then the Apple fell again End of HiStory The white Saviour | Xavier fades away in slow motion from the screen mission accomplished The fall went unnoticed for decades Meanwhile ‘New Centres of Learning’ emerged in Chile Salvador Allende rebirths.with Stafford Beer for old time’s sake ..Iran Russia Africa China Sri Sri Nagar Kashmir and in God’s disowned Country Kerala India The Pariah | Paraya | Outcast | Feminine return The New Learning Centre at Kalady was the foremost it hosted an annual event ‘Koodal’ to reflect revise and update the knowledge base across the Centres
The preconferece workshops focused on the re..reconstruction of the gestalt of Myths Maths Shamans Architecture Dance Music Magic Occult and her story the inputs to the process Ayurveda reinvented as Regenerative Learning the USP of the centre that made it the foremost

The Centre reTturns to the Centre to begin another turn of the spiral Nature in process Iterating not parroting Long live the Parrots But for them we wouldn’t have the stories to kill and myths to bust

Something that works in practice can work in theory – Ostrom’s law

In God’s disowned Country Kerala
Stories Killed Myths Busted

In our process workshops we kill stories ever since we realised it
Story telling is in but it kills Once upon a time we were….
We know what we are Watch the channels including the HiStory version We know we won’t
Even if we do it doesn’t MATTER Predators engage parasites to make heroes out of villains
We don’t know WHO we are
Myths Chartbusters Superman Spiderman Wonderwoman .. the substitutes show us ..what we are missing out ..
The Lost Atlantis of the Mind ..
Myth busting is doable DIY Our friends at the NLC the New Learning Centre at Kalady are good at it
Plato Bacon Colin Wilson they went out in search of the lost continent much like our search for Musk in Mars
O nce upon a time .
Had they turned their lens IN they would have found it .. the core problem is .. the core is either missing or rotten Google turns googly
The ancients solved this problem by matching the internal with the external The Glass Bead Game 400 Marbles inside with the 400 outside Hesse learnt the Game from his Grandpa Herman Gundert the white saviour the exceptional one Hesse saw the Buddha with a unique lens
In 400 |
| 400 Out
Nagarjuna took it northward gave it a rebirth By then it had already reached Greece | Rome
There is only one place the land was recovered from the ocean where all the 12 tribes are accounted for
Check wiki
Doubting Thomases can do a DNA profiling
We claim Thomas came here Mani and Manichaeans certainly did We have more living Manis than anywhere else The most famous and resilient one from Pala reminds us The myth is a doctored version post arrival of Islam We converted one of the characters to suit our size of the cot Islam reached here almost at the time of The Prophet long before it reached Kashmir Who did the doctoring ? Leave it to the hiStorians to speculate Procrustes never sleeps Sisiphus was birthed from the very same myth a worn out copy of our true philosopher who spat on the deity and shouts the most horrible obscenities at the idol of the most holy The sacred is in the profane Even women do it as a ritual Come during the temple festival at Musiris | Kodungalloor The place where our Mathematicians |Astronomers met to cross check their numbers is nearby
Go Take a walk
The Pariah ..read.. Paraya
Enough of doctoring
At the end of the long march from the black and beautiful continent a few of our ancestor Sapiens reached Eden They lived and flourished The snakes were their friends and benefactors Some of these sacred groves remain Ouroboros Living Infinities We were the proto communists We continue to be either the plain vanilla version or the masked .. Theyyam Style
Marx knew since Wellington was defeated by a tribal chief here Napoleon was defeated by Wellington to compensate But for Napoleon we need to speculate where Marx would be Here those who read Napoleon .. we do ..we have proof .. turns NR come visiting like our Asura Assyrian King Mahabali returns before the romance is lost The rest remain here turns Narcissistic defiling FB with their own selfies and smilies We witness this ad nauseum since 2007 Thanks Mark FB is therapy just as this slandering is Free You are reminded time FB relocate
We only have the numbers and time to make you rich
The suicide rates have been falling steadily since 2020 almost null
We have lost our ranking in sprit yet we are high Not because the weed is legitimised
The State Lottery is abolished
We don’t sell fake promises The church has the monopoly We do respect it
Seawalling the coast is history The stones have gone into replacement building restricted to the middle zone where vertical growth goes on The green and blue zones continue to expand where the tribal and the fisher have absolute dominion as the custodians of the future The state is declared zero waste | organic
Accumulated farm debts are written off every 7 years UBI is an option for any of them Others become eligible at 80 very few opt
Children play a VR Game in their smart classes The Hero’s Journey They move up the levels At the 18th level the 14 worlds collapse to 7 the spectral then reduced to three The Lilliput fades away Gulliver smiles Game ends
Life begins
Just Remember This Shouts the villain turned hero from the screen

