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Joseph Manuel, Chief Facilitator, Centre for Community Learning

Real Growth

Real growth @ zero marginal cost | Getting from 3 to 4….10…12

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe” – Tesla Yes but we threw a spanner in the works Human is the only oddity in the nature of things Misfit …the source of all chaos It appears to us that the sun rises not that the earth moves We think we are..fit…modern…developed
How does one get from 3 to 4 ….Jung summed up
The wickedness of the problem has only escalated It is a stretch for us to imagine that this problem was solved ages ago Asoka sought to communicate this to the masses with his installations all over the empire Imagine the pillar to be a lighthouse The tower has windows only on one side The first floor on the east second floor on the west third floor on the north fourth floor on the south The basement has two levels underground – Plato’s cave – with no windows
If we were to find true north…fix the direction for our journey we would do well to climb up to the fifth level …That’s how we go from 3 to 4 The lighthouse has 10 levels above ground
When did we get disoriented ?
There is some truth in this ….Men are short of a rib 🙂 and what a cover up ” Jeff Bezos and others have sunk more than $127 million into General Fusion, a start-up trying to commercialize fusion energy.Microsoft is partnering with the company by offering technological know-how.
Fusion occurs when two light atoms fuse together to make a heavier one, creating energy in the process. It’s the same process that powers the sun and stars ” – CNBC

Community : The buoyance brigade
There is another kind of fusion ….other than that of the sun and stars …when two light beings meet to make an even lighter being…the real secret of the ‘stars’…of how lift ..buoyancy…antigravity doubles…multiplies…exponentially ….
The scribe is 70 with 50 more years to meet a target given by his mentor…not very audacious in comparison… who made it known that he had 40 more years to go at 60 We had the services of this Mentor for 25 years
We have many such ‘light beings’ here TM..PG..PVG since 1971..48 years ….Dr Nazki .since 1976…43 yrs.. from J&K …Lizzie 1981…38 yrs…Aalila from Nagaland..Erin from Boston…Sandhya..Siva..Jaims…Sathya..Rajeev..Surendran…RM…AKG..BabuG…Titto..Suresh…Shebu….Sankar..Nuthan….Giri..Sujith…Shankaran..Shine..Captain Noble..many many more ….the Transformers
Black Swans But if you would like to see them in flocks head to the coast

Transformation 3 to 4

A coin has two sides..Mind your language …anything that has physical existence has length breadth and thickness ..3 Where was this coin yesterday….in the past ? Where will it be in the future ? How do we reconcile time ? Past present future Remember what we did with direction ?
We could fix the direction for the journey only by going up one more level to the 5th floor
In the case of time the Piraha has no sense of time We have a heightened sense of time….of past present and future (3) Now assume we take a position outside our box universe from where we see the past and future as an an eternal present… real-time ….the 4th dimension We have moved from 3 to 4
Including the Piraha concept of time we have considered 5 versions of time …Einstein ….we can not solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it Post internet ….we have come to experience the 4th version of time ….real-time ….timelessness Now the coin has moved from 3 to 4

What about us ?

What was Asoka communicating with the four lions ….Or Nagarjuna with his version of the chakra ?

Machines communicate with each other We do not …not because we don’t want to …but because our lenses are not the same With extreme relativism there is hardly any commons left (or common sense?)
How do we standardise the communication protocol among humans ? This is what Chanakya and Nagarjuna …the public intellectuals ….achieved in their time In our time it is not the ideals but the practice that has collapsed

The beam in our eyes : the four colours…Varna

We are | were …a process culture

0 Untouchables
0|1 The binary Yes or No
1 Yes and No
1.10 Human

From untouchables to human 6 stages…

Return to the Centre

Imagine a perfect sheet of rubber being stretched in all directions …..evenly
The sheet remains one
What happens at the centre ? The sheet is now transformed to a football and taken to the WC It is being kicked around
What happens to the centre of the football ? Disturbed ?
Is there any rubber at the centre ?
Do we have a centre ..each one of us ?
We …the humans …A common centre ….universals …that make us Human ?

