Brain Synch and the NGI Algorithm

Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain
– Santiago Ramon y Cajal

We will embrace Natural General Intelligence (NGI) only through the AI route We are inching up the Jacob’s ladder

The Ladder of Consciousness – Tuning in to the Natural Kinds

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe.” – Tesla ..till we threw a spanner in the works

When tuned in to the Natural Kinds…the wheelwork of Nature … randomness gives in to Synchronicity While philosophers contribute to global warming we the lesser mortals may conclude that some are more conscious than others … of the natural kinds

The System of systems

1 Compass
2 Maps
3 Clock
5 Cell
6 Plant
7 Animal
8 Human
9 Institutions
10 Community | Regenerative Learning

Dasrath can move in any of 10 directions Ravana has 10 heads (levels… 10 heads will be quite unmanageable) Mnemosyne has 9 daughters the muses – the feminine in full bloom

Dactylonomic..Fully digital Takes all 10 fingers One can’t do without any one of them. (A 4DX400 version of this framework is in use since 1990)

We have lost touch ..with our fingers and brains..tbe real The binary will never match the fully digital Remember we have 20 of them The minimum requisite levels of understanding any system ..the very simple to the most complex …is 10 ….Seldom do we go beyond three !

Requisite Variety

The Compass : View from the 5th Floor

The building has windows only on one side The first floor on the east second floor on the west third floor on the north fourth floor on the south

The basement Plato’s cave has no windows

If we were to fix the direction for our journey we would do well to climb up to the fifth level …

Now wonder why Asoka put up the pillars all over his empire

By the way this applies to Chatur Varna too …Time..anything

Nobody wants to be reminded of Buddha ….Asoka….Chanakya….@home

We use our brains the way we use our smart phones Unsmartly …The user and the tool are seldom in alignment The most sophisticated and complex of our systems come without a user manual and performance benchmarks

The Lens Problem : That which works in practice works in theory

Some thoughts for food and medicine !

The history of flawed thinking begins with Plato
and ends with Whitehead

If product is in the process thought is in thinking Flawed thinking leads to flawed thoughts

Asoka Chakra is an inference engine (not the only one) How we taught the Greek to think till Plato took them into the cave
(More ..Kanada…The atom eater Nagarjuna…Akam |Puram ..Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths)

The history of Amnesia in India is a few centuries old

Not that we don’t use but we misuse our brains… self destructively …is the problem

Spinoza (1632-1677) was a lens maker …a philosophers’ philosopher. Lenses correct visual aberrations and find their place in microscopes and telescopes facilitating the short and long views. He had the rarest of rare lens to SEE beyond the obvious making him immortal in spite of his short life. Invariably our internal lenses are at fault for what we SEE and the internal visual aberrations need correction to design sustainable solutions.

A combination of lenses is an imperative to SEE through the heights of complexity.

Complexity scientists mostly add to the complexity Natural Complexity can be said to be invariant while man-made complexity continues unabated Disciplines add to the semantic swamp and each one uses her own lens

We use 4 lenses | filters and a participative process to resolve this issue The content is an evolving one since 1990

The lenses are

Design and

inside outside thinking with the observer as a participant in the process is integral to Indian thought systems Complexity is perhaps the only real competitive advantage for the country Jack Ma is off the mark on no experts on tomorrow Indians have some very unique (yet to be put to use) accumulated learning on the expertise for tomorrow …You will find more Indians heading the biggies….

Tech as metaphor : Why how is better than why ?

Theory ought to follow experience
Much of our problems are the products of the opposite
The more important spin off from technology is the experience becomes the stepping stone to the next level of understanding While the driverless car or uber have not delivered what it can in an ideal situation the lesson that an algorithm can transform a current reality has more implications than what the design was originally meant to deliver……..

Transformations unlimited …birth of adult consciousness

A benchmark for Human Performance : In search of the complete man

100 years +
Working …Physically regenerated A net giver… not a taker

The renaissance man has outlived history …with the boomers in their 70s The Wiki list of centenarians has many who are 110 +

The gap of 30 + years is a pointer to the scope of this conversation

If 100 + is the benchmark what is the true normal …What will be the full expression of the design ?

Will continue…

When time is no more a resource The slow down One time for the planet ..Conversations & Commons


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