The core state of the core country is doing well

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Recipe for the Gestalt ..Youtube ..Wiki
Unequal parts of
Chetan Prakash Mathematics
Donald Hoffman Cognitive Science
Jason Reza Jorjani Philosophy
Jeffrey Mishlove Psychology
Alexander Dugin Philosophy
Nick Land Philosophy
Gary Zukav Author Seat of the Soul
Michael Talbot Author Mysticism and the New Physics
A few hours of watching + ommon sense as required
The ouroboros or uroborus is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography, the ouroboros entered western tradition via Greek magical tradition and was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism and most notably in alchemy. Wikipedia

Return to the Centre Bede Griffiths

Stafford Beer (born Anthony Stafford Beer, 25 September 1926 – 23 August 2002) was a British theorist, consultant and professor at the Manchester Business School[1]. He is best known for his work in the fields of operational research and management cybernetics. Wiki

Akananuru (Tamil: அகநானூறு, literally introspective four hundred, meaning four hundred poems on interior (akam or agam) themes[1]), a classical Tamil poetic work, is the seventh book in the anthology of Sangam literature, namely Eight Anthologies (Ettuthokai).[2] It contains 400 Agam (subjective) poems dealing with matters of love and separation. Other names for Akananuru include Neduntogai or Nedunthokai (“the long anthology”), Ahappattu, Ahananuru, and Agananuru.[3] Wiki

Parayi Petta Panthirukulam, is a popular folktale in Kerala. According to this folktale, Vararuchi, one of the nine wise men of Emperor Chandragupta Vikramaditya’s court married a girl belonging to Paraya, a lower caste. The couple set out on a long pilgrimage. On the way, they were blessed with 12 children. Wikipedia

The hundredth monkey effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behaviour or idea is claimed to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behaviour or acknowledge the new idea. Wiki

👁️Q .. EyeQ..IQ

👁️Q A different kind of Seeing
The Fall
Humpty Dumpty ..
All the King’s men could’nt …
None asked the women…!
If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.’ Napoleon Bonaparte
‘Mithraism, the worship of Mithra, the Iranian god of the sun, justice, contract, and war in pre-Zoroastrian Iran. Known as Mithras in the Roman Empire during the 2nd and 3rd centuries ce, this deity was honoured as the patron of loyalty to the emperor.’ Britannicacom
They had their meeting places mostly underground Feast was their ritual Guess who copied it in their ceremonial magic ? Mithraism had to give in to Christianity Rest is HIS story Hypatia was skinned alive Joan of Arc was burnt at the stakes pop
Hippocrates wouldn’t begin treatment of the patient unless she is in touch with her dreams Dreams that she is on the way to healing If the patient doesn’t want to be healed the physician is no help !
In B School we were made to slog One Professor taught us to optimise our sleep by keeping a dream log Some of us continue to do it Over time they become very mundane He was against analysis and interpretation Just be aware of your dreams You are your own therapist ! The outcome Better sleep Lesser hours 24×7 awareness We work extra long hours