We need all this (conventional)energy because we swim against the current ….the will of Nature ..the wheelwork of the Universe ….Freewill or not Nature has a will…Comprehensible… and then it is freewheeling all the way

Connecting with the source ….return to the Centre….of unlimited energy The F1 driver needs to know the design of the car he drives What are we designed for …to live or to die ? By default or design We are free to choose

The Design Universals : The staircase to heaven

Change is not the only constant changelessness too is ….crudely speaking

0|1. The Centre|Compass
2. Maps
3. Clock
4. GPS
5. Cell
6. Plant
7. Animal
8. Individual
9. Community
10. Process Regeneration

Imagine this as a lighthouse with two levels below ground and 10 above Each level has all data on each kind that you may choose to transform into information
The design is perfect our understanding is not Takes a little figuring out Don’t believe whatever they tell you It takes some practice

Most end up @ 0 Nothing It is never too late to take that decision to go for 1 Everything All 10 levels together sum up Design in Nature ….metadesign

The future of work is very bright 🙂 real work….. regeneration of the Planet | Self

Storytelling | Killing

To kill a mockingbird
To kill a story | a code

From 3 to 4

Vamana …pleaded for 3 paces of land

Three paces make a ∆


Moving from 3 to 4
the superposition
3 …>…. .π

The little piece of land transforms to the universe

Free to choose…small big or both

Every story myth history rituals and traditions are seeds waiting to germinate…

To be killed

Moral: One can not take more than two steps without looking back without going astray

It’s simple ∆metry the cardinal principle in MetricS

How do you kill the stories ?
Vikram Vetal
Blind men and the elephant
Tortoise and the Rabbit
Sisyphus & Naranath
Procrustes & Narcissus
The Iceberg Principle

Consciousness : What matters

What we are conscious of matters ….Not Consciousness …Not even the Unconscious

How do the fish know that there is no life out of water ? Because the flying fish have told them

Bhavishya Purana is one of the 18 Puranas…There is nothing new about looking at future as history ….from a superposition ….outside of …The Box ….Universe

“Vamana sought property right over a piece of land that measures “three paces” Mahabali agreed Vamana grew and covered everything Mahabali ruled over in just two paces. For the third pace, Mahabali offered himself ”
– Onam …Wiki

Three Paces = Position or location ..Direction…Reflection …functions of compass | GPS

Position can be
invariant as that of the lighthouse or
variant …like that of the ship’s

Where are you ?

My invariant position ?
Or variant position ?


Where am I going …In physical space ….in life’s journey ?

Reflection : How to make sure that I am on track …the key to selfregulation…Re..generation
From the super position my piece of land is the Universe

Synthesis > Exposition > Learning

Past …History ..Myths…..gravity Future…antigravity …buoyancy

Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory the mother of the muses Urania is one of the muses whose domain is showing the way forward the compass is her symbol

The Piraha are an indigenous people of Brazil They know the lightness of being having no concept of past future or numbers They live in the eternal present while we the ‘modern’ are haunted by the past that operates like gravity The more history and culture we boast of …more the burden …drag The future appears grim.. with no buoyancy The churning goes on …

Kerala the test marketing ground of India is a perfect example of the perpetual churning that goes on The devas and asuras are now busy churning the state’s ocean of milk in the name of temple entry for women of a certain age bracket at Sabarimala….

The scribe did an informal survey among the public intellectuals of both sides to find out the symbolism behind the 18 steps that lead to a higher consciousness that the faithful aspire to

None seemed to have any clues nor does the anual trips seem to lessen the intensity of the churning Every game needs two sets of players It is win or lose for the players …. the referees and the organisers always win It took some additional search to dig out the symbolism behind and the origin of ‘Chathan’ to around 400 AD …during the second Reformation in Indiia…the 18 steps are an elaboration of the three we have already discussed 14 …. an elaboration of the second step ….2×7 worlds

Why 2×7 ?
The computational system of ancient Tamils approached reality considering the physical and the virtual simultaneously unlike the ‘moderns’ who are yet to sort out this wickedness of our problems The Akam |Puram ..Inside 400|outside 400 system .. is a four quadrants framework that accommodates reality of past present future physical and virtual in one go….More about this later
So …churning .. the PROCESS…pays off

The story of Onam has survived all the Re… Formations …continue to be integral to the psyche and community in the state
The intellectuals mostly limit themselves to the last of the Re Formations the western (cowboy west ?)
The previous three are not seen as such ….. the lead actors
These three ReFormations had the same process background ….a continuum from pre history

A fourth one was about to take off when the winds change The arrival of Vasco da Gama marks beginning of the last The process changed course and the country was left to deal with the shadow side of the last of the Reformations…Even where it started the process remains largely incomplete with the Church still in denial of Nature and the Feminine

Whereas Sanskrit is entirely founded on process …= ‘processed’ ….process is just another word with no such depth for the English-speaking

The synthesis ought to bring together the essential from all four rather than the last of these

The context

Of the Republic …’mistakes and Mystics’

This is the best of times
The worst of times
The age of reason
The age of stupidity
The tale of two states ….

