Singularity is NOW

#mentalmaps #integralanalytics #processthinking #newdigital

Singularity is NOW

The binary flood | Building your own Ark
The new Glass Bead Game
Inside 400, Outside 400
Past 400, Future 400
Juggling with 1600 beads in real time …at your fingertips..the immortal’s dance
Rest..less is rust…less
We are works in process WIP
Identified Flying Objects IFO
Rusting to pieces
Children have flying dreams …?
Grown ups dream up UFOs…?
Feathergirls become airborne
Ferrygirls bridge continents
Flatlanders, most of us, remain landlocked !
No wonder we are restless

No..thing to worry
Even particle physicists are unemployable !
Nothing matters dark or otherwise

Thanks to all friends who chipped in


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