Maps, Terrains, and Their Impact on Learning and Performance

TaoFactor! | Aligning Performance with Potential

We are, but, the product of maps. Our maps are the mental abstractions and constructs within our minds – very few of them built on our own by design, by carefully observing, and deeply inquiring about, the many intertwined terrains in which we operate. Most of our maps, though, are second-hand – many times over – handed down from generations before us, accepted by us without any inquiry at all, and again handed on to future generations. We are all a bundle of pre-fabricated concepts.

The terrains change. At speeds, which are accelerating sharply. Brought on by the onslaught of technology.

But most of our maps are pre-fabricated concepts, some of them very old, unchