First Discipline 2018 OS3

ReGenerative Learning



πŸ‘Œ| 0 | Nothing | The Compass and Light houses | Where are you Now | Location

πŸ‘ 1 Everything

Fooled by Randomness ?

Truth has more possibilities than fiction True or False ?

North from north met JM from south in cyberspace on one of the early social networking platforms

This is a random event

Not in the south

In the south everything is by design even your name nothing by chance

The truth according to JM

North meets south
West meets East
Woman meets Man
Young meets old
North is for true North
Polaris the brightest star
This work is about finding true North
There are some problems you can solve only with your brightest friend|s

Would North agree ?

Would the twain east and west meet ?

Has truth more possibilities ?
Is JM fooled by randomness ?

Yes or No
Yes No Yes and No or Choose not to choose
Which do you choose to choose ?

We suggest you choose not to choose till the end of the game

JM is no average Joe
He is 69
at work for 44 years
Apprenticed with a centenarian sanskrit scholar for 25 years
in better health than most others of his age
a published author
went through two MBA programmes in his younger days the latter one of the best in India
Have worked with many of the smartest best and brightest in governance industry and the social sector
Facilitates accelerated learning since 1990
Prefers Cervantes and Bunyan to Taleb
Whitehead to Russel

Neither is North

She is 33 went to Harvard to study WGS an artist painter to be more specific

Now over to the Left North and West

πŸ‘πŸ‘|2| The Map | Domain of problems

Have you met your anti particle ?
Met her 47 years ago
We got married
With her came order | discipline
We quarrel incessantly yet remain married forever
She is the mirror that shows me the god | particle –
Says him who shrunk all the books published | to be published into one pic
The OS to THE SELF version 1 1990
Raj caselet …. Sustained high performance people

The Ark has all the pairs
The Flood is on
Truth be seen not told
Visible to the naked eye
Throw off your Republican glasses
The word and the sword makes a perfect pair
See if you SEE
The complete woman is a complete man
And VV

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 3 Clock | Metrics | Connecting | Domain of solutions | Meaning Making

Holy trinity Yes, AND, No

For No thing Every thing is the anti Particle
In the perpetual conflict between the two Be ing manifests

> Human

> Colours

> FD 2018 OS 3

> Present

> World Cup Final

97 watch 2 play 1 Referee

It takes very little effort to change the game …..???

Men and women giving birth to each other Homo Sapiens Erectus in the making

Re generating the human and the planet in the Process

A body at rest is rusting …in Process

When you return this will be a different river …..Keep re turning | reflect | to pay attention to the improvement in between

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘|4| The GPS | AI | system on a chip | Tech the proof for Science | 4 W drive | setting True North | where are we going ?

The quality of 4

W + E

Student + Child

Kshatriya + Sudra

New >|< Old

It’s the context that decides

Asoka chakra …History of maths of completeness Of Godel and others Turing vs Ashby

Tetralemma | Catushkoti | Asoka chakra | Nagarjuna Chakra | the history of | Sign art meets Concept art

5 | The right palm | The Cell | Life

FB ..What is quantity without quality ?
Aparna Nothing
GS Quality transforms quantity
ESN Zen and the art of Motor cycle Maintenance
GS Robert M Prirsig
JM I remember

The fork on the road
Not travelled | forgotten

ESN ..bridge
Ferry girl ..raft
Feather girl …Wings

JM Entropy turns negative | anti gravity | achieving take off velocity ….Miles to go
Musk says Mars

Reminder The digits are connected by the palm and ….The two palms ….And all add up to ….

6 | Plants | Rooted |Roots
7 | Animal |,,Perfection
8 | Human
9 | Community | Wiki | New Commons |Elinor Ostrom
10 | Data | information |Understanding |Trans Formations infinite |Iterations | ADULT |Natural General Intelligence |Man Machine Singularity

New literacy ” The progression from written word to an image shifts the interpretation from the author to the receiver” -Susan Sontag

Lens | Self
Data | Information
Concave | Convex
Analyse |SyntheSize

One needs to climb all 10 steps
Not one single digit is dispensable

Where are the ADULTS
How old are you ?

Chronologically 79 Years
Physiologically 33
Psychologically 13
Cellular < 3

We are all in our teens
Perpetual Adolescence

Summing up

Principles of Regenerative Learning
The simplex framework to complexity

( We need a few more ‘aye’ s to proceed ) ☺️

Dasarath The smart VTOL Chariot that can move in any or all of 10 directions No ordinary vehicle but a thought experiment A system on a system No chips Hands free

1Home. Positioning There is always a solution and a still better one
2 A map of all maps exists There is no substitute for the visual
3 The non controversial reference point fot the measure of improvement in order Consensus is the basis of reality and dialogue the imperative
4 The context defines the meaning and the rule of four AI is the proof for NI System on a chip
5 The cellular…. Life defies death
6 Plant Rootedness of all The continuum of living | non living Emergence and inheritance
7 Animal Design is perfect understanding not
8 Human-ness is in conscious evolutionary improvement
9 Community is the measure of all things The new commons is doing well Build | Not | Break
10 Information, the Adult and politics of silence.Less than 1 % is responsible for the noise 10 is the minimum requisite variety in levels to deal with complexity The room for improvement is forever empty

Birth of the ADULT

Nobody…the churches godmen|women ..most pyramidal organisations…..wants the ADULT It is hep to accumulate followers and quite the norm to accept that we are sheep to be led The one sheep that lost on the way must have been an adult one for him to risk the 99 for the one The adult is invariantly @ home Knows where s|he is headed and reflects continually to stay on course S|he has at least one friend to serve as a rear view mirror to each other and together they are complete We have accumulated so many over 28 years of this dialogue and needs no further validation to conclude thus We have left too many digital footprints all along …proof..

The adult is alone but not lonely @home S|he transforms data to information Pyramids collapse in the process as community of adults emerge a natural outcome of the information order that is inevitable to emerge… in the very long run New tribes and their Commons are emerging all over It appears that there is no precedence to this anytime in known hiStory

The Churning | Proccess

Information Data
—- @ –– Home

Learning Improvement

Aliens @ home ? the deep discontent ..Return of the prodigal daughter πŸŽ‚

Why information (?) makes us more miserable ?

@ the icon of our time …

1 Hindu |Jew| Buddhist|Christian
2 Islamic | Industrial
3 Information
@ TransFormation

Looking back is not going back What brought us here ..hiStory including stories and myths will not take us there rather storythe telling must enable us to kill the story to go beyond them


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