Sapiens is a devolved version of Erectus

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller

Many of us have been intimately associated with the Operation Flood a process that has no parallels in recent history in terms of scale reach integration and scope for replicability…… local or global Some others with fishermen for over three decades

We were too often reminded of another churning and much later to draw some insights that has gone into this process

‘ The churning of the Ocean of Milk was an elaborate process: Mount Mandarawas used as the churning rod, and Vasuki, a nāgarāja who abides on Shiva’s neck, became the churning rope” Palazhi manthan – Wiki

The immortality hack

Synthesis | Exposition

The ladder of consciousness and the
12 Tribes of Jacob has a parallel in GOC..K
‘ Parayi Petta Panthirukulam’ . Wiki

Getting the numbers right …
Quantity Quality .. and Levels

0 Nothing
Sysiphus Naranath
Futile Work
We are all here from the Piraha to the post truth

0 | 1
The Binary …
Yes or No
Goddess mother of the muses…Mnemosyne
Goddess of memory…remembering

Everything …Yes and No
Positioned to be Human
Symbol Compass
Avatar …Matsya
Natural kind ….Compass

Comic mask, Shepherd’s crook Ivywreath
Avatar …Koorma
Natural kind….Maps

Muse..Terpsichore ..
Dance Lyre, Plectrum
Natural kind ..Clock

Muse Polyhymnia HymnsVeil, Grapes….an agricultural goddess
Avatar …Narasimham
Natural Kind ….GPS

Muse Melpomene
TragedyTragic mask, Sword or Club, boots
Avatar Vamana
Natural kind Cell

Muse Erato
Love poetry …Symbol Cithara Greek musical instrument
Avatar Parasurama
Natural kind …Plant

Muse Euterpe
Music, Song, and Lyric Poetry Symbol Aulos an ancient Greek musical instrument like a flute

Avatar Raman
Natural kind… Animal

1. 8
Muse Clio
History Scrolls, Books, Cornet, Laurel wreath

Avatar Krishnan
Natural kind… Human

Muse Calliope
Epic poetry
Writing tablet, Stylus, Lyre
Avatar Balaraman
Natural kind …Institutions
Avatar Kalki …yet to appear
Natural kind Community Process ReGeneration

Israel | Heaven ….12th stage | Tribe
Heaven is just 10 steps up the ladder of consciousness with reach of anyone who wants to make the choice ….No need to kick the bucket to enter 😉

Where are we now ….@ 0
Where are we going …To 1.10
Will we … ? No
Can I | We …. Yes

On this women’s day…. 8 Mar 2019 … remember that there is no salvation | regeneration without embracing the feminine and that applies to both the male and female Gender is much more than physiology

A history of the future is doable …..being done..Is in process

0 and 0|1 are the worst of times ….densest of spaces…hell

The road is less or not even travelled from 1.2

Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven….Whose will ?

Nature’s !

What is Natures will ?

You know it ….It’s so natural ….You don’t need to be an Einstein to make sense of this world ….not even Gödel or Turing but Ashby …Elinor Ostrom… and Wiki one can not do without ..

Bon Voyage

Thinking outside the box

The Atom-eater..
Kanada…Philosopher…recognised the need to observe the system independent of it .around 600 BC ..In our profile pic ….the eye stands for the observer and the rectangle for the …Box… System…. Universe We summed up the process of sense making.. knowledge architecture construction and management into this visual ….a desktop for KM even before they came up with the GUI for DOS …..It is also the architecture of human computing The birds and the bees do computing …hands free 🙂

Challenge : Compress this any further gainfully …without loss of meaning

This is the future of computing …human …post quantum….nonlinear visual …social ..device independent …our invariant position since 1990 ..the framework is future proof

The Future is Indian not because of anything else but for its unbroken continuity in KM from prehistory to the end days of the Kerala School of Maths and Astronomy…We desperately need it’s maths of completeness to replace Gödel and process philosophy in place of the ‘dog chase it’s own tail’ disciplines of the post truth age The best and the brightest are busy reinventing the wheel Sisiphus has a desi version in GOK We call him Naranath….

The Future is Indian ….Mallu !

“Stories are not about words. Stories are about pictures ” Our visual shows two paths …green and red Sapiens is undoubtedly on the red …perennial flood and desert is the nature of being …on this path

Among intelligent Indians who know that they are intelligent Mallus are the next critical segment ready to evolve into a trending community of the future The Mallus have built the post independent india …bit audacious ?

The nurses
Those who moved or forced out of the state

The better known ….
Creative Adv Cartoons
PP MKK KPP new gen..
Social: Literacy Akshaya
Kudumbasree ..

List is illustrative not exhaustive Many stake empty claims as to their contributions …half truths
The real reason ….the critical mass of free thinkers ….self-managers

The fishermen and the tribal are the custodians of the keys to the future
COMMUNITY.. Voluntarism… ADULTHOOD ……begins @ 70 🙂

We need to revisit history of GOK Every one of us a Marxist at heart though we wouldn’t have read the manifesto or may not know what Napoleon had to do with Marx or Pazhassi with Napoleon’s fall ..or why Hesse owes his Nobel to Kerala ?

