Real Growth

Real growth @ zero marginal cost | Getting from 3 to 4….10…12

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe” – Tesla Yes but we threw a spanner in the works Human is the only oddity in the nature of things Misfit …the source of all chaos It appears to us that the sun rises not that the earth moves We think we…modern…developed
How does one get from 3 to 4 ….Jung summed up
The wickedness of the problem has only escalated It is a stretch for us to imagine that this problem was solved ages ago Asoka sought to communicate this to the masses with his installations all over the empire Imagine the pillar to be a lighthouse The tower has windows only on one side The first floor on the east second floor on the west third floor on the north fourth floor on the south The basement has two levels underground – Plato’s cave – with no windows
If we were to find true north…fix the direction for our journey we would do well to climb up to the fifth level …That’s how we go from 3 to 4 The lighthouse has 10 levels above ground
When did we get disoriented ?
There is some truth in this ….Men are short of a rib 🙂 and what a cover up ” Jeff Bezos and others have sunk more than $127 million into General Fusion, a start-up trying to commercialize fusion energy.Microsoft is partnering with the company by offering technological know-how.
Fusion occurs when two light atoms fuse together to make a heavier one, creating energy in the process. It’s the same process that powers the sun and stars ” – CNBC

Community : The buoyance brigade
There is another kind of fusion ….other than that of the sun and stars …when two light beings meet to make an even lighter being…the real secret of the ‘stars’…of how lift ..buoyancy…antigravity doubles…multiplies…exponentially ….
The scribe is 70 with 50 more years to meet a target given by his mentor…not very audacious in comparison… who made it known that he had 40 more years to go at 60 We had the services of this Mentor for 25 years
We have many such ‘light beings’ here TM..PG..PVG since 1971..48 years ….Dr Nazki .since 1976…43 yrs.. from J&K …Lizzie 1981…38 yrs…Aalila from Nagaland..Erin from Boston…Sandhya..Siva..Jaims…Sathya..Rajeev..Surendran…RM…AKG..BabuG…Titto..Suresh…Shebu….Sankar..Nuthan….Giri..Sujith…Shankaran..Shine..Captain Noble..many many more ….the Transformers
Black Swans But if you would like to see them in flocks head to the coast

Transformation 3 to 4

A coin has two sides..Mind your language …anything that has physical existence has length breadth and thickness ..3 Where was this coin yesterday….in the past ? Where will it be in the future ? How do we reconcile time ? Past present future Remember what we did with direction ?
We could fix the direction for the journey only by going up one more level to the 5th floor
In the case of time the Piraha has no sense of time We have a heightened sense of time….of past present and future (3) Now assume we take a position outside our box universe from where we see the past and future as an an eternal present… real-time ….the 4th dimension We have moved from 3 to 4
Including the Piraha concept of time we have considered 5 versions of time …Einstein ….we can not solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it Post internet ….we have come to experience the 4th version of time ….real-time ….timelessness Now the coin has moved from 3 to 4

What about us ?

What was Asoka communicating with the four lions ….Or Nagarjuna with his version of the chakra ?

Machines communicate with each other We do not …not because we don’t want to …but because our lenses are not the same With extreme relativism there is hardly any commons left (or common sense?)
How do we standardise the communication protocol among humans ? This is what Chanakya and Nagarjuna …the public intellectuals ….achieved in their time In our time it is not the ideals but the practice that has collapsed

The beam in our eyes : the four colours…Varna

We are | were …a process culture

0 Untouchables
0|1 The binary Yes or No
1 Yes and No
1.10 Human

From untouchables to human 6 stages…

Return to the Centre

Imagine a perfect sheet of rubber being stretched in all directions …..evenly
The sheet remains one
What happens at the centre ? The sheet is now transformed to a football and taken to the WC It is being kicked around
What happens to the centre of the football ? Disturbed ?
Is there any rubber at the centre ?
Do we have a centre ..each one of us ?
We …the humans …A common centre ….universals …that make us Human ?

We need all this (conventional)energy because we swim against the current ….the will of Nature ..the wheelwork of the Universe ….Freewill or not Nature has a will…Comprehensible… and then it is freewheeling all the way

Connecting with the source ….return to the Centre….of unlimited energy The F1 driver needs to know the design of the car he drives What are we designed for …to live or to die ? By default or design We are free to choose

The Design Universals : The staircase to heaven

Change is not the only constant changelessness too is ….crudely speaking

0|1. The Centre|Compass
2. Maps
3. Clock
4. GPS
5. Cell
6. Plant
7. Animal
8. Individual
9. Community
10. Process Regeneration

Imagine this as a lighthouse with two levels below ground and 10 above Each level has all data on each kind that you may choose to transform into information
The design is perfect our understanding is not Takes a little figuring out Don’t believe whatever they tell you It takes some practice

Most end up @ 0 Nothing It is never too late to take that decision to go for 1 Everything All 10 levels together sum up Design in Nature ….metadesign

The future of work is very bright 🙂 real work….. regeneration of the Planet | Self

Storytelling | Killing

To kill a mockingbird
To kill a story | a code

From 3 to 4

Vamana …pleaded for 3 paces of land

Three paces make a ∆


Moving from 3 to 4
the superposition
3 …>…. .π

The little piece of land transforms to the universe

Free to choose…small big or both

Every story myth history rituals and traditions are seeds waiting to germinate…

To be killed

Moral: One can not take more than two steps without looking back without going astray

It’s simple ∆metry the cardinal principle in MetricS

How do you kill the stories ?
Vikram Vetal
Blind men and the elephant
Tortoise and the Rabbit
Sisyphus & Naranath
Procrustes & Narcissus
The Iceberg Principle


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