The 24 year old FM dreams
I am at a hotel with a guy The receptionist is around 50 Could be my fiancee I am not the one talking My friend wants to know if he can have an extra room I can’t remember who my friend is Receptionist says the only room available was the one vacated by a sick person Some stain in the bath sticks doesn’t go despite their best efforts I am thinking .. maybe they should flush it out with a bucketfull of water She knows why ? It’s her dream We would see it our way Our Prof would say .. No analysis please He was neither a Jungian or Freudian Just remain in touch with the dreams Be on the royal road to consciousness Don’t create an unconscious for the therapists’ sake We have a dream bank going back to 40 years In many ways the ancients were more modern than the ‘modern’Most of us dream in our waking hours sleep extra long hours and vehemently claim .. we don’t dream at all India lives in her dreams We don’t even know what we dream ? The developed are no different The human is in a deep slumber Have a good night’s sleep 🎣

22 FM Kottayam The Malayalam movie says it all .. better
Dream snippet .. the following night
A very crowded shopping mall. Waiting for my cousin and her son They come and together we come out of the mall From the outside the mall looks like an old building with cracks on the walls some sort of aancient spot for worship A middle aged man comes with a sack full of thrones He places them on the wall and goes back The themes are carried over ..conflict confusion tradition vs modernity the middle aged man …In this case she knows why the movie unfolds this way She knows she is making the movie for her own SEEing
Why do we dream what we dream ?
Why do we love our pets and hate our neighbours ?
Why do shadows | substitutes | Placebos sell better than real goods ?
Snippets from History Napoleon was not defeated in Waterloo He was defeated in GOC Kerala
A few decades from the burning of Joan of Arc at the stakes Gama lands in Malabar Imagine the mindset that drives the Man the mission to redeem the inhuman begins here He is followed by the British The mission continues More missionaries follow including a very different one..Gundert grandfather to Herman Hesse the Nobel Laureate Wellington who defeated Napoleon tastes his only defeat in Malabar by a tribal king .. Pazhassi Napoleon and Marx are not far away from each other We seldom notice a connection between the two The corporate pillage of the planet that began with the EIC is globalised by the MNCs Process Inverted Culture reinvented
Summary : Toxic Male > Eros> Love > Sex > Power Porn

The midnights children were conceived in slavery The generation conceived in freedom and great hope .. are in their seventies 70 years is end of history for most The centenarian sanskrit scholar kept on .. slow silent and steady .. showing us that there is life after 70 At 60 he had made it known that he has 40 years of unfinished work to complete We witnessed it ..how less is more .. for 26 years Then he ran out of work Departed in six months past 100

It is work that drives us to live Real work remains undone

At seventy substitutes have little relevance We are aging but not aging well living accelerated lives Japan is the prime example Europe is no different The US needs immigrants much more than any other nation despite the loud rants to the contrary US needs India much more than India needs the US in the scheme of things where markets dictate diplomacy

As we age the business of substitutes shrink

Jung was more of a prophet than a psychologist He took great pains to deny it though He foresaw the end of humanity .. the West The Red Book remains unread What we pay attention to is our reality Pay attention to the unconscious It grows Pay attention to the conscious It grows The West created the unconscious We sow what we reap The East paid attention to the whole From completeness arises completeness Culture proved to be a handicap
The pendulum swings both ways We translate it as linear ..an arrow without the bow We see devolution as evolution and evolution as devolution Both are simultaneous ..the swings of the pendulum

Technologos | Pathologos

Freida Soares
She used to run a flight school Showing the ‘how to’ of freedom and soaring .. sort of ‘Hitchhikers Guide to Life’ This was in those days when we were drunk on Jonathan Livingstone Seagull | Richard Bach towards the end of the turbulent sixties

The Algorithm

Information MATTERs Manifests
Nothing else matters
Intent is discipline focus persistence Iterations unlimited
That was nearly 50 years in the past
It works This was information Information then information now
There is no country for the Adult Nobody loves Information Everybody is in love with Data Science

There ever was the Pathologos problem ..Thank you Pierre Grimes
The solution is Technologos ..Techno Logic How we understand and relate to our tools

