The Singularity

@ | (×)
A Map of Reality
ReTurn of Soul | Unifier

Inside | Past
Future | Outside

@ (Source | Centre | Now | Self )
The ancient Tamils knew this best Kanada …The atom eater looked at reality from this vantage point..the superposition…Visual supercomputing Was in use …Taxila to Nalanda …till the last days of the Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths
This was the Philosophers Stone ..the bedrock…for Asoka …Nagarjuna
….Sankaran ..
Tetralemma 4 the Greeks
And there was a wholesome Maths that went with it
Then …unification gave in…discipline to disciplines….fragmentation…silos and esoteric boxes Intellect to Intellectualism …The Neobrahmins
Quantity and Quality …the original digital divide …. divorced each other ….went their separate ways….Music (Art) Religion Science followed Nothing Matters….Everything doesn’t

At Venky’s …..New Delhi
Narcissus …….meets …..Procrustes
I am in the middle…..
Guess who says what
Demonetisation has been vindicated…congrats
You mean we have become a Crusoe economy……moneyless
In the post truth world every word means it’s opposite…….demonetisation = monetisation…
Smart means…clueless
How goes your smart schools, cities, nation……Transformer ?
Forget the nation…city and the school…..tell me …..what is it to be a smart citizen ….in these flip flop times….
Be the change…….thus spake him..
Transformer…..what is it to be transformed…?
Tell us where …are you taking us….to the gallows …?
Just between the three of us… be very frank…..I don’t know We will think of crossing the river when we reach it….
We cannot afford to create the impression that we are clueless…..we need to appear to be decisive…unlike you who can indulge in a lifetime of eternal babble…
So the conceptual is useless ?
Were you one of those …the select few .?
I refuse to answer….
“Don’t speak unless you can improve silence”
…..but I have always been at or around ….where it really matters… know it ….we may be the Everest of complexity
…there can be only one driver… least till the next elections…only the select few matters …You only add to the noise here…

Atlantis | Lost continent of the self

Conceptual space

10x10x4| 400
400 | 400

Q1 | Q3
Q4 | Q2

Q1 Conceptual
Potential | Ideal
Q2 Performance |Metrics
Q3 Past |History |Myths
Q4 Future |Vision|Action Learning

The 4 Quadrants
together signify the whole

Potential is 400 Performance < 0

The lost continent of the self – Atlantis rising – the solution space becomes visible now Built to last is feasible
Accountants keep their books balanced Physicists do not…As yet
A broken self > broken body
We are not at ease …Dis..ease follows

Hope |
| Despair

Meta Garbage says
Dr Pope Hopestaller PhD (Divinity)
The journey isn’t begun
We think we have reached !

Q1 | Q3
Potential | Performance
Connecting to the source @
The energy crisis… solution ?
Potential energy = ” the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others, stresses within itself, electric charge, and other factors ”
The conceptual is not worthless We are funnels to channel pure potential of the conceptual to physical reality which involves leaving 0 to embrace 1 EVERYTHING
POSITIONED invariantly..
Leaving the binary to the fully digital

Reading this is to consciously recognise it and we are relatively better placed than those who have not recognized it
Performance is a natural outcome of such a positioning

History becomes history …Gravity of the past gives into the buoyancy of the future (vision) The twice born …Is a virgin birth ….Conceptual …
WoMan …regardless of female male or LGBQ

KM Knowledge Management is….enhancing capacity for effective action the knowHow ..not the ‘know about’ – Peter Senge Author Fifth Discipline (1990) What we do here… First Discipline …is a
higher level synthesis ….Since 1990..when we went public…Crowd sourced …an ongoing conversation…Social computing

The Singularity | Yoga

Had our digits been talking | the ladder of understanding LOU

The Grid

Knowledge at our fingertips from the right thumb to the left

1 Compass
2 Clock | s
3 Map | s
4 GPS ……..Tech
5 Cellular …Bio…
6 Plant
7 Animal
8 Human
9 Community
10 Process |Regeneration

Q1 Conceptual
Q3 Performance
Q2 Past
Q4 Future
Q 10x 10x 4 = 400

Imagine them to be four wheels of a conceptual car
C concept
A action
R results | outcome
@ The driver | Self | Centre | Source
The design is perfect and beyond improvement Our understabding ..know-how …How to use it is left to us….Choice is ours to flip the switch to design else by default the programme is to fail …Overtaken by drag

Man and the Machine become singular….aligned… singularity…for the west.. Yoga for the Indian


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