Why we do what we do?

Leaderless Leadership

Best of times | Worst of Times
🔍Natural selection plays major role in an organism’s capacity to evolve and adapt December 4, 2020 Santafeedu
Not for Us Humans Un|Fortunately
We need to Consciously Choose our EvolvAbility

A time to ACT
Wake up from dreaming
🔍 Let Us Dream by Pope Francis review – the holy father of fraternity In reflections written during lockdown, the pontiff adds his weight to a growing group of people seeking a return to community-minded values ~ Julian Coman Sun 29 Nov 2020 Observer

•It’s harder to guess what we see than what is hidden from us ~ Oscar Wilde

••Emergent Causation In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence occurs when an entity is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own, properties or behaviors which emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole ~ Wikipedia

•••Beyond what meets the eye

Let’s Talk +919746819995
End of Kleptocracy : Time FB pays Loyalty Bonuses

♓️ ReFoM ~ InForm & ReForM
New School For Management Of Self Home Business Governance & Development NSFM

SLApp: Smart Learning App For the Intelligent..Genius.. Smart 0111 The DIY Project | New Literacy | An All Purpose Vaccine
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🧭Position | Direction
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Buddha’s Smile | West Meets East : A Bridge Across.. From Boston to Bangalore

E: Hi G I’m lying on my bed not doing so well due to pain. I have my splints on and a heating pad on. What do you think I should do?

G: We have an energy healing
meditation we give in class Would you like to give it a try?


G: May be a little inconvenient as you will have to watch the screen and do it Stretch your lips very lightly as if a smile is breaking out

Feel the loosening of the lips Visualise the Buddha and the gentle smile

Feel the tingling around the corners of your lips

Observe your breathing Feel the air entering your nostrils going in
breathing becomes slower and slower tingling spreads from the corners of your lips.. very gently

Imagine a flame of light behind your head and you are tuning in to the flame

Allow your attention to shift from the tingling to your breathing and the flame The smile spreads very very gently breathing becomes slower and slower the flame grows larger gently touching your head and expanding Continue with the cycle as the sensations spread from your face to the body very slowly very gently

The body relaxes Air goes in filling your lungs and leaves the body with the pain tensions and stress

E : Sorry to interrupt The pain is gone Blood has returned to the arms

G : Great I was doing it with you as I was texting Once you are familiar with the steps do it at intervals Extend the duration The details of your visualisation is left to your imagination Your proficiency increases as you practice Focus shifts from healing to health

Remember your comments to our last post ” Its all a ‘Matter of Energy’ ” Gravity | Pain is a very local condition

Teach a few people It helps your learning

E : Sure Thanks G

G Most welcome Next time you have pain that you cant manage ping me we will do it together Dream well Good Night

E: Good day G


End of HiStory | Beyond Ages Stages & Colour : Fifth Kind Untouchable to the SEER 🦉5 ---

Truth 4🦁🌕 | 🌑🐟 1 Kali
Threta 3🐗🌔 | 🌓🐢2 Dwapara


2|4 | 1 |
♾️—0—♾️ —🔥—
3 | 2|4 |

What’s in a Number other than in relationship with Zero?

Being and Nothingness ~ Sartre

🔍All Things are Nothing to Me: The Unique Philosophy of Max Stirner ~Book by Jacob Blumenfeld

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences ~ Thomas Theorem

Atlantis Rising | Entropy Metrics
The Free Association Test FAT

Write 4 words each that comes to mind corresponding to levels 1 to 21 in under 1 minute for each level

1 🦁N NE 🦁

2 1+ 🦅 🌈🦋

3 1 ☔ +1
4 0.9 👭
5 0.8 🚶‍
6 0.7 🐄
7 0.6 🌵
8 0.5 🧬
9 0.4 📲🦁
10 0.3 ⏰️🐗
11 0.2 🌎🐢
12 0.1 🧭 🐟

13:0 ⚓ 👁️🔥 @ home +1

14 -0.1🧭 🐟
15 0.2 🌎🐢
16 -0.3 ⏰️🐗
17 -0.4 📲🦁
18 -0.5 🌓
19 -0.6 ⚫
20 -0.7 🐸 Machina
21 🦁 S SE🦁

Keys to Unlock the Unconscious | Subconscious
Remembering Who We Are

Of 🐸 | 🦅|🦉


North NE True North Emergence Potential Direction ReGeneration True to Nature True Normal Natural Improvement Progress Development Levels Virtual

1+ 🦅 🌈🦋 In Process Whole Transformation Macro Global Perspectives Shared Vision Infinite Limitless Learning = improvement from the previous best Order Quality