The compass
GPS > all rolled into one The cell phone

Compass to GPS took around 1500 years to matter The last of the wicked problems is solved

The logic is simple
Reflection the rearview mirror Dreams 24×7 awareness

If we get the logic right we have moved ahead of the robotic else we will be ruled by the robots living and nonliving

Campbell’s hero takes 17 steps The 18th step is to freedom In GOC the Lilliput turns Gulliver in just 3 steps

As below so above

The logic is Nature’s will built into the cell plant animal human community the singularity of technology man and nature in alignment

At 70 the slow life begins .. the life of reflection .. grand new synthesis .. Regeneration .. solution to an aging world If one weather’s the seventies well the journey is smoother Same is true of India We are 70 years into freedom Our friend the pessimist .. Devil’s Advocate .. emails He is off grid from FB The rot is pervasive

It is good to be reminded

The Unconscious has been globalised The earlier waves of globalisation were not this toxic We already have enough of first monkeys The Ark phase is behind us Things can not get any worser Will not if we will

🌈 The Spectral .. Jason Reza Jorjani

Seven notes | Colours


The rainbow follows the flood The fisher reminds us The logic of sea works on land Logic of the land is no logic The fit shall survive Nature is ruthless Gravity tells us

Choice is ours to pay attention to the signal or to the noise

There is a period in which I owe my silence. It’s not eternal. It’s not going to be forever.. Jim Mattis
Silence is more eloquent

Future is Glocal .. Global and Local

Green Shoots

Acceptance is the Key ..The Good Guru
Accept me No questions
What’s in a name ?
Non acceptance too is Key .. the other end of the bow
Truth is in the middle The Arrow ..points
Fakes > Fake News > Chaos > Placebos > Growth
Adults > Information > Order > Real goods and services
Adults ask questions
Data transformed to information
Man makes robots Robots make clones .. Ma vs Musk
Adults are not meant to be herded like sheep to the butcher’s knife .. man ..aged
One prodigal sheep is worth risking the 99
Milk as Metaphor | Churning the Ocean of Milk
In the land of the holy cow the cow is the most persecuted of all animals
It is also the lifeline
Operation Flood Dr V Kurien | Prodigal
Non acceptance of business as usual
But for the cow where would farmer suicide statistics be ? But for him where would the Cow be ? Then came the Cartman .. NS Ramaswamy Reminding ..Animal Energy .. powering India .. the butchery that goes on We chose to keep our eyes shut scoffing

Tame the Animal before we tame the shrew Taming is different from domestication Stray dogs are far more intelligent than the petted

The burrow cats | Economists do not have to mind for the quarterly Farmer suicides is neither data nor information The Egyptians knew better They wrote off accumulated farmer debts every 7 years Why write off ? Why 7 years ? That is another story
The cream rises to the top Then it sours
Time to churn > Process > Butter > Ghee
Allegoric illiteracy assumes Himalayan proportions
Bunchy top and Root wilt
It is not just about the plants
Rootless nationalism will not take us very far the American or the Indian Indian
We shuttled between the so called top and the so called bottom
Burrow Cats of different shades .. priestly political .. Farmers Fisher and the tribal
Still do
Midwifed .. always in process .. since 1971 when | where we first met at NDRI Bangalore the Imperial Dairy Research Institute 1923 re birthed
Met Others on the way ..part to meet and meet to part Not a business as usual
Learning happens at the edges of disciplines ..markets ..borders .. physical and virtual
Better to be idiots and learn from the falls rather than intellectual and indecisive fomenting confusion despair and illness
Open or closed
Some keep the windows open doors closed
Some keep both shut clamour for openness rotting at the core
Burrow Cats seldom get out of their holes .. get to see the light at the end of the tunnel
There are just 3 centibillionaires
They hold the money not the Keys
The rot is pervasive but not as pervasive as our pessimist points to
Green Shoots are all around if we choose to shift our focus
The silent majority is not silent

