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Joseph Manuel, Chief Facilitator, Centre for Community Learning

Systems Psychodynamics

Invisible College of six days’ work

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them

When man created man he created man in his own image a fully performing female robot with Chat GPT Sums up where we are ! Artificial men with artificial intelligence or partially functional robots What we think normal is the abnormal prehuman halucinating the transhuman People we think smart are the dumbest Zombies birth Zombies sans requisite variety to survive all thanks to Ashby Chat GPT is better than nost Profs and schools have mostly been reduced to parking lots for children

Birds that flew ahead
Ross Ashby
Stafford Beer
Arthur M Young
George Sorros
Gerrard Heard
Had Ashby met his variety requirement he would be with us in prime health

Minority Boomers’ Manifesto
These boomers are 70+ now
ReEvolution needs just one black swan ~ Minority principle
1980-81Nothing learnt since Buddha in 2500 years !
Transformation (Learning) is ReGeneration Generation is nothing more than mimicking aping copycats
End of linear time | Birth of real-time | Birth of humanity – 1990
Humans learn = ✓ Regenerate continually improve in real terms from their collective previous best
Levelling up or Progressive Normalisation to the Systems Normal
Musks Promise Accelerated accelerationism Business as usual …cashing in on substitutes Pirates of modernity Energy vampires
Only the normal becomes super normal Prehuman to transhuman bypassing the human
💢Human @ 33 Let there be light CONSCIOUS COMPUTING
Beyond Singularity

Net Zero + R 🌈
0.7🌀 Conscious Evolution
0.4 0.1
💢 Simulation
0.3 0.2
⬛ 🔴 🚩

12 Step Progressive Normalisations to the Systems Normal 🧭 Lost Shepherds and the lone sheep that saw red ⛳

💢 Lost in the desert Exodus Simulator Matrix Prakrit Uncivil

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. – Lewis Carrol

🧭 One purpose | Direction True North To the promised land The Map

⏰ Metrics

⚖️ Governance Cybernetics

🧬 Unicellular

🌲 Plant

🦈 Animal

💃 Human

♂️ ♀️ Institutions

☂️ Community

🦋 Transformation

🔥 Process

👁️‍🗨️Experts say she will end humanity. Here’s the fix, with Elon Musk, ChatGPT, AI robots YouTube
👁️‍🗨️Manual of Discipline also known as The Rule of the Community 📚 📖 🕎 YouTube
👁️‍🗨️ The Platonic Computer with Simon Duan YouTube
👁️‍🗨️ Debunking the great AI lie | Noam Chomsky, Gary Marcus, Jeremy Kahn YouTube

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.


Regenerative Learning

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.


Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

HD doesn’t know All the Kings men couldn’t do a thing

And the Queen’s Men ?
Gone …vanished with Victoria

That was the last time they were around The last of them was packed off to India

What makes the Queen’s Men special ?

Their soul is fashioned like a shelter where other souls unfold

That’s Edith Stein on women’s soul

Soul is history Kings men are overt pretty obvious to all Women are covert smarter and wiser in deception in effect more toxic than the stupid machos Look at any big tech CEOs for the type or JP They fail to see through the camouflage Musk is busy with Mars


SIngularity Engine Generative (GPT)To Regenerative Transformation Everything in Process Unified & Eternal Net Zero ⚖️ + R The learning engine continually improves on its previous best LET THERE BE LIFE 🔥

🟢 🦅 Syntegral Ladder | Regenerative Transformation

1.000000000 🦋Transformation
0.90000000 ☂️ Community
0.8000000♀️♂️ Institutions
0.700000💃 Human
0.60000🦈 Animal
0.5000🌲 Plant
0.4000🧬 Cellular
0.20⏰ Maps Metrics
0.1 🧭Positioned
0 💢 Nothing | Everything

🔴 The low road Open AI Levels Stupidity

Coaching Ourselves

💢 First Discipline

The woman’s soul is fashioned as a shelter in which other souls may unfold.– Edith Stein

Productivity & Longevity 
Generative 🔴 To Regenerative 🟢

Long Now in the New Atlantis 1981-2023- 2065 Long Now Space is regenerative and grows in all directions in real time Going by the Lindy effect the framework held good for 42 years Should hold good for the next 42 … if not infinity 
New Atlanteans live the slow life in multiple times and Universe|s Linear Flexi & Real time Timeless Cashless Slow Life 

True North & Long Now Space 

2023 ✨
1981 —- ⚖️ —- 2065


🟢 2×2
🔴 256× 256 

Systems & Development Ladder of the Mind Quality Process Maturity Navigation : Chaos to Order 🔴🟢 Freedom from the Machine PROGRESSIVE NORMALISATION 

🟢1.2 🌀 Process
🦋 Transformation

☂️ Community
💃 Human 
🦈 Animal 
🌲 Plant 
🧬 Cellular 
⏰ Maps Metrics 
0💢🧭 Positioned 