1 ☔ +1 Knowledge Systems Knowledge Management Commons Shared Vision Frame of Reference

0.9 👭 Community Homo Sapiens Taker | Net Giver Contributing Work Re Imagined

0.8🚶‍Human Humanness Individuation Waste Taker
Learning Improvement Infinite

0.7 🐄 Perfect Being itself Quality True to Design No Expectations Zero Waste

0.6 🌵Rooted Connected Bridged Synthesis

0.5 🧬 Unicellular Self Regulation Living Systems Managing Non linear Dynamic

0.4 📲🦁 Algorithmic self regulation Driverless Feedback
Reflection Machina Simulation

0.3 ⏰️🐗 Metrics Quantity Quality Time Linear Non Linear

0.2 🌎🐢 Crossing Maps Mapping Map of Maps

0.1 🧭 🐟 Position|s Location Search Informed Meaning Lighthouse | Ship

0 ⚓ 👁️🔥 Location Anchor @ home Centre Positioned Human Adult Professional Facilitator Consultant Catalyst Student ADULT Wo|Man Conscious Agent

-0.1 🧭 🐟 Compass Positions Location Search Informed Virtual

-0.2 🌎🐢 Crossing Maps Mapping Map of Maps Bridge

-0.3 ⏰️🐗 Measure Metrics Quantity Quality Linear Time Cyclical

-0.4 📲🦁 Algorithmic Information Feedback Driverless
Reflection Machina Simulation

-0.5 🧬 Unicellular Self Regulation Living Systems Manage Non linear Dynamic

-0.6 🌵Rooted Connected Bridge between the top and bottom Transformation | Synthesis

-0.7 🐄 Being itself True to Design Expectations Waste

  • 1 🐸 Micro Details Routine Quantum Quantity South Developing Edge Chaos Performance Physical

🦁S SE🦁 Black Ignorance Hell Machine

The Owls Vision |5th Kind | The half way milestone


5 | 👁️
14 | 14
2 3 | 23

Buddha Smiles
The System : What Asoka & Nagarjuna SAW
Bhavishya Purana : The Future of History

🦁 🦁
🦅 | New
👁️ 1—0—1🔥
Old | 🐸
🦁 🦁
Truth will Free Us

The Pilgrim’s Progress | 18 Steps on the Ladder of being InFormed Information being even more fundamental than ‘Consciousness’

Capacity Capability or Potential ?

Perceptual Ladder of Consciousness to the World of All Possibilities
SOS : The System of Systems

🦁N NE🦁

1+ 🦅 🌈🦋

1 ☔ +1
0.9 👭
0.8 🚶‍
0.7 🐄
0.6 🌵
0.5 🧬
0.4 📲🦁
0.3 ⏰️🐗
0.2 🌎🐢
0.1 🧭 🐟

0 ⚓ 👁️🔥 @ home +1

-0.1🧭 🐟
0.2 🌎🐢
-0.3 ⏰️🐗
-0.4 📲🦁
-0.5 🌓
-0.6 ⚫
-0.7 🐸
🦁 S SE 🦁

The Process 🔥 O Men W👁️ Men O ccult M ind M eaning M odels M aps M etaphors M agic M iracles M ythology M ysticism M etrics Management

• The Aion Lectures: Exploring the Self in C.G. Jung’s Aion
Edward F. Edinger 1996 Jung’s Aion laid the foundation for a whole new scholarly discipline that could be called archetypal psychohistory. It applies the insights of depth psychology to the analysis of cultural development, here focusing on the idea of the God-image, or Self, as it has evolved over 2,000 years of Western thinking. An edited transcript of the lecture series given at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles,1988-89.

•Novel Folklore: On Sadegh Hedayat’s The Blind Owl Jason Reza Jorjani Sadegh Hedayat’s novel The Blind Owl is widely considered to be the greatest work of modern Persian literature. Often compared to the classics of Existentialism and Gothic horror, The Blind Owl is widely believed to be cursed, so that anyone who reads it seriously is driven to suicide. … Google Books

•First Discipline 2013

•GovernMentality Kleptocracy & Utility Monsters
Governmentality, approach to the study of power that emphasizes the governing of people’s conduct through positive means rather than the sovereign power to formulate the law. In contrast to a disciplinarian form of power, governmentality is generally associated with the willing participation of the governed…..
…. Thus viewed, governing is an art involving the imaginative application of intuition, knowledge, and skills to administration and management
~Richard Huff Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University. Encyclopedia of Governance (2007) Britannicacom

•The Medium is the Message
Foucault (1983) the Culture of the Self YouTube


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