The land of Vidhyadharas ..
Knowledge bearers
Knowledge EM .. bodied

Response Ability

Two of us have crossed fifty years of working in the dairy system They are neither tired or retired It is not the money Some of us moved to work with the Fisher and the tribal We thought we knew We didn’t They midwifed us

The Rain maker and the possibility cloud

The Ophthalmologist sees only blindness in his working life Blindness could turn out to be quite normal Yet she has to see the possibility cloud not to fall prey to the epidemic of myopia Her normal is the new normal The rain maker has to manifest rain every quarter of the year all his life to remain in business The nay sayers normality is not the normality of the opthalmologist | the rain maker On land we have a sense of stability believe we are on terra firma The Flood and the Fisher open our eyes to a different normality of remaining ANCHORED in storm and calm war and peace how to remain responseAble without waiting to be invited We may be divided but we SEE alike The Psychologist predicts ‘The India of tomorrow will be a copy of the West today’ The Shamans Way is the old normal The information philosopher is the new normal Graduates of the FB | WhatsApp Insta Universities The 4 year olds remind us Child is the Father of Man Adults creating | recreating each other Reality is co creative .. participative If the Wild West needs to reinvent itself it needs to go East China proves challenging to the West They have bested the West on their own terms The cowboy west of the macho male is of the past lives on on Twitter among leaders and followers The poles are melting So is the Polar South meets North East meets West The plural is the new normal Reformists in Kerala realises it the hard way
Kashmir | Kerala and the bridge across forever Compare | Contrast Paradise on Earth | GOC Gods ‘own’ Kerala not Politicians’ Our friends on FB Pandits and Sufis of Kashmir remind us of Katha Sarit Sagara .. the ocean of stories .. the land of Vidhyadharas .. knowledge bearers .. embodied knowledge the re..Generative Time we kill the stories and the mythical Story telling is passe’ Snake oil salesmen face a long recession The new normal beckons us
The great levelling is at work

… ….N
…IN | Old
W .. 👁️… E
New |. Out

Binary to the Spectral

Yes Or No to Yes and No
True or false to True and False

Alexander cut the Gordian knot with a single sweep of his SWORD

Asoka cut the knot with a single WORD picture of the tetrad | Catushkoti | Tetralemma | Asoka Chakra

The talking knots of the Inca talks .. we are clueless The Incas and Egyptians left the pyramids to talk to us the living
When we look at the pyramid we see the fortune at the bottom The good professor had only good intentions
We don’t get the message The treasure is at the middle Where the bottom up pyramid meets the top down invisible pyramid The message is very simple
As below so above As above so below As it is in heaven so it is on earth The ladder of understanding is the bridge across

Order not Chaos

The Templates of Nature | KB Man |
Knowledge bearers

Techno. Compass
Maps | Mapping
Clock | s
GPS…Cell phone Robots ..

Eco Cell
Knowledge Embodiment

The conscious agent is in the process of embodying knowledge | continual renewal a learning engine that continually improves on its previous best The body is the proof
IQ is = Longevity No IQ without 👁️Q

Habits die hard

This is as simple as it gets ..jargon..less ..countAble with our fingers

The Irreducible minima

3 | 7 | 10 ?

O | 1 Binary
3 > Trinity 3D
7 > Spectral 🌈 7 notes | colours
10 > Dasa Ratha | Dasaavathaaram

Welcome to the post gadget economy | Conscious Evolution Spacetime is dead Long live spacetime

Work is love expressed – Khalil Gibran
Why pay ?