The paleo diet is in… hunting and gathering.. living off Nature ….sustainable ..ought to become fashionable now

Mallus are not averse to Tech ? We did have techbright golden past…

4 Wheels of the DL Car

1. Community
2 Adulthood ..process maturity
3. Technology
4. Regenerative Learning

The future is here ….GoC..K

From Literacy to New Literacy
Are we really literate in the current context ?

1. Ask…We quizzed the quizmasters …What makes us human…different from animals ?
What is the purpose of sex ?
What are the 18 levels ..steps of the ladder of consciousness or 10..7..5..3
100 + other questions
We also tried Quora and Google to conclude…Asking is a dying habit !
2 Search
Has Google killed search ?
3 Connect ….Whither community ? This FB network has evolved over 48 years …Social networks do help….
4. Synthesize
If we cut the clutter of semantics and organise what we already know what is not achieved even in two decades by the loafers in the garden of knowledge will become achievable in 1 hour That would cut down our energy bills by >half ! Free…..Energy
5. Exposition… Content + communication
6. Adulthood ..Process Maturity
Where are the adults ? Nowhere
This network is an exception
7. Community …Can we learn together ? Experiencing community…Shared spaces ?
8. Regeneration
Imagine a fully regenerated body @70 healthier than when you were 25 …naturally !

Regen @ 70 The Army of Volunteers | from Pensioners ..Re- engineering the seniors

Smart Intelligent Transformed !

The transformers of the state electricity boards need not know what Transformation is…
Not so in every other place and positions …for example teachers in smart classes and mayors of smart cities NITI is no exception

We are with Taleb when he trashes IQ He stands the risk of being labelled IYI if he fails to come up with better alternatives

Thanks to some intelligent friends we have some algorithms that have proven good enough for over three decades Necessity compelled us to test them out ahead of the less fortunate ones who still wrestle with the semantics

The Lilliput App
What does it do?
Free the Gulliver in us
History is all about Lilliputs The lilliputian normal has become the norm whereas Gulliver is the true normal

What is it to be Intelligent ?
1. Positioned… invariantly
@ home …0Point ..Centre Free energy

2. Aligned …With the natural kinds ..all 10 levels…x 4 D

3. Reflection…Regeneration

Junk IQ…We are into the epigenetic process reality
Full regeneration is a free good ….no expiry dates and never late to choose Time is no more a resource

@Home…the Re..Turn where gravity ceases to be …Free.. 0 marginal cost exponential solutions… unlimited free lunches …DM me 🙂

What’s your position in life ?
Variant (ship’s) or invariant (lighthouse)?


I’m a consultant to consultants on developmental management since 1981

What’s yours ?

Evolution<> Devolution
Intelligence <> outcomes
Inheritance <> emergence

The Intelligent Indian ..
Eskimos Fishermen Sailors …they may not know this but they are the most intelligent ( what use is intelligence then ?)
Same is true of the Indian who are the most intelligent yet ignorant the
..post or pretruth pseudoscientific …IQ swindle …thanks to the everest of complexity coupled with the highest tolerance to ambiguity …

UIDAI… Had high hopes that NN not NNT would do the figuring where Amartya fumbled… Intelligence is dialogic not argumentative and my former boss would wake them up from centuries of slumber and innocence …

NITI ..Future is Indian

That would have been the real exponential …Real and true illustration of free energy . .. infinite unlimited ….Intelligence is free energy

leadership is unleashing the free energy potential

The intelligent know that they are intelligent and it is so natural that there no effort in hiding it …

Indian history of visual computing and intelligence

You may not know this ..FB certainly is not intelligent They as yet do not know that mine is the most intelligent network in the digital I analog universe 🙂

Good day I night

Brain Synch and the NGI Algorithm

Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain
– Santiago Ramon y Cajal

We will embrace Natural General Intelligence (NGI) only through the AI route We are inching up the Jacob’s ladder

The Ladder of Consciousness – Tuning in to the Natural Kinds

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe.” – Tesla ..till we threw a spanner in the works

When tuned in to the Natural Kinds…the wheelwork of Nature … randomness gives in to Synchronicity While philosophers contribute to global warming we the lesser mortals may conclude that some are more conscious than others … of the natural kinds

The System of systems

1 Compass
2 Maps
3 Clock
5 Cell
6 Plant
7 Animal
8 Human
9 Institutions
10 Community | Regenerative Learning

Dasrath can move in any of 10 directions Ravana has 10 heads (levels… 10 heads will be quite unmanageable) Mnemosyne has 9 daughters the muses – the feminine in full bloom

Dactylonomic..Fully digital Takes all 10 fingers One can’t do without any one of them. (A 4DX400 version of this framework is in use since 1990)

We have lost touch ..with our fingers and brains..tbe real The binary will never match the fully digital Remember we have 20 of them The minimum requisite levels of understanding any system ..the very simple to the most complex …is 10 ….Seldom do we go beyond three !

