Year 2050 ‘Bhavishya Purana’

Another kind of Seeing Year 2050 | One 100 years of The Republic | The Bhavishya Puurana

New literacy.

“The dog barks, trees don’t bark though all trees have barks. Stripped of the context, bark makes no sense The same goes lfor iteracy. Kerala the core state of India is 100% literate or almost so. On 👁️Q .. new literacy most of us are .. neo..illiterates ! Nature engages in building and breaking We as a species have collaborated with the breaking Opted to facilitate our own die off Nature’s way of testing our fitness to survive We don’t build We are great breakers Future is now as much as past is in the now This was true when they coined the term Bhavishya Purana They could see as much into the future as they saw the past Accelerated lives spare no time for reflection The churn is at its peak spin The rush is to keep on spinning not getting thrown out The core doesn’t spin We are yet to witness the last chapter of the boomers 70 now is 35 of the pre republic They have the time money and the leisure to reflect and see like the ancients did ..placing things in perspective .. creating a more desirable future for their 7 year olds

The turning point

2020 was the year Hopeman and Prakash were awarded The Nobel for their work on ‘Conscious Agency ‘ This was the first award since they clubbed all the different prizes into one The committee had decided that the work ought to be so profound that its impact is transdisciplinary including Peace and Literature No prizes will be awarded in the absence of such work

70 years of the Republic

The Buddha’s Smile

M assively
O pen
D e..Reconstruction of
I ndia . ..the MOOC

India is much > 1/6 of the Planet in more ways than one Indian = Global

Zoroaster Buddha Asoka Alexander Nagarjuna Sankara Vasco Da Gama The last days of the Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths EIC 70 years of the Republic We have seen it all

Kashmir went one way Kerala took a different path

The unexamined life is no life
Not much time left to turn reflective
The Jungian psychologist laments India of tomorrow will be a copy of the West of today He is the worn out copy of Jung in the land of the Buddha enlightenment | completeness as against incompleteness and the Unconscious
He is mis Taken
It is not the politicians who failed It is the Intellectuals who failed more..the burrow cats who had a lifetime to reflect in leisure unlike them who faced their exams every five years They are no smarter than the cram schools that coach students how to beat their filters of elimination The rare corporate spokeswoman who dares to speak cries foul We are the Pariahs anglicised ‘Paraya’ of Kerala the least touchable of the Untouchables probably unaware of the origins

The academic cries foul ‘ Fake ‘

The question is not conscious or unconscious more or less of a fake The question is more conscious and less conscious The academic and the intellectual are more fake than the accused They had 70 years to redefine what is Indian while a few worked against all the odds Even the devil deserves credit For the details

There is hardly anything Indian about the Indian Institutes of Technology | Management Name them if you can
scientists who worked in India who were at the least considered for the Nobel Maths or Management the story is no different The last time we were massively logical was during Nagarjuna’s He lived to be a centenarian .. a healer ..practiced regenerative medicine 70 years was good enough to reinvent him Tharoor is the archetypical Paradoxical Indian Ambassador of the more English than the English Ought to have written Why he is not a Buddhist ?

Churning the ocean of milk | The Conscious Agent

There is no observer independent reality Some are less conscious some more The Rock is conscious The Bull is more conscious Man is conscious that he is conscious and not conscious Divided we are Yet we agree on many things like Milk is white

In the beginning was the main frame then the PC without the desktop with the desktop the cell phone without the GPS with the GPS The Atlantic salmon migrates continental distances without a GPS Ducklings do not go to swimming school nor does eagles to flying school The world we see is what the desktop is to the laptop and the UI to the mobile The driver of the car need not nessarily be the engineer of the car The conscious agents read the code recognise the signals from the noise They are the Gullivers We are the Lilliputs The illiput world gives in to Gullivers’

The Icons to the Code of Consciousness

Let us Count it on our fingers ..1 to 10 From the right thumb to the left

1 Compass
2 Map
3 Clock
4. GPS
5. Cell
6 Plant
7 Animal
9 Human
10 Count again

Remember to remember
Process.. Algorithmic Iterations


A 10 x 10 Matrix and two diagonals 4 of them around .. 0 | 1 the binary .. All or Nothing

10×10 | 10×10
…. 0 | 1 ….
10×10 | 10 x 10

Replace 10 with the infinite

In | Old
New | Out

A chariot with 10 wheels Dasaratha .. Dasavatharam.. Ravana with 10 heads | levels .. Where is Sita ?

