Regenerative Learning

What’s in a name ?
A Lot
Regenerative Learning (RL)
Fully Digital

No matter how old | maimed we are we have the potential to regenerate our…selves… fully ….completely …on our own RL explores the process

The binary is not fully digital The thumb can signify 0 or 1 We might need AI to nudge us to Natural Intelligence (NI) We need AI to appreciate NI What if we unleash the computing power of all 20 of our digits Beat the race to AI with NI ?

The New Literacy

Ground Zero | 0 or 1 ? |Ask yourself | Free to choose

We are yet to meet some..body who has DECIDED to LIVE though this dialog began on 16 July 1990. Are we not dead men walking ?

” The price we pay for centuries of denial of the body the ADULT and the feminine is unimaginable ” states the priest who would like to remain anonymous. As a species we still live in the age of darkness..the Kaliyug

Those of us who claim to be smart civilzed post modern and post truth live in the age of the binary…Dwapara every man an island

There is a third option …the Threta…Age of learning..connecting..Infinite transformations graduating to the fourth age of truth.. the satyayug The prodigal sun returns home He is no more an island dweller..Dwaipayana..Like Vyasa author of the great Epic Mahabharata

There is only one decision to make in life to choose between 0 and 1 nothing and everything finite and the infinite life and death Choose 1 firmly and irrevocably

Everything else falls in place. The vulnerability is no more. Healing begins here.Chaos gives in to order Live on Infinitely on the path of increasing order and continual renewal…..The new regime in Mexico has come to power promising a Regeneration Plan. Promises have a history of besting forever without delivery. Making history is to prove all of history wrong.

0 or 1 ?

1| Quality of one. Breaking Ground | The Regeneration Plan

Born again The Dwija Twice born

“The most important day of your life is not the day you were born but the day you know why” source unknown

Why | when was I born ?

Biological birth is no great event Millions have gone by without even being counted We do remember a handful from the past The current heroes will very soon be forgotten Many of them will not even have a wiki page in their name So

1 or 99 ?
If 100 is All
Is 1 > 99 ?
Yes says JHC

To risk 99 for 1 goes against common wisdom Exceptions show the way not the mass.we need both to complete the whole just as If logic is a frog intuition is the eagle There is always a solution and always an even better solution than the last one AI is the proof for NI but not the substitute Beauty and the beast make the whole There is not even 1 in a million chance that beauty recognises and tames the beast

Slow and steady wins the race Real achievement is painfully slow Patience is perhaps the greatest virtue After 28 years of work we have one who says firmly and irrevocably that s|he is free from the shadow of death We have had minor achievements all through but this one is groundbreaking The 99 pales in comparison to the one

We are not talking about shooting stars and start ups Not even unicons The Halley’s comet is a more frequent occurrence for such a black swan event

S|he is a being true to its nature free of all shadows death time gender past future Merges with the context like a chameleon to transform it to what it ought to be the true Catalyst to the alchemical process

Nature prevails | favours the natural Ruthlessly rejects the artificial Another population bottleneck is staring at us If a species chooses to self destruct there is no way it can be redeemed

The fit shall survive So shall the myths This time there will be more left to piece them together than post Flood or the Toba event

Making of the catalyst

We have a pretty poor opinion of our collective self and this is most acute with the best of us The scribe has been working with such a community for 33 years. Hardly anything of the self is left unappropriated by diverse esoteric boxes | disciplines

To choose between 0 and 1 is to accept our completeness
Caught between the devil and the deep sea we have no choice other than signing a pact with the devil | beast to undo the history of incompleteness and denial of the body the adult and the feminine

We have been paying attention to our incompleteness thereby creating it which adds up to 0 ! Nothing We are born when we reject such a worldview and chooses 1 firmly and irrevocably.which marks the beginning the first step on the path of regenerative learning While history | past acts like gravity to conform to the false normal the true normal beckons from the future setting the direction for the journey In the WC 1 plays 99 watch. 1 wins even when the game is lost The game matters to all It is fun anti gravitational giving buoyancy | lift for the take off

We are designed to fly It takes four to tango two teams the referee and the people in the gallery Life is the ultimate game

Children have flying dreams until we the pipers of Hamlin steal the child in them forcing them to conform to our notions of the false normal if everything goes well a rarity adolescent girls dream of boats rivers and the sea graduate to flying dreams by the time boys have grown up heavy lose their capacity to recollect their dreams Krishna Dwaipaayana ( Vyasa ) author of the Epic Mahabharata is an island dweller. Every story | dream is a boat | bridge to completion We need many not any single one The fascist and the fanatic have only one

Orpheus goes under and should not look back until he surfaces.

The superior man is all-embracing and not partial. The inferior man is partial and not all-embracing. Confucius

S|he the superior man is 1 complete male female trans gender POSITIONED to perform

2 | Quality of | Where are we going | The Map | Story telling | Story killing | of poles Polarities…Poli…Ticks…Trickle down vs Emergence.. the domain of problems

Tell us you are not a Robot ….

A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge–response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. The term was coined in 2003 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford. Wikipedia

Does that make us human ?
We have Life skill schools (?) for fairly grown ups the only species that need one. Robots are purpose built They are true to design deliver what they promise. We always promise to deliver but never

Are we inferior to robots ?

Wonder why we need AI ?

Are we designed for a premature exit without the ADULT ever being born ?

The captcha might suffice to prove we are not robots but will that suffice to prove that we are human ?

So tell us what makes us human ?

A question in asking for 28 years to some of the smartest of the lot

HR managers
Faculty |students of Engineering |Medicine | Business
CAT aspirants
People who claim to be smart …And ‘Transformers ‘
Google | Quora

The fisher the tribal and the farmer kept us grounded

It seems the birth of the Adult human is a long way off. Are we designed for a premature exit without the ADULT ever being born ?

Individually each one of us may remain incomplete works in process forever

Things are not that bad There is a politics of silence at play less than 1% play more than 99 watch…. in silence ……despite the uproar from the galleries

We have met many a perfect pair or pairs that hold infinite potential for infinite transformations

So near yet so far ? Like going to Mars to find my…self ….the revolution brewing @home

The complete pair | Men and women give birth to each other


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