👁️Q The Hero’s Return

Working Paper 15 Sept 2019

👁️Q The Hero’s Return

Hero | one who has conquered her fear
Binary | Spectral
An illusion is a partial truth The illusory snake can kill The child in us is stolen by the Pipers of the planet Priests | Pedagogues None left to call out that we are naked Noise | data is perceived as Information fact as fiction fiction as fact We live 3D accelerated robotic lives The clock rules over the compass In the beginning was the logos the word the carrier of the affliction Text is is out Hypertext is in The spectral rules Why read when we can SEE When the compass malfunctions all data are irrelevant This is information
Time Re Imagined
Future 👁️ Past
Thought is faster than light
Intelligence Is the tool to test our intuitions when instincts show the way Nothing artificial about it We are AI ready Intent is the discipline of focus Algorithms rule Not gadgets Nothing repeats as such We are born to fly Children have flying dreams If not Wright brothers somebody else would have The journey is just begun The four year old already knows how to NAVIGATE Fear kills creates death and illness It sells well Dare to dream BIG together the most IMPOSSIBLE
Life | consciousness orders organises as the compass map self regulation in to one system the GPS manifested in the unicellular organism Consciousness is the organising principle of the Universe What the cell is to the organism human is to community We are one There is no other for the mystic in every one of us
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour – William Blake
The Magician has no magic The audience is thrilled A miracle is unexplainable by the known laws of nature We need not know everything We only need to know that we are one with everything in communion learn to read the code .. signs .. miracles of everyday life .. synchroniCity

👁️Q is Gainful as against Lossy Compression of data .. solution to complexity ..iterated over 30 years across the most complex country of the world among the farmer fisher academia and industry where jargon and language break down an outcome of social computing If one has a good friend one can do with far less data with or without gadgets Algorithms evolve out of gadgets …break free ..can not remain biased and monopolised for long Though not recognised as such complexity is the competitive edge of the core country if it works here it works anywhere else The solution to complexity is not more complexity but Simplexity .. gainful compression of data Ashby saw it coming ..the law of requisite variety . the bare minimal to retain mastery of the game

Hesse saw it …The Glass Bead Game HG Wells ..The World Brain 1936-8
Kolmogorov complexity

The IOT is the best Metaphor of Consciousness that we have dreamed up collectively It can turn out to be the worst nightmare | one of those most beautiful dreams that come true Fitness lies in striking the balance

Analysis | Synthesis

One more Onam has been celebrated Nowhere else is the myth celebrated at this scale Some myths turn into ritual as in the pilgrimage to Sabarimala Millions climb 18 steps to merge with the ultimate repeat the process More the better Another myth of the local version of Sisyphus is that of the madman and the origin of the 12 tribesTogether they hold the key to Campbell
The 17 | 18 steps of the hero’s journey are collapsible to
14 + 3
7 +3 and then to
Where Vamana and Mahabali meet
One came on foot or horseback the other by sea took much less to reach
Both are immigrants Who is not ?
We are conscious that we are conscious and not conscious ..robots already ? Not always We do wake up in between
Thanks to the Good Professor Dr MNV Nair He wanted his students to be oriented We did our best He left us and we were shown the door Exit That was a blessing in disguise
When we are oriented we can do with much less data | information If not no data transforms to information Flood Forests burn Fisher and the tribal turn heros
Iteration is not Repetition The Chant
We haven’t taken everything away, they can still breath “Said the one eyed ruler and the chief reporter of the micelandTV nodded his head in a vehement agreement. The ruler was happy, he gestured to his assistant who came forward with a slice of cheese and slipped it into the breast pocket of grateful reporter. ( From forthcoming novel about cats, pigeons and mice) writes Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki Professor Poet Scholar Novelist .. Polymath from Kashmir friend since 1976
Chithran Nampoothirippad from Trichur plans his 30th trip to the Himalayas for his 100th birthday another friend digs up on FB
Raj at 80 sees him running the marathon at 100 while on the treadmill to stretch a little more than yesterday’s 9 KMS in 60 minutes He is not alone There are many others who have already done it
The cataract surgeon who removes only cataracts all her life never repeats Every time she does it better and faster
None of them repeat yesterday They do a little better than their previous best .. being more human
In B School while working out linear programming problems for optimal solutions the simplex way through Iterations we wondered why the hell Now we know the optimal lies beyond us | the firm . at the level of community
FB and Google are biased in their favour We can turn the table The links turn up in tune with how we have used it in the past
To repeat is the road to death to iterate is to be human The Guinness reminds
Nature expresses itself through the exceptions pointing to the true normal as against a historical | statistical normality Statistics lies It also points to the true normal
The tip of the iceberg is not the whole iceberg
We talk in real time across the planet every day to more people than we could reach in a month in the early nineties at zero marginal cost The office and overheads have vanished Then was Local Now is Global The mainframe has shrunk to palmsize though we use it for an hour or two With real good friends far and near we need less computing Lonely but not alone Our brains are shrinking ..slow and steady freeing up memory to do much better stuff Computing has gone social We are one with 60 % of the people on the planet online We don’t need to be connected to everyone to be connected to the whole The only time we computed the linear programming problem in real life it worked for us not for the community The web is the desktop to a much larger reality beyond the visible universe with which we are one The iceberg is one The tail doesn’t wag the head What is seen shows the unseen the more beautiful magical and miraculous To be connected is to heal and healing ourselves is healing the Planet The quality of the whole is emergence
Welcome to the Reign of Quality
The hero returns
To fear fear is fine
Next : The Long Recession
Hindu rate of Growth is Good
Growth’ | Growth..Impossible | Possible

The evolution of lossy compression
Sarah E. Marzen and Simon DeDeo
Published:10 May2017
The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research YouTube Brenda Dunne |Jeffrey Mishlove New Thinking Allowed
Wiki Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey
Individuals, institutions, and innovation in the debates of the French Revolution
Alexander T. J. Barron, Jenny Huang, Rebecca L. Spang, and Simon DeDeo
The Reign of Quantity
René-Jean-Marie-Joseph Guénon, also known as ʿAbd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá, was a French author and intellectual who remains an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics, having written on topics ranging from sacred science and traditional studies, to symbolism and initiation. Wikipedia


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