The choice is to be the driver or the driven

Dead or Alive
Robot or Human
Robot and Human

The Physicist lives within the Matrix The matrix that was It is 100 % replicable in use since 1990

Nothing original Just re .. membering The world we see is just the desktop Navigation is natural to us No mediums and middlemen

See: The Visual
Test it Share it No copyrights We live a transactional reality

Nothing or All
0 | 1
The world we see is what the desktop is to the Internet far <1 % of the vast network of hardware software people across the planet At every touch of our fingers it responds as One If the Iceberg is conscious it knows that it is not just the tip of the iceberg It is one with the submerged There is nothing unconscious The Leviathan is dead Jonah is delivered .. Free The GPS integrates the compass mapping clock + self regulation into one system
At the level of the cell self regulation takes a big leap Every single cell is one with the past and future of life capable of taking care of itself reproducing maintaining living an infinite life Life takes care of itself We do not We are less intelligent than the clock driven by it living accelerated lives Robotic victims of habit gullible No..thing < 1%
This is in the past Not true any more We are much more than our first two fingers ..the icons .. stand for
Jacobs ladder connects the earth and the heavens Evolution is a two way street The conscious agent is one with the Big one In process evolving The Universe reveals itself bit by byte The bend on the road is not the end of the road The journey is just begun

7 Sept 2019
Where are we Now


When noise is the signal data consumes attention Information frees attention feeds on entropy before it begins to feed on itself

Prosperity breeds Idiots ..Solzhenitsyn
If so then
Poverty breeds Intelligence
Rationally speaking
Complexity breeds Intelligence
It’s a double whammy
Blessed art thou
We the poor in spirit, for ours is the kingdom of heaven.
India breeds …both
Intelligent NRI Indians INRI
And Idiots in billions
Homegrown Intellectuals in millions
The elephant in the room has hit the ceiling
Poverty of Attention couples with Satisficing stated Herbert Simon
Fuels dreams of Abundance
Scale is no scale !
US $ 3 Trillion .. is the size of US Health Care
Prozacs and Placebos
Substitutes for healing
Same size as India Inc of US $ 3 T
1.3 billion dreams of a modest 5T
Ahead of $ 2 Trillion of global trade in arms and ammunition
Substitutes for Peace
Real | Substitutes
Dreams do come true in strange ways
If not the mountain the prophet moves
If only we could dream better | bigger
Idiots love Apple|s
They keep eating
To keep the doctor away
Better to be idiots and decisive
Than intellectual and indecisive
They learn bit by byte
Intellectualism breeds idiots
Idiots graduate to Underdogs
Better to be poor and intelligent
Than moneyed and idiots
Then comes
The Revenge of the Underdogs

United States is about 3 times bigger than India.
India is approximately 3,287,263 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km. Meanwhile, the population of India is ~1.3 billion people (955.3 million fewer people live in United States). Wiki

Herbert Alexander Simon 1916..2001 was an American economist, political scientist and cognitive psychologist, whose primary research interest was decision-making within organizations and is best known for the theories of “bounded rationality” and “satisficing”. Wikipedia
worldpopulationreviewcom › unite…
United States Population 2019 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs) – World Population Review
20-Aug-2019 · By population, the United States of America is the 3rd largest country in the world, falling far behind China (1.39 billion) and India (1.31 .

Do take a look at the visual
It is more than all the words All data can be compressed to the surface of a thumbnail Data has no volume they say

Year 2050

When noise | silence is the signal Data consumes attention Information liberates attention Feeds on entropy before it begins to feed on itself See Chandraayan Thought is faster than light The sun we see is already in the past Einstein on a beam of light will lag us traveling at the speed of thought Bounded Irrationality yields to the unbounded and borderless Adam | Eve | Snake > Union of the masculine | feminine > Regeneration of the body | Earth The trickster and the temptress are in the past Ouroboros

Confessions of a Burrow Cat or Is it a sin to take care of my skin ? Yes it is when skin is the only game The cats are out of the bag The conscious agents form the core of the core A few are identifiable Most are not Spooky action is the new Normal Substitutes are no more the reality The post gadget economy is in India leads Quantity Quality Demographics The Sun is more benevolent Open borders with it’s neighbours Earth is healing K | O holes plugged

