The Conscious Living Programme

Are we the tools of our tools?

Natural General Intelligence (1)

The Principles of | Real Growth | Discipline |Transformation

New Literacy Ask, Search, Connect , Synthesise, Exposition | Adulthood

Turnaround : Outcomes to Inputs circularity GIGO

10 Regeneration .of the Planet |Body
9 Build | Community | Shared space virtual or physical
8 Human human.ness ADULT…ASKs…Zero waste
7 The Animal…perfection
6 Plant…roots…rooted
5 Cell ….biologic
4 GPS..machine self regulation. The rule of four
3 Clock ….measure …Rule of 3..invisible hands that go back Time does not run out We do
2 Pencil .Doodle
1, 0, 10, Compass…position,.direction reflection…Process awareness

10,9,8 Community Intelligence

5,6,7 Ecological Intelligence

4,3,2,1 Machine Intelligence.Nothing artificial or adorable about Machine Intelligence

Evolutionary or Natural General Intelligence NGI = CI+E1+MI.

There is no substitute for NGI
S self-managed
M measured
A autonomous
R responsible
T transformed


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