Transformations Unlimited

Accountants do a better job than mathematicians physicists physicians and economists Their numbers add up and they keep their books in order… balanced. It was not always so. There was a time when astrology was the queen of science and Mathematics was about order and completeness

Way of Order (Murai Vazhi ~ Tamil )

Digits20 | We have almost lost all TOUCH with them…..We learnt our numbers with them and language evolved from numbers

Keys to continual transformations@0Marginal Cost

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#consciousevolutionaryliving #naturalgeneralintelligence

All cars needn’t be smart to do away with logjams All of us needn’t be SMART to get us out of our logjams A critical mass off infinite players will do

“What will undo any boundary is the awareness that it is our vision, and not what we are viewing, that is limited.” –James P. Carse

According to him “a boundary is a phenomenon of opposition (finite). A horizon is a phenomenon of vision (infinite).”

The ultimate infinite game is the game of life.

We are not designed to remain tools of our tools. The design is for repetitive but continuous better and better transformations

“What got you here will not get you there” – Marshal Goldsmith What we already know hold us back from the NEW

A new kind of literacy is a contextual imperative

New Literacy

Ask, Search, Connect , Synthesise, Exposition | Adulthood | Process Awareness…the body at rest is rusting (This document continues to evolve through the process since 1990…28 years)

The Turnaround

Outcomes to Inputs circularity | GIGO | My black cat could not even catch a fly So I bought a white one

The Ladder of Understanding (LOU)

10 Regeneration .Planet | Body

9 Build | Community | Shared space virtual | physical

8 Human.ness ADULT…ASKs…Zero waste

7 The Animal…

6 Plant…roots…rooted

5 Cell ….biologic..self- regulation..

4 GPS..machine
self regulation. The rule | quality of four

3 Clock ….measure …Rule |quality of 3..invisible hands that go back
Time does not run out We do

2 Pencil .Doodle

0|1|👍…11 Nothing | Everything’ quality of one…position,.direction reflection…Process awareness

10,9,8 Community Intelligence

5,6,7 Ecological Intelligence

4,3,2,1 Machine Intelligence.
Nothing artificial or adorable about AI

Evolutionary | NGI = CI+E1+MI

There is no substitute for NGI AGI might | not | catch up with NGI in another 40 years ! This is computing with just 10 digits | the Ladder of Understanding We have 10 more

Are we SMART ?

Compass | GPS
Phone | Smart Phone
Car | Google Car | Uber

S self-managed
M measured
A autonomous
R responsible
T transformed

The product is in the process

Computing with 20 digits. Going real time 24×7

Pull the LOU to form a 10x 10 matrix in 4 D and you have one each for each palm | feet

RH Potential
LF Performance
LH Past
RF New

We are positioned for Sustained High Performance Customise to context We are what we repeatedly do. No limits

Are we within or outside the matrix. Yes and No. The Centre remains at the centre….Like that of the Foot ball in WC. The Chariot and the Charioteer 👍’Dasrath’ the one | that can move in any one of 10 directions


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