Requisite Variety

The Compass : View from the 5th Floor

The building has windows only on one side The first floor on the east second floor on the west third floor on the north fourth floor on the south

The basement Plato’s cave has no windows

If we were to fix the direction for our journey we would do well to climb up to the fifth level …

Now wonder why Asoka put up the pillars all over his empire

By the way this applies to Chatur Varna too …Time..anything

Nobody wants to be reminded of Buddha ….Asoka….Chanakya….@home

We use our brains the way we use our smart phones Unsmartly …The user and the tool are seldom in alignment The most sophisticated and complex of our systems come without a user manual and performance benchmarks

The Lens Problem : That which works in practice works in theory

Some thoughts for food and medicine !

The history of flawed thinking begins with Plato
and ends with Whitehead

If product is in the process thought is in thinking Flawed thinking leads to flawed thoughts

Asoka Chakra is an inference engine (not the only one) How we taught the Greek to think till Plato took them into the cave
(More ..Kanada…The atom eater Nagarjuna…Akam |Puram ..Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths)

The history of Amnesia in India is a few centuries old

Not that we don’t use but we misuse our brains… self destructively …is the problem

Spinoza (1632-1677) was a lens maker …a philosophers’ philosopher. Lenses correct visual aberrations and find their place in microscopes and telescopes facilitating the short and long views. He had the rarest of rare lens to SEE beyond the obvious making him immortal in spite of his short life. Invariably our internal lenses are at fault for what we SEE and the internal visual aberrations need correction to design sustainable solutions.

A combination of lenses is an imperative to SEE through the heights of complexity.

Complexity scientists mostly add to the complexity Natural Complexity can be said to be invariant while man-made complexity continues unabated Disciplines add to the semantic swamp and each one uses her own lens

We use 4 lenses | filters and a participative process to resolve this issue The content is an evolving one since 1990

The lenses are

Design and

inside outside thinking with the observer as a participant in the process is integral to Indian thought systems Complexity is perhaps the only real competitive advantage for the country Jack Ma is off the mark on no experts on tomorrow Indians have some very unique (yet to be put to use) accumulated learning on the expertise for tomorrow …You will find more Indians heading the biggies….

Tech as metaphor : Why how is better than why ?

Theory ought to follow experience
Much of our problems are the products of the opposite
The more important spin off from technology is the experience becomes the stepping stone to the next level of understanding While the driverless car or uber have not delivered what it can in an ideal situation the lesson that an algorithm can transform a current reality has more implications than what the design was originally meant to deliver……..

Transformations unlimited …birth of adult consciousness

A benchmark for Human Performance : In search of the complete man

100 years +
Working …Physically regenerated A net giver… not a taker

The renaissance man has outlived history …with the boomers in their 70s The Wiki list of centenarians has many who are 110 +

The gap of 30 + years is a pointer to the scope of this conversation

If 100 + is the benchmark what is the true normal …What will be the full expression of the design ?

Will continue…

When time is no more a resource The slow down One time for the planet ..Conversations & Commons

First Discipline 2018 OS3

ReGenerative Learning



👌| 0 | Nothing | The Compass and Light houses | Where are you Now | Location

👍 1 Everything

Fooled by Randomness ?

Truth has more possibilities than fiction True or False ?

North from north met JM from south in cyberspace on one of the early social networking platforms

This is a random event

Not in the south

In the south everything is by design even your name nothing by chance

The truth according to JM

North meets south
West meets East
Woman meets Man
Young meets old
North is for true North
Polaris the brightest star
This work is about finding true North
There are some problems you can solve only with your brightest friend|s

Would North agree ?

Would the twain east and west meet ?

Has truth more possibilities ?
Is JM fooled by randomness ?

Yes or No
Yes No Yes and No or Choose not to choose
Which do you choose to choose ?

We suggest you choose not to choose till the end of the game

JM is no average Joe
He is 69
at work for 44 years
Apprenticed with a centenarian sanskrit scholar for 25 years
in better health than most others of his age
a published author
went through two MBA programmes in his younger days the latter one of the best in India
Have worked with many of the smartest best and brightest in governance industry and the social sector
Facilitates accelerated learning since 1990
Prefers Cervantes and Bunyan to Taleb
Whitehead to Russel

Neither is North

She is 33 went to Harvard to study WGS an artist painter to be more specific

Now over to the Left North and West

👍👍|2| The Map | Domain of problems

Have you met your anti particle ?
Met her 47 years ago
We got married
With her came order | discipline
We quarrel incessantly yet remain married forever
She is the mirror that shows me the god | particle –
Says him who shrunk all the books published | to be published into one pic
The OS to THE SELF version 1 1990
Raj caselet …. Sustained high performance people