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The Hero’s Journey Joseph Campbell Wiki
Burned at the Stake
On May 29, 1431, the tribunal announced Joan of Arc was guilty of heresy. On the morning of May 30, she was taken to the marketplace in Rouen and burned at the stake, before an estimated crowd of 10,000 people. She was 19 nineteen years old.Apr 18, 2019

Vasco da Gama 1460 – 1524
Napoleon 15 August 1769 – 1821

Pazhassi Raja (3 January 1753-30 November 1805) was born as Kerala Varma and was also known as Cotiote Rajah and Pychy Rajah. He was one of the earliest freedom fighters in India. He was a warrior prince and de facto head of the kingdom of Kottayam, otherwise known as Cotiote, in Malabar, India, between 1774 and 1805. His struggles with the British East India Company is known as the Cotiote War. He is popularly known as Kerala Simham (Lion of Kerala) on account of his martial exploits. He was the only person to defeat Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington in a war. Wiki

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Karl Marx 1818 – 1883

Dr. Hermann Gundert 1814 – 1893 grandfather of German novelist and Nobel laureate Hermann Karl Hesse 1877– 1962

William Dalrymple’s new book shows corporate violence began in India with the East India Company

The Signs of A Pathologos Problem
Pierre Grimes, Ph. D.

Thinking Allowed Jeffrey Mishlove | Jason Reza Jorjani | Pierre Grimes
The concept of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid originally appeared as an article by C. K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart in the business journal Strategy+Business.[1][2] The article was followed by a book with the same title that discusses new business models targeted at providing goods and services to the poorest people in the world. It makes a case for the fastest growing new markets and entrepreneurial opportunities being found among the billions of poor people ‘at the bottom of the [financial] pyramid’. According to Bill Gates, it “offers an intriguing blueprint for how to fight poverty with profitabilityp Wiki

The theory of conscious agents proposed by Hoffman and Prakash (2014) takes conscious agents, rather than physical objects and space-time, as fundamental. Thus the perceptions and actions of a conscious agent are not localized in space-time, and conscious agents cannot be reduced to microphysical particles or fields.
cogsci.uci.edu › HoffmanTime

Gordian knot
an extremely difficult or involved problem.

Quipu (also spelled khipu), or talking knots,[1] are recording devices fashioned from strings historically used by a number of cultures in the region of Andean South America.[2] Knotted strings were used by many other cultures such as the ancient Chinese and native Hawaiians,[3] but such practices should not be confused with the quipu, which refers only to the Andean device. wiki

The Next Bailout
What went wrong with the blue eyed boys and girls ? ILFS ICICI Banks …Enron..Utility Monsters
India Inc today is a pariah, says Biocon chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Revenge of the Underdogs Pariahs | Paraya .. untouchables !

The Singularity

@ | (×)
A Map of Reality
ReTurn of Soul | Unifier

Inside | Past
Future | Outside

@ (Source | Centre | Now | Self )
The ancient Tamils knew this best Kanada …The atom eater looked at reality from this vantage point..the superposition…Visual supercomputing Was in use …Taxila to Nalanda …till the last days of the Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths
This was the Philosophers Stone ..the bedrock…for Asoka …Nagarjuna
….Sankaran ..
Tetralemma 4 the Greeks
And there was a wholesome Maths that went with it
Then …unification gave in…discipline to disciplines….fragmentation…silos and esoteric boxes Intellect to Intellectualism …The Neobrahmins
Quantity and Quality …the original digital divide …. divorced each other ….went their separate ways….Music (Art) Religion Science followed Nothing Matters….Everything doesn’t

At Venky’s …..New Delhi
Narcissus …….meets …..Procrustes
I am in the middle…..
Guess who says what
Demonetisation has been vindicated…congrats
You mean we have become a Crusoe economy……moneyless
In the post truth world every word means it’s opposite…….demonetisation = monetisation…
Smart means…clueless
How goes your smart schools, cities, nation……Transformer ?
Forget the nation…city and the school…..tell me …..what is it to be a smart citizen ….in these flip flop times….
Be the change…….thus spake him..
Transformer…..what is it to be transformed…?
Tell us where …are you taking us….to the gallows …?
Just between the three of us…..to be very frank…..I don’t know We will think of crossing the river when we reach it….
We cannot afford to create the impression that we are clueless…..we need to appear to be decisive…unlike you who can indulge in a lifetime of eternal babble…
So the conceptual is useless ?
Were you one of those …the select few .?
I refuse to answer….
“Don’t speak unless you can improve silence”
…..but I have always been at or around ….where it really matters…..you know it ….we may be the Everest of complexity
…there can be only one driver…..at least till the next elections…only the select few matters …You only add to the noise here…

