Thinking outside the box

The Atom-eater..
Kanada…Philosopher…recognised the need to observe the system independent of it .around 600 BC ..In our profile pic ….the eye stands for the observer and the rectangle for the …Box… System…. Universe We summed up the process of sense making.. knowledge architecture construction and management into this visual ….a desktop for KM even before they came up with the GUI for DOS …..It is also the architecture of human computing The birds and the bees do computing …hands free 🙂

Challenge : Compress this any further gainfully …without loss of meaning

This is the future of computing …human …post quantum….nonlinear visual …social ..device independent …our invariant position since 1990 ..the framework is future proof

The Future is Indian not because of anything else but for its unbroken continuity in KM from prehistory to the end days of the Kerala School of Maths and Astronomy…We desperately need it’s maths of completeness to replace Gödel and process philosophy in place of the ‘dog chase it’s own tail’ disciplines of the post truth age The best and the brightest are busy reinventing the wheel Sisiphus has a desi version in GOK We call him Naranath….

The Future is Indian ….Mallu !

“Stories are not about words. Stories are about pictures ” Our visual shows two paths …green and red Sapiens is undoubtedly on the red …perennial flood and desert is the nature of being …on this path

Among intelligent Indians who know that they are intelligent Mallus are the next critical segment ready to evolve into a trending community of the future The Mallus have built the post independent india …bit audacious ?

The nurses
Those who moved or forced out of the state

The better known ….
Creative Adv Cartoons
PP MKK KPP new gen..
Social: Literacy Akshaya
Kudumbasree ..

List is illustrative not exhaustive Many stake empty claims as to their contributions …half truths
The real reason ….the critical mass of free thinkers ….self-managers

The fishermen and the tribal are the custodians of the keys to the future
COMMUNITY.. Voluntarism… ADULTHOOD ……begins @ 70 🙂

We need to revisit history of GOK Every one of us a Marxist at heart though we wouldn’t have read the manifesto or may not know what Napoleon had to do with Marx or Pazhassi with Napoleon’s fall ..or why Hesse owes his Nobel to Kerala ?

The paleo diet is in… hunting and gathering.. living off Nature ….sustainable ..ought to become fashionable now

Mallus are not averse to Tech ? We did have techbright golden past…

4 Wheels of the DL Car

1. Community
2 Adulthood ..process maturity
3. Technology
4. Regenerative Learning

The future is here ….GoC..K

From Literacy to New Literacy
Are we really literate in the current context ?

1. Ask…We quizzed the quizmasters …What makes us human…different from animals ?
What is the purpose of sex ?
What are the 18 levels ..steps of the ladder of consciousness or 10..7..5..3
100 + other questions
We also tried Quora and Google to conclude…Asking is a dying habit !
2 Search
Has Google killed search ?
3 Connect ….Whither community ? This FB network has evolved over 48 years …Social networks do help….
4. Synthesize
If we cut the clutter of semantics and organise what we already know what is not achieved even in two decades by the loafers in the garden of knowledge will become achievable in 1 hour That would cut down our energy bills by >half ! Free…..Energy
5. Exposition… Content + communication
6. Adulthood ..Process Maturity
Where are the adults ? Nowhere
This network is an exception
7. Community …Can we learn together ? Experiencing community…Shared spaces ?
8. Regeneration
Imagine a fully regenerated body @70 healthier than when you were 25 …naturally !

Regen @ 70 The Army of Volunteers | from Pensioners ..Re- engineering the seniors

Smart Intelligent Transformed !

The transformers of the state electricity boards need not know what Transformation is…
Not so in every other place and positions …for example teachers in smart classes and mayors of smart cities NITI is no exception

We are with Taleb when he trashes IQ He stands the risk of being labelled IYI if he fails to come up with better alternatives

Thanks to some intelligent friends we have some algorithms that have proven good enough for over three decades Necessity compelled us to test them out ahead of the less fortunate ones who still wrestle with the semantics

The Lilliput App
What does it do?
Free the Gulliver in us
History is all about Lilliputs The lilliputian normal has become the norm whereas Gulliver is the true normal

What is it to be Intelligent ?
1. Positioned… invariantly
@ home …0Point ..Centre Free energy

2. Aligned …With the natural kinds ..all 10 levels…x 4 D

3. Reflection…Regeneration

Junk IQ…We are into the epigenetic process reality
Full regeneration is a free good ….no expiry dates and never late to choose Time is no more a resource

@Home…the Re..Turn where gravity ceases to be …Free.. 0 marginal cost exponential solutions… unlimited free lunches …DM me 🙂

What’s your position in life ?
Variant (ship’s) or invariant (lighthouse)?


I’m a consultant to consultants on developmental management since 1981

What’s yours ?

Evolution<> Devolution
Intelligence <> outcomes
Inheritance <> emergence

The Intelligent Indian ..
Eskimos Fishermen Sailors …they may not know this but they are the most intelligent ( what use is intelligence then ?)
Same is true of the Indian who are the most intelligent yet ignorant the or pretruth pseudoscientific …IQ swindle …thanks to the everest of complexity coupled with the highest tolerance to ambiguity …

UIDAI… Had high hopes that NN not NNT would do the figuring where Amartya fumbled… Intelligence is dialogic not argumentative and my former boss would wake them up from centuries of slumber and innocence …

NITI ..Future is Indian

That would have been the real exponential …Real and true illustration of free energy . .. infinite unlimited ….Intelligence is free energy

leadership is unleashing the free energy potential

The intelligent know that they are intelligent and it is so natural that there no effort in hiding it …

Indian history of visual computing and intelligence

You may not know this ..FB certainly is not intelligent They as yet do not know that mine is the most intelligent network in the digital I analog universe 🙂

Good day I night


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