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Some questions Google | Wiki | Quora | Scholar/s fail to answer

0. You think you are smart ?
1. What distinguishes the human from the Animal ?
2. Give three words that reflect your Invariant positions in life
3. What is the minimum requisite number of steps on the ladder of understanding to effectively deal with reality ?
4.What is the potential lifespan of a human ~ ?
5. How many years is your career horizon ?
6. What differentiators distinguish the ADULT from the parent and the child ?
7. What is NGI ?
8. What is your NGI score ?
9. What is Evolutionary Intelligence ?
10. What is Community IQ ?
11. A Question to the Transformers. What is the outcome of the process, the three invariant steps involved and the metrics ?
12. What is the implicate order in Indian Philosophy ?
13. What causes information asymmetry ?
14. Why do we prefer chaos to order ?
15. Why do we hate unpleasant questions ?
16. Why do Yogis | Church sell cosmetics run hospitals ?
17. Shashi Why are you not a Buddhist ?
18. How old are you ? Chronological, Biological, Psychological, combined average ?
19. Frame 5 questions that Google | Wiki and Quora fail to answer
20. What is regenerative learning ?
21. List 6 New Literacy Skills
22. In how many years do you plan to retire from work | play ?
23. What is the common ground between art, religion and science ?
24. What is your digital presence ?
25 How do you use social media to create content ?
26. List 5 words that you associate with SMART as in smart cities .
27.Give an example from your own life where 1) practice is ahead of theory and 2) theory is ahead of practice
28.Cite a time when you disagreed with someone and yet respected him/ her for the disagreement…
29.Do you think it is perfectly in order when two persons viewing the same thing see them in completely different ways.
30. Explain stretch in one sentence
31. Machine Man Nature Alignment in one word
32. Is physical immortality feasible ?
33. What is a zero marginal cost community. Examples
34. Are you a net giver or taker ?
35. How is the GPS different from the Compass ?
36 What is THE most basic of human needs ?
37. I need around …Hours of sleep a night .
37. My favourite brand of a 4 wheeler, two wheeler
38. 4 of my favourite brands
39. My favourite role models
40. Authors/Books/ Movies (two  each)

41. What is faster than light ?

42. Narrate a dream that you remember (not a daydream)
43. What do the four varnas signify ?
44. What do the four Lions of the Lion Capital of Asoka signify ?
45. How do you align the unconscious with the conscious ?
46. Why is the Turing Test redundant ?
47. Ifyour 10 fingers are numbered from 1 to 10 from the right thumb to the left and each finger is one level above the previous in four dimensional space how many variants can your 10 fingers signify ?
48. If the matrix has four times the cells that can be signified by 10 fingers what is the total number of cells ?
49. Are you within the matrix or outside ?
50. Of the 10 levels of systems what is the current state of evolution of humans and their institutions ?

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