Atlantis | Lost continent of the self

Conceptual space

10x10x4| 400
400 | 400

Q1 | Q3
Q4 | Q2

Q1 Conceptual
Potential | Ideal
Q2 Performance |Metrics
Q3 Past |History |Myths
Q4 Future |Vision|Action Learning

The 4 Quadrants
together signify the whole

Potential is 400 Performance < 0

The lost continent of the self – Atlantis rising – the solution space becomes visible now Built to last is feasible
Accountants keep their books balanced Physicists do not…As yet
A broken self > broken body
We are not at ease …Dis..ease follows

Hope |
| Despair

Meta Garbage says
Dr Pope Hopestaller PhD (Divinity)
The journey isn’t begun
We think we have reached !

Q1 | Q3
Potential | Performance
Connecting to the source @
The energy crisis… solution ?
Potential energy = ” the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others, stresses within itself, electric charge, and other factors ”
The conceptual is not worthless We are funnels to channel pure potential of the conceptual to physical reality which involves leaving 0 to embrace 1 EVERYTHING
POSITIONED invariantly..
Leaving the binary to the fully digital

Reading this is to consciously recognise it and we are relatively better placed than those who have not recognized it
Performance is a natural outcome of such a positioning

History becomes history …Gravity of the past gives into the buoyancy of the future (vision) The twice born …Is a virgin birth ….Conceptual …
WoMan …regardless of female male or LGBQ

KM Knowledge Management is….enhancing capacity for effective action the knowHow ..not the ‘know about’ – Peter Senge Author Fifth Discipline (1990) What we do here… First Discipline …is a
higher level synthesis ….Since 1990..when we went public…Crowd sourced …an ongoing conversation…Social computing

The Singularity | Yoga

Had our digits been talking | the ladder of understanding LOU

The Grid

Knowledge at our fingertips from the right thumb to the left

1 Compass
2 Clock | s
3 Map | s
4 GPS ……..Tech
5 Cellular …Bio…
6 Plant
7 Animal
8 Human
9 Community
10 Process |Regeneration

Q1 Conceptual
Q3 Performance
Q2 Past
Q4 Future
Q 10x 10x 4 = 400

Imagine them to be four wheels of a conceptual car
C concept
A action
R results | outcome
@ The driver | Self | Centre | Source
The design is perfect and beyond improvement Our understabding ..know-how …How to use it is left to us….Choice is ours to flip the switch to design else by default the programme is to fail …Overtaken by drag

Man and the Machine become singular….aligned… singularity…for the west.. Yoga for the Indian

Process | Transformation

π @ 4 ….Four horsemen and apocalypse of the linear world

GOC K A potential hotspot …from SiliCoN NeoCon to the spice valley… has a critical mass of ADULTs

The History of The Future
Bhavishya Puranam..New

The super position 4

1959 The first exo-planetory view of the planet ..The view from a superposition…
Imagine an outside the box view of the Universe

The virtual

Time | Eternity
Past—-@—- Future

The physical

West—-@—- East


Student—-@—- child

The myth of Race | Caste | Human …
From untouchables to the Human….


‘Humanimal’ by Adam Rutherford explores what sets apart the human from the animal

From the ‘Process Perspective’ we are untouchables ….sub animal…yet to evolve into the Human through the following stages with the flexibility to take on any of the modes to match the context

Sudra —-@—- Ks..