The Ark has all the pairs
The Flood is on
Truth be seen not told
Visible to the naked eye
Throw off your Republican glasses
The word and the sword makes a perfect pair
See if you SEE
The complete woman is a complete man
And VV

👍👍👍 3 Clock | Metrics | Connecting | Domain of solutions | Meaning Making

Holy trinity Yes, AND, No

For No thing Every thing is the anti Particle
In the perpetual conflict between the two Be ing manifests

> Human

> Colours

> FD 2018 OS 3

> Present

> World Cup Final

97 watch 2 play 1 Referee

It takes very little effort to change the game …..???

Men and women giving birth to each other Homo Sapiens Erectus in the making

Re generating the human and the planet in the Process

A body at rest is rusting …in Process

When you return this will be a different river …..Keep re turning | reflect | to pay attention to the improvement in between

👍👍👍👍|4| The GPS | AI | system on a chip | Tech the proof for Science | 4 W drive | setting True North | where are we going ?

The quality of 4

W + E

Student + Child

Kshatriya + Sudra

New >|< Old

It’s the context that decides

Asoka chakra …History of maths of completeness Of Godel and others Turing vs Ashby

Tetralemma | Catushkoti | Asoka chakra | Nagarjuna Chakra | the history of | Sign art meets Concept art

5 | The right palm | The Cell | Life

FB ..What is quantity without quality ?
Aparna Nothing
GS Quality transforms quantity
ESN Zen and the art of Motor cycle Maintenance
GS Robert M Prirsig
JM I remember

The fork on the road
Not travelled | forgotten

ESN ..bridge
Ferry girl ..raft
Feather girl …Wings

JM Entropy turns negative | anti gravity | achieving take off velocity ….Miles to go
Musk says Mars

Reminder The digits are connected by the palm and ….The two palms ….And all add up to ….

6 | Plants | Rooted |Roots
7 | Animal |,,Perfection
8 | Human
9 | Community | Wiki | New Commons |Elinor Ostrom
10 | Data | information |Understanding |Trans Formations infinite |Iterations | ADULT |Natural General Intelligence |Man Machine Singularity

New literacy ” The progression from written word to an image shifts the interpretation from the author to the receiver” -Susan Sontag

Lens | Self
Data | Information
Concave | Convex
Analyse |SyntheSize

One needs to climb all 10 steps
Not one single digit is dispensable

Where are the ADULTS
How old are you ?

Chronologically 79 Years
Physiologically 33
Psychologically 13
Cellular < 3

We are all in our teens
Perpetual Adolescence

Summing up

Principles of Regenerative Learning
The simplex framework to complexity

( We need a few more ‘aye’ s to proceed ) ☺️

Dasarath The smart VTOL Chariot that can move in any or all of 10 directions No ordinary vehicle but a thought experiment A system on a system No chips Hands free

1Home. Positioning There is always a solution and a still better one
2 A map of all maps exists There is no substitute for the visual
3 The non controversial reference point fot the measure of improvement in order Consensus is the basis of reality and dialogue the imperative
4 The context defines the meaning and the rule of four AI is the proof for NI System on a chip
5 The cellular…. Life defies death
6 Plant Rootedness of all The continuum of living | non living Emergence and inheritance
7 Animal Design is perfect understanding not
8 Human-ness is in conscious evolutionary improvement
9 Community is the measure of all things The new commons is doing well Build | Not | Break
10 Information, the Adult and politics of silence.Less than 1 % is responsible for the noise 10 is the minimum requisite variety in levels to deal with complexity The room for improvement is forever empty

Birth of the ADULT

Nobody…the churches godmen|women ..most pyramidal organisations…..wants the ADULT It is hep to accumulate followers and quite the norm to accept that we are sheep to be led The one sheep that lost on the way must have been an adult one for him to risk the 99 for the one The adult is invariantly @ home Knows where s|he is headed and reflects continually to stay on course S|he has at least one friend to serve as a rear view mirror to each other and together they are complete We have accumulated so many over 28 years of this dialogue and needs no further validation to conclude thus We have left too many digital footprints all along …proof..

The adult is alone but not lonely @home S|he transforms data to information Pyramids collapse in the process as community of adults emerge a natural outcome of the information order that is inevitable to emerge… in the very long run New tribes and their Commons are emerging all over It appears that there is no precedence to this anytime in known hiStory

The Churning | Proccess

Information Data
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Aliens @ home ? the deep discontent ..Return of the prodigal daughter 🎂

Why information (?) makes us more miserable ?