Long Life Learning ÑET ZERO + R 
Ghost in the Machine Energy Warriors and Vampires GPT & Google
Real vs Substitutes AI I & ML 
Godel to God Incompleteness to Completeness Noise to Music Silence is less energy intensive Everyone is right within boundaries 

Transformation Tech

💢 First Discipline Coaching Ourselves

GREAT RESET Triggered Live Training Connectivity Bandwidth & the HuMan Edge Net Zero + RG

Past External
The human body is a plug and play system It is for us to check the circuitry and connect to the energy source switch on and normalise the flow above the minimum requisite bandwidth for sustained high performance

Stuck in Traffic 🔴

ManKind is yet to crossover to adulthood 💢 (0) which is an IN FORM ED Choice the outcome of which is the SMART ADULT aka HuMankind 🟢
TransFormer : Nothing to Everything Rainbow Body

🦋 🌈
🔥 True North
🟢 G
💜 G
💢🦁💜🔵🌀🟢🔥🦋🦁InFormed HuMan Adult
🔴 R Mankind

Dream : My Alchemy Exam | Triangulation Dora 🔥 Bill 🔺Tara

It’s Chemistry Exam, the last exam of my college life
Roll no. 31( Bill ) and Roll no. 32 ( Dora) share the same desk
The exam is tough I can score above 80 % I write the exam and am waiting for my friend to leave the hall with him He is unable to answer and is cheating from the book
The hall leads to a haunted place and a big room in a palace, I am taken over After a while a person arrives with his daughter She mispronounces letters R to G and G to R Wrong perception … I think She is supposed to relieve me of the shadow that has taken me over but it’s not happening because I am following the instructions as given by her the daughter

Later I realise that even when the body is taken over by the shadow I am still there and then I wake up slowly

To the Light House
Navigating Adolescence

VIIRGI…NEO WOLF 1882 – 1941
Machine to Horse Power
Solving problems in my dreams
Hard problems
From the valley of death
Who is not afraid of Virginia Wolf ?
Everybody is
Wolf of a Man
Wise for her times Virgin Genius
Lighthouses turned to Museum Pieces
Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound
Weak Strong Artificial Synthetic Synthesising
Integral Immortal Natural Intelligence
Genius Virgin
Wise WoMan
Lilliputs navigate by the Rear View Mirror
Lighthouses turned to Lamp Posts & Museum Pieces
Riding Dead Horses with broken wings
Past painted Future in bright shining Green
Buddha smiles from my Balcony opposite
2500 years
Popes Priests Prophets Parrots
S|He is the Lighthouse
For the next 300 years
Sprouting Wings
To fly
Over the silliCon valley of Death

🌀 On the Road Not Travelled

I am in a fair with my mom and my youngest sister riding the Giant wheel I hate it wanting to escape I realise that I have to prepare for my Maths Exam

2 I am doing the exam I know everything …. very happy I have a couple of minutes left I decide to revise … checking my copy I am confused with one question It takes me a while to decide whether the question is about Arithmetic Geometric or Harmonic Progression.
I had solved it treating it as an Arithmetic Progression, Finally I conclude it to be a geometric progression. I think “because the new member of the series has the multiplication effect I also think that it is not a harmonic progression because that’s just the reverse of the arithmetic

3 Wherever I go people are engrossed in learning the shopowner, people who work in the office I know a lot of them I met them in the Pune workshop.
I want to share my learning with them but I realise that they are busy with their stuff

4 It’s a spacious room, the mother of the man who is giving me the award is also there I decide to share my learning with her. The man The joy of learning like a three year old takes me over I lie down on the floor, grounded considering the mid spine as my axis I start circulating my insights iterating them over and over. The Man and the Mother love me. They tell me that they are so proud of me

As I write this I realize that I was a three year old boy and not a girl.

4 I start circulating on the floor, uttering my insights loudly over and over, making a jingle of them The seers find me loveable …very proud of me

The Gateless Gate

GPS Compass
Clock Map

New Normal : Cumulative Progressive Normalisation ‘Dasavatar’

1.1 🦋. 🌈
1.0 🔥
0.4 0.1
0.3 0.2

👁️‍🗨️ Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, Tara and Mandodari
One should forever remember the panchakanya who are the destroyers of great sins
A variant replaces Sita with Kunti: ~ Wiki
👁️‍🗨️ “The message of the gotul—that youth must be served, that freedom and happiness are more to be treasured than any material gain, that friendliness and sympathy, hospitality and unity are of the first importance, and above all that human love—and its physical expression—is beautiful, clean and precious, is typically Indian.” ~ Wiki
👁️‍🗨️ WEF chief executive officer Klaus Schwab described three core components of the Great Reset: creating conditions for a “stakeholder economy”; building in a more “resilient, equitable, and sustainable” way, utilising environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics; and “harness[ing] the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ~ Wiki
👁️‍🗨️ ” Management thinker and ‘father of Industry 4.0’ Henrik von Scheel describes three key drivers for Industry 4.0 success: think value, not tech; think people, not tools; and set clear targets from the start.”