100 + and back to School at 70 are quite normal The New Centres of Learning GOC the core state of the core country leads Home to the meta mono myths the root myths of Transformation

in God’s Own Country

The Parrot’s Tale
Can we have a Parrots’ day ?
Learning is Churning
Noah’s ark had it’s pairs
Milk owes it’s whiteness to the Black sun God to the Devil Order to Chaos Truth is in the middle beyond the tension of the bowstring stretched between the ends of the bow pointing to the eye of the mocking bird and beyond 1..2..3..4 Every hero is an Archer Eka..lavya…Rama Arjuna Karna The hero conquers his fear The warrior is one who has left his death behind him The celluloid hero is the substitute Cowards die many deaths It is God and Devil It is not Vamana or Mahabali Truth is crucified on the cross between the two thieves the good and the bad one Church stands witness like the women by his side It is always Yes and No Vamana and Mahabali AND the holy conjunction Allegoric illiteracy assumes Himalayan Proportions Logic died with Nagarjuna to be reborn in the west to be reinvented by NarcissusProcrustes Karma He had failed to acknowledge his sourcing from the South The parrot is force fed fattened on the leaves of the Book Krishna cheats Yashodha Steals the butter They stole Amrit the outcome of churning the milky ocean Some of us witnessed a flood of a different kind The Operation Flood When we work in a non stop process industry for decades we too get processed Milk from the farmer flows through chillers pasteurisers cream separators butter churns centrifuges homogenizers sterilizers vacuum driers innoculated with cultures in cheese vats to reach us in all its myriad forms The product is in the process that goes on 24×7 x 365 The parrots tale was prophetic Tagore must be turning in his grave Teachers live on Students die off a Parrots’ death Patriotic A physicist writes We don’t understand Quantum Physics nor do we want to ..NY times The psychologist prefers to remain one rather than turning Human The Roman Empire lives on through the Holy Roman Church The East India Company is reinvented in more potent versions Slavery abolished but reinvented Then the Apple fell again End of HiStory The white Saviour | Xavier fades away in slow motion from the screen mission accomplished The fall went unnoticed for decades Meanwhile ‘New Centres of Learning’ emerged in Chile Salvador Allende rebirths.with Stafford Beer for old time’s sake ..Iran Russia Africa China Sri Sri Nagar Kashmir and in God’s disowned Country Kerala India The Pariah | Paraya | Outcast | Feminine return The New Learning Centre at Kalady was the foremost it hosted an annual event ‘Koodal’ to reflect revise and update the knowledge base across the Centres
The preconferece workshops focused on the re..reconstruction of the gestalt of Myths Maths Shamans Architecture Dance Music Magic Occult and her story the inputs to the process Ayurveda reinvented as Regenerative Learning the USP of the centre that made it the foremost

The Centre reTturns to the Centre to begin another turn of the spiral Nature in process Iterating not parroting Long live the Parrots But for them we wouldn’t have the stories to kill and myths to bust