Things are pretty bad than we think We dont even have any clues of what the adult human will be like We hope to evolve some from among the crop of boomers among us It will be some of these boomers who will eventually inherit the planet

@ The ReTurn …Bede Griffiths

Dialogue & collaboration
Have Followers
Get crucified Leadership is about facilitating the emergence of ADULTs dialogue and community wealth not money
Facebook the platform is available but not the actors Blocks ..Ask | Share
FB…The next best after double entry book keeping √ In pre-modern Europe, double-entry bookkeeping had theological and cosmological connotations, recalling “both the scales of justice and the symmetry of God’s world” – wiki

The Kerala School of Astronomy and Mathematics was a school of mathematics and astronomy founded by Madhava of Sangamagrama in Kerala, India …..The school flourished between the 14th and 16th centuries and the original discoveries of the school seems to have ended with Narayana Bhattathiri (1559–1632).
– Wiki

Gone astray ?

As a man is, so he sees William Blake (1757-1827)

Beyond what IS

The body is the best reflection of the soul said Wittgenstein …soul the unifier …sick at soul ?

There is nothing to learn from the dead …but this
that what works in practice works in theory (Elinor Ostrom) not the other way …Had the theory been working it should have worked for the proponents of the theory …in practice Mostly We have philosopher zombies and zombie philosophers indulging in endless discussions on consciousness freewill and the republic The rot is at the top… much before zombies took over the Republic the gardens of knowledge were encroached by these zombies Engineers make sense of science …of how much of science works in practice This is why technology …the how to… the tools ..explain the nature of science better than science itself Religion is yesterday’s science If it doesn’t deliver the problem is in our seeing Science is the religion of today ….no less infested with zombies as religion up is

The evolution of algorithms

| || |||
∆π 4
Process… Return…Memory

Non linear dynamics and the philosophy of life |Regeneration Life has no death

We haven’t failed
our models of the world have
The mystery of the Trinity …∆… is one of the earliest of algorithms
shows we can not take more than two steps without reflection …. looking back …at what works in practice …. beyond Greece …..philosophy …

More we communicate Less the communion |Community

@ 5 Panchaal
Return of the Feminine

5 Elements
5 Senses …Return to
5 Panchkanyas

Meeting Mnemosyne
Goddess of Memory Mother of the 9 Muses

Remembering to be..



Icons of ideal women Wise …Incorruptible Indiminishable

The Hymn of Remembrance

Ahalyā draupadī kunti tārā mandodarī tathā ।
pañcakanyāḥ smarennityaṃ mahāpātakanāśinīḥ ॥

Parable of the 10 brides
Waiting for the groom
Five of them ready
Others in slumber …not prepared

Where children donot vanish
Sita is not banished
Men have all their ribs intact …in their senses
Virgin is understood as wise WoMen Rule
Sita returns
Earth regenerates
Paradise is regained
Eternity rules ..NoTime

@ 6 | Design

The Human | WoMan
We are inferior to the clock on the wall when we compare the potential of our design with its performance
Why ?
The Gate keepers have no clues as to the design of the system
Machine intelligence has outpaced human intelligence We are slaves to the tyranny of the machine and the Time-keepers
Reason : Decline in the application of natural intelligence
The User Manual
10 @ Process
9 Community|ReGen
8 WoMan
7 HumAnimal
6 Plant|Roots
5 Cellular
3 Clock|s
2 Map|s
0|1 Compass
What is the system designed for ?
It is designed as a learning engine capable of self-navigation in virtual territory which continually improves on its previous best performance – no expiry dates designed like a 10 layer sandwich .. not one is dispensable !

@ 7 | The Rainbow
7 | notes | colours
The flood and the desert is behind us
Regeneration is an outcome of wholeness
Poornat poornamudaschyathe
The wheelwork of Nature
10 @ Process
9 Community|ReGen
8 WoMan
7 HumAnimal
6 Plant|Roots
5 Cellular<-
4 GPS|AI->
3 Clock|s
2 Map|s
0|1 Compass

Consciousness doesn’t matter What we are conscious of Matters

There exists a road not travelled
Fusion | Free energy
Nature has a will of its own Freewheel with it or go against Order or Chaos is a Choice …

Meta Garbage says
Dr Pope Hopestaller