Process | Transformation

π @ 4 ….Four horsemen and apocalypse of the linear world

GOC K A potential hotspot …from SiliCoN NeoCon to the spice valley… has a critical mass of ADULTs

The History of The Future
Bhavishya Puranam..New

The super position 4

1959 The first exo-planetory view of the planet ..The view from a superposition…
Imagine an outside the box view of the Universe

The virtual

Time | Eternity
Past—-@—- Future

The physical

West—-@—- East


Student—-@—- child

The myth of Race | Caste | Human …
From untouchables to the Human….


‘Humanimal’ by Adam Rutherford explores what sets apart the human from the animal

From the ‘Process Perspective’ we are untouchables ….sub animal…yet to evolve into the Human through the following stages with the flexibility to take on any of the modes to match the context

Sudra —-@—- Ks..

Things are pretty bad than we think We dont even have any clues of what the adult human will be like We hope to evolve some from among the crop of boomers among us It will be some of these boomers who will eventually inherit the planet

@ The ReTurn …Bede Griffiths

Dialogue & collaboration
Have Followers
Get crucified Leadership is about facilitating the emergence of ADULTs dialogue and community wealth not money
Facebook the platform is available but not the actors Blocks ..Ask | Share
FB…The next best after double entry book keeping √ In pre-modern Europe, double-entry bookkeeping had theological and cosmological connotations, recalling “both the scales of justice and the symmetry of God’s world” – wiki

The Kerala School of Astronomy and Mathematics was a school of mathematics and astronomy founded by Madhava of Sangamagrama in Kerala, India …..The school flourished between the 14th and 16th centuries and the original discoveries of the school seems to have ended with Narayana Bhattathiri (1559–1632).
– Wiki

Gone astray ?

As a man is, so he sees William Blake (1757-1827)

Beyond what IS

The body is the best reflection of the soul said Wittgenstein …soul the unifier …sick at soul ?

There is nothing to learn from the dead …but this
that what works in practice works in theory (Elinor Ostrom) not the other way …Had the theory been working it should have worked for the proponents of the theory …in practice Mostly We have philosopher zombies and zombie philosophers indulging in endless discussions on consciousness freewill and the republic The rot is at the top… much before zombies took over the Republic the gardens of knowledge were encroached by these zombies Engineers make sense of science …of how much of science works in practice This is why technology …the how to… the tools ..explain the nature of science better than science itself Religion is yesterday’s science If it doesn’t deliver the problem is in our seeing Science is the religion of today ….no less infested with zombies as religion up is

The evolution of algorithms

| || |||
∆π 4
Process… Return…Memory

Non linear dynamics and the philosophy of life |Regeneration Life has no death

We haven’t failed
our models of the world have
The mystery of the Trinity …∆… is one of the earliest of algorithms
shows we can not take more than two steps without reflection …. looking back …at what works in practice …. beyond Greece …..philosophy …

More we communicate Less the communion |Community

@ 5 Panchaal
Return of the Feminine

5 Elements
5 Senses …Return to
5 Panchkanyas

Meeting Mnemosyne
Goddess of Memory Mother of the 9 Muses

Remembering to be..



Icons of ideal women Wise …Incorruptible Indiminishable

The Hymn of Remembrance

Ahalyā draupadī kunti tārā mandodarī tathā ।
pañcakanyāḥ smarennityaṃ mahāpātakanāśinīḥ ॥

Parable of the 10 brides
Waiting for the groom
Five of them ready
Others in slumber …not prepared

Where children donot vanish
Sita is not banished
Men have all their ribs intact …in their senses
Virgin is understood as wise WoMen Rule
Sita returns
Earth regenerates
Paradise is regained
Eternity rules ..NoTime

@ 6 | Design

The Human | WoMan
We are inferior to the clock on the wall when we compare the potential of our design with its performance
Why ?
The Gate keepers have no clues as to the design of the system
Machine intelligence has outpaced human intelligence We are slaves to the tyranny of the machine and the Time-keepers
Reason : Decline in the application of natural intelligence
The User Manual
10 @ Process
9 Community|ReGen
8 WoMan
7 HumAnimal
6 Plant|Roots
5 Cellular
3 Clock|s
2 Map|s
0|1 Compass
What is the system designed for ?
It is designed as a learning engine capable of self-navigation in virtual territory which continually improves on its previous best performance – no expiry dates designed like a 10 layer sandwich .. not one is dispensable !

@ 7 | The Rainbow
7 | notes | colours
The flood and the desert is behind us
Regeneration is an outcome of wholeness
Poornat poornamudaschyathe
The wheelwork of Nature
10 @ Process
9 Community|ReGen
8 WoMan
7 HumAnimal
6 Plant|Roots
5 Cellular<-
4 GPS|AI->
3 Clock|s
2 Map|s
0|1 Compass

Consciousness doesn’t matter What we are conscious of Matters

There exists a road not travelled
Fusion | Free energy
Nature has a will of its own Freewheel with it or go against Order or Chaos is a Choice …

Meta Garbage says
Dr Pope Hopestaller


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