Something that works in practice can work in theory – Ostrom’s law

In God’s disowned Country Kerala
Stories Killed Myths Busted

In our process workshops we kill stories ever since we realised it
Story telling is in but it kills Once upon a time we were….
We know what we are Watch the channels including the HiStory version We know we won’t
Even if we do it doesn’t MATTER Predators engage parasites to make heroes out of villains
We don’t know WHO we are
Myths Chartbusters Superman Spiderman Wonderwoman .. the substitutes show us ..what we are missing out ..
The Lost Atlantis of the Mind ..
Myth busting is doable DIY Our friends at the NLC the New Learning Centre at Kalady are good at it
Plato Bacon Colin Wilson they went out in search of the lost continent much like our search for Musk in Mars
O nce upon a time .
Had they turned their lens IN they would have found it .. the core problem is .. the core is either missing or rotten Google turns googly
The ancients solved this problem by matching the internal with the external The Glass Bead Game 400 Marbles inside with the 400 outside Hesse learnt the Game from his Grandpa Herman Gundert the white saviour the exceptional one Hesse saw the Buddha with a unique lens
In 400 |
| 400 Out
Nagarjuna took it northward gave it a rebirth By then it had already reached Greece | Rome
There is only one place the land was recovered from the ocean where all the 12 tribes are accounted for
Check wiki
Doubting Thomases can do a DNA profiling
We claim Thomas came here Mani and Manichaeans certainly did We have more living Manis than anywhere else The most famous and resilient one from Pala reminds us The myth is a doctored version post arrival of Islam We converted one of the characters to suit our size of the cot Islam reached here almost at the time of The Prophet long before it reached Kashmir Who did the doctoring ? Leave it to the hiStorians to speculate Procrustes never sleeps Sisiphus was birthed from the very same myth a worn out copy of our true philosopher who spat on the deity and shouts the most horrible obscenities at the idol of the most holy The sacred is in the profane Even women do it as a ritual Come during the temple festival at Musiris | Kodungalloor The place where our Mathematicians |Astronomers met to cross check their numbers is nearby
Go Take a walk
The Pariah Paraya
Enough of doctoring
At the end of the long march from the black and beautiful continent a few of our ancestor Sapiens reached Eden They lived and flourished The snakes were their friends and benefactors Some of these sacred groves remain Ouroboros Living Infinities We were the proto communists We continue to be either the plain vanilla version or the masked .. Theyyam Style
Marx knew since Wellington was defeated by a tribal chief here Napoleon was defeated by Wellington to compensate But for Napoleon we need to speculate where Marx would be Here those who read Napoleon .. we do ..we have proof .. turns NR come visiting like our Asura Assyrian King Mahabali returns before the romance is lost The rest remain here turns Narcissistic defiling FB with their own selfies and smilies We witness this ad nauseum since 2007 Thanks Mark FB is therapy just as this slandering is Free You are reminded time FB relocate
We only have the numbers and time to make you rich
The suicide rates have been falling steadily since 2020 almost null
We have lost our ranking in sprit yet we are high Not because the weed is legitimised
The State Lottery is abolished
We don’t sell fake promises The church has the monopoly We do respect it
Seawalling the coast is history The stones have gone into replacement building restricted to the middle zone where vertical growth goes on The green and blue zones continue to expand where the tribal and the fisher have absolute dominion as the custodians of the future The state is declared zero waste | organic
Accumulated farm debts are written off every 7 years UBI is an option for any of them Others become eligible at 80 very few opt
Children play a VR Game in their smart classes The Hero’s Journey They move up the levels At the 18th level the 14 worlds collapse to 7 the spectral then reduced to three The Lilliput fades away Gulliver smiles Game ends
Life begins
Just Remember This Shouts the villain turned hero from the screen

The core state of the core country is doing well

🌀 Search | Connect

Recipe for the Gestalt ..Youtube ..Wiki
Unequal parts of
Chetan Prakash Mathematics
Donald Hoffman Cognitive Science
Jason Reza Jorjani Philosophy
Jeffrey Mishlove Psychology
Alexander Dugin Philosophy
Nick Land Philosophy
Gary Zukav Author Seat of the Soul
Michael Talbot Author Mysticism and the New Physics
A few hours of watching + ommon sense as required
The ouroboros or uroborus is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography, the ouroboros entered western tradition via Greek magical tradition and was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism and most notably in alchemy. Wikipedia

Return to the Centre Bede Griffiths

Stafford Beer (born Anthony Stafford Beer, 25 September 1926 – 23 August 2002) was a British theorist, consultant and professor at the Manchester Business School[1]. He is best known for his work in the fields of operational research and management cybernetics. Wiki

Akananuru (Tamil: அகநானூறு, literally introspective four hundred, meaning four hundred poems on interior (akam or agam) themes[1]), a classical Tamil poetic work, is the seventh book in the anthology of Sangam literature, namely Eight Anthologies (Ettuthokai).[2] It contains 400 Agam (subjective) poems dealing with matters of love and separation. Other names for Akananuru include Neduntogai or Nedunthokai (“the long anthology”), Ahappattu, Ahananuru, and Agananuru.[3] Wiki

Parayi Petta Panthirukulam, is a popular folktale in Kerala. According to this folktale, Vararuchi, one of the nine wise men of Emperor Chandragupta Vikramaditya’s court married a girl belonging to Paraya, a lower caste. The couple set out on a long pilgrimage. On the way, they were blessed with 12 children. Wikipedia

The hundredth monkey effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behaviour or idea is claimed to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behaviour or acknowledge the new idea. Wiki


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