Consciousness : What matters

What we are conscious of matters ….Not Consciousness …Not even the Unconscious

How do the fish know that there is no life out of water ? Because the flying fish have told them

Bhavishya Purana is one of the 18 Puranas…There is nothing new about looking at future as history ….from a superposition ….outside of …The Box ….Universe

“Vamana sought property right over a piece of land that measures “three paces” Mahabali agreed Vamana grew and covered everything Mahabali ruled over in just two paces. For the third pace, Mahabali offered himself ”
– Onam …Wiki

Three Paces = Position or location ..Direction…Reflection …functions of compass | GPS

Position can be
invariant as that of the lighthouse or
variant …like that of the ship’s

Where are you ?

My invariant position ?
Or variant position ?


Where am I going …In physical space ….in life’s journey ?

Reflection : How to make sure that I am on track …the key to selfregulation…Re..generation
From the super position my piece of land is the Universe

Synthesis > Exposition > Learning

Past …History ..Myths…..gravity Future…antigravity …buoyancy

Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory the mother of the muses Urania is one of the muses whose domain is showing the way forward the compass is her symbol

The Piraha are an indigenous people of Brazil They know the lightness of being having no concept of past future or numbers They live in the eternal present while we the ‘modern’ are haunted by the past that operates like gravity The more history and culture we boast of …more the burden …drag The future appears grim.. with no buoyancy The churning goes on …

Kerala the test marketing ground of India is a perfect example of the perpetual churning that goes on The devas and asuras are now busy churning the state’s ocean of milk in the name of temple entry for women of a certain age bracket at Sabarimala….

The scribe did an informal survey among the public intellectuals of both sides to find out the symbolism behind the 18 steps that lead to a higher consciousness that the faithful aspire to

None seemed to have any clues nor does the anual trips seem to lessen the intensity of the churning Every game needs two sets of players It is win or lose for the players …. the referees and the organisers always win It took some additional search to dig out the symbolism behind and the origin of ‘Chathan’ to around 400 AD …during the second Reformation in Indiia…the 18 steps are an elaboration of the three we have already discussed 14 …. an elaboration of the second step ….2×7 worlds

Why 2×7 ?
The computational system of ancient Tamils approached reality considering the physical and the virtual simultaneously unlike the ‘moderns’ who are yet to sort out this wickedness of our problems The Akam |Puram ..Inside 400|outside 400 system .. is a four quadrants framework that accommodates reality of past present future physical and virtual in one go….More about this later
So …churning .. the PROCESS…pays off

The story of Onam has survived all the Re… Formations …continue to be integral to the psyche and community in the state
The intellectuals mostly limit themselves to the last of the Re Formations the western (cowboy west ?)
The previous three are not seen as such ….. the lead actors
These three ReFormations had the same process background ….a continuum from pre history

A fourth one was about to take off when the winds change The arrival of Vasco da Gama marks beginning of the last The process changed course and the country was left to deal with the shadow side of the last of the Reformations…Even where it started the process remains largely incomplete with the Church still in denial of Nature and the Feminine

Whereas Sanskrit is entirely founded on process …= ‘processed’ ….process is just another word with no such depth for the English-speaking

The synthesis ought to bring together the essential from all four rather than the last of these

The context

Of the Republic …’mistakes and Mystics’

This is the best of times
The worst of times
The age of reason
The age of stupidity
The tale of two states ….

Sapiens is a devolved version of Erectus

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller

Many of us have been intimately associated with the Operation Flood a process that has no parallels in recent history in terms of scale reach integration and scope for replicability…… local or global Some others with fishermen for over three decades

We were too often reminded of another churning and much later to draw some insights that has gone into this process

‘ The churning of the Ocean of Milk was an elaborate process: Mount Mandarawas used as the churning rod, and Vasuki, a nāgarāja who abides on Shiva’s neck, became the churning rope” Palazhi manthan – Wiki

The immortality hack

Synthesis | Exposition

The ladder of consciousness and the
12 Tribes of Jacob has a parallel in GOC..K
‘ Parayi Petta Panthirukulam’ . Wiki

Getting the numbers right …
Quantity Quality .. and Levels

0 Nothing
Sysiphus Naranath
Futile Work
We are all here from the Piraha to the post truth

0 | 1
The Binary …
Yes or No
Goddess mother of the muses…Mnemosyne
Goddess of memory…remembering

Everything …Yes and No
Positioned to be Human
Symbol Compass
Avatar …Matsya
Natural kind ….Compass

Comic mask, Shepherd’s crook Ivywreath
Avatar …Koorma
Natural kind….Maps

Muse..Terpsichore ..
Dance Lyre, Plectrum
Natural kind ..Clock

Muse Polyhymnia HymnsVeil, Grapes….an agricultural goddess
Avatar …Narasimham
Natural Kind ….GPS

Muse Melpomene
TragedyTragic mask, Sword or Club, boots
Avatar Vamana
Natural kind Cell

Muse Erato
Love poetry …Symbol Cithara Greek musical instrument
Avatar Parasurama
Natural kind …Plant

Muse Euterpe
Music, Song, and Lyric Poetry Symbol Aulos an ancient Greek musical instrument like a flute

Avatar Raman
Natural kind… Animal

1. 8
Muse Clio
History Scrolls, Books, Cornet, Laurel wreath

Avatar Krishnan
Natural kind… Human

Muse Calliope
Epic poetry
Writing tablet, Stylus, Lyre
Avatar Balaraman
Natural kind …Institutions
Avatar Kalki …yet to appear
Natural kind Community Process ReGeneration

Israel | Heaven ….12th stage | Tribe
Heaven is just 10 steps up the ladder of consciousness with reach of anyone who wants to make the choice ….No need to kick the bucket to enter 😉

Where are we now ….@ 0
Where are we going …To 1.10
Will we … ? No
Can I | We …. Yes

On this women’s day…. 8 Mar 2019 … remember that there is no salvation | regeneration without embracing the feminine and that applies to both the male and female Gender is much more than physiology

A history of the future is doable …..being done..Is in process

0 and 0|1 are the worst of times ….densest of spaces…hell

The road is less or not even travelled from 1.2

Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven….Whose will ?

Nature’s !

What is Natures will ?

You know it ….It’s so natural ….You don’t need to be an Einstein to make sense of this world ….not even Gödel or Turing but Ashby …Elinor Ostrom… and Wiki one can not do without ..

Bon Voyage


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