@ the icon of our time …

1 Hindu |Jew| Buddhist|Christian
2 Islamic | Industrial
3 Information
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Looking back is not going back What brought us here ..hiStory including stories and myths will not take us there rather storythe telling must enable us to kill the story to go beyond them

Regenerative Learning

What’s in a name ?
A Lot
Regenerative Learning (RL)
Fully Digital

No matter how old | maimed we are we have the potential to regenerate our…selves… fully ….completely …on our own RL explores the process

The binary is not fully digital The thumb can signify 0 or 1 We might need AI to nudge us to Natural Intelligence (NI) We need AI to appreciate NI What if we unleash the computing power of all 20 of our digits Beat the race to AI with NI ?

The New Literacy

Ground Zero | 0 or 1 ? |Ask yourself | Free to choose

We are yet to meet some..body who has DECIDED to LIVE though this dialog began on 16 July 1990. Are we not dead men walking ?

” The price we pay for centuries of denial of the body the ADULT and the feminine is unimaginable ” states the priest who would like to remain anonymous. As a species we still live in the age of darkness..the Kaliyug

Those of us who claim to be smart civilzed post modern and post truth live in the age of the binary…Dwapara every man an island

There is a third option …the Threta…Age of learning..connecting..Infinite transformations graduating to the fourth age of truth.. the satyayug The prodigal sun returns home He is no more an island dweller..Dwaipayana..Like Vyasa author of the great Epic Mahabharata

There is only one decision to make in life to choose between 0 and 1 nothing and everything finite and the infinite life and death Choose 1 firmly and irrevocably

Everything else falls in place. The vulnerability is no more. Healing begins here.Chaos gives in to order Live on Infinitely on the path of increasing order and continual renewal…..The new regime in Mexico has come to power promising a Regeneration Plan. Promises have a history of besting forever without delivery. Making history is to prove all of history wrong.

0 or 1 ?

1| Quality of one. Breaking Ground | The Regeneration Plan

Born again The Dwija Twice born

“The most important day of your life is not the day you were born but the day you know why” source unknown

Why | when was I born ?

Biological birth is no great event Millions have gone by without even being counted We do remember a handful from the past The current heroes will very soon be forgotten Many of them will not even have a wiki page in their name So

1 or 99 ?
If 100 is All
Is 1 > 99 ?
Yes says JHC

To risk 99 for 1 goes against common wisdom Exceptions show the way not the mass.we need both to complete the whole just as If logic is a frog intuition is the eagle There is always a solution and always an even better solution than the last one AI is the proof for NI but not the substitute Beauty and the beast make the whole There is not even 1 in a million chance that beauty recognises and tames the beast

Slow and steady wins the race Real achievement is painfully slow Patience is perhaps the greatest virtue After 28 years of work we have one who says firmly and irrevocably that s|he is free from the shadow of death We have had minor achievements all through but this one is groundbreaking The 99 pales in comparison to the one

We are not talking about shooting stars and start ups Not even unicons The Halley’s comet is a more frequent occurrence for such a black swan event

S|he is a being true to its nature free of all shadows death time gender past future Merges with the context like a chameleon to transform it to what it ought to be the true Catalyst to the alchemical process

Nature prevails | favours the natural Ruthlessly rejects the artificial Another population bottleneck is staring at us If a species chooses to self destruct there is no way it can be redeemed

The fit shall survive So shall the myths This time there will be more left to piece them together than post Flood or the Toba event

Making of the catalyst

We have a pretty poor opinion of our collective self and this is most acute with the best of us The scribe has been working with such a community for 33 years. Hardly anything of the self is left unappropriated by diverse esoteric boxes | disciplines

To choose between 0 and 1 is to accept our completeness
Caught between the devil and the deep sea we have no choice other than signing a pact with the devil | beast to undo the history of incompleteness and denial of the body the adult and the feminine

We have been paying attention to our incompleteness thereby creating it which adds up to 0 ! Nothing We are born when we reject such a worldview and chooses 1 firmly and irrevocably.which marks the beginning the first step on the path of regenerative learning While history | past acts like gravity to conform to the false normal the true normal beckons from the future setting the direction for the journey In the WC 1 plays 99 watch. 1 wins even when the game is lost The game matters to all It is fun anti gravitational giving buoyancy | lift for the take off

We are designed to fly It takes four to tango two teams the referee and the people in the gallery Life is the ultimate game

Children have flying dreams until we the pipers of Hamlin steal the child in them forcing them to conform to our notions of the false normal if everything goes well a rarity adolescent girls dream of boats rivers and the sea graduate to flying dreams by the time boys have grown up heavy lose their capacity to recollect their dreams Krishna Dwaipaayana ( Vyasa ) author of the Epic Mahabharata is an island dweller. Every story | dream is a boat | bridge to completion We need many not any single one The fascist and the fanatic have only one

Orpheus goes under and should not look back until he surfaces.

The superior man is all-embracing and not partial. The inferior man is partial and not all-embracing. Confucius

S|he the superior man is 1 complete male female trans gender POSITIONED to perform

2 | Quality of | Where are we going | The Map | Story telling | Story killing | of poles Polarities…Poli…Ticks…Trickle down vs Emergence.. the domain of problems

Tell us you are not a Robot ….

A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge–response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. The term was coined in 2003 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford. Wikipedia

Does that make us human ?
We have Life skill schools (?) for fairly grown ups the only species that need one. Robots are purpose built They are true to design deliver what they promise. We always promise to deliver but never

Are we inferior to robots ?

Wonder why we need AI ?

Are we designed for a premature exit without the ADULT ever being born ?

The captcha might suffice to prove we are not robots but will that suffice to prove that we are human ?

So tell us what makes us human ?

A question in asking for 28 years to some of the smartest of the lot

HR managers
Faculty |students of Engineering |Medicine | Business
CAT aspirants
People who claim to be smart …And ‘Transformers ‘
Google | Quora

The fisher the tribal and the farmer kept us grounded

It seems the birth of the Adult human is a long way off. Are we designed for a premature exit without the ADULT ever being born ?

Individually each one of us may remain incomplete works in process forever

Things are not that bad There is a politics of silence at play less than 1% play more than 99 watch…. in silence ……despite the uproar from the galleries

We have met many a perfect pair or pairs that hold infinite potential for infinite transformations

So near yet so far ? Like going to Mars to find my…self ….the revolution brewing @home

The complete pair | Men and women give birth to each other

Transformations Unlimited

Accountants do a better job than mathematicians physicists physicians and economists Their numbers add up and they keep their books in order… balanced. It was not always so. There was a time when astrology was the queen of science and Mathematics was about order and completeness

Way of Order (Murai Vazhi ~ Tamil )

Digits20 | We have almost lost all TOUCH with them…..We learnt our numbers with them and language evolved from numbers

Keys to continual transformations@0Marginal Cost

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#consciousevolutionaryliving #naturalgeneralintelligence

All cars needn’t be smart to do away with logjams All of us needn’t be SMART to get us out of our logjams A critical mass off infinite players will do

“What will undo any boundary is the awareness that it is our vision, and not what we are viewing, that is limited.” –James P. Carse

According to him “a boundary is a phenomenon of opposition (finite). A horizon is a phenomenon of vision (infinite).”

The ultimate infinite game is the game of life.

We are not designed to remain tools of our tools. The design is for repetitive but continuous better and better transformations

“What got you here will not get you there” – Marshal Goldsmith What we already know hold us back from the NEW

A new kind of literacy is a contextual imperative

New Literacy

Ask, Search, Connect , Synthesise, Exposition | Adulthood | Process Awareness…the body at rest is rusting (This document continues to evolve through the process since 1990…28 years)

The Turnaround

Outcomes to Inputs circularity | GIGO | My black cat could not even catch a fly So I bought a white one

The Ladder of Understanding (LOU)

10 Regeneration .Planet | Body

9 Build | Community | Shared space virtual | physical

8 Human.ness ADULT…ASKs…Zero waste

7 The Animal…
perfection ..community

6 Plant…roots…rooted

5 Cell ….biologic..self- regulation..

4 GPS..machine logic..limited
self regulation. The rule | quality of four

3 Clock ….measure …Rule |quality of 3..invisible hands that go back
Time does not run out We do

2 Pencil .Doodle ..map..maps..

0|1|👍…11 Nothing | Everything
Compass..one..ness’ quality of one…position,.direction reflection…Process awareness

10,9,8 Community Intelligence

5,6,7 Ecological Intelligence

4,3,2,1 Machine Intelligence.
Nothing artificial or adorable about AI

Evolutionary | NGI = CI+E1+MI

There is no substitute for NGI AGI might | not | catch up with NGI in another 40 years ! This is computing with just 10 digits | the Ladder of Understanding We have 10 more

Are we SMART ?

Compass | GPS
Phone | Smart Phone
Car | Google Car | Uber

S self-managed
M measured
A autonomous
R responsible
T transformed

The product is in the process

Computing with 20 digits. Going real time 24×7

Pull the LOU to form a 10x 10 matrix in 4 D and you have one each for each palm | feet

RH Potential
LF Performance
LH Past
RF New

We are positioned for Sustained High Performance Customise to context We are what we repeatedly do. No limits

Are we within or outside the matrix. Yes and No. The Centre remains at the centre….Like that of the Foot ball in WC. The Chariot and the Charioteer 👍’Dasrath’ the one | that can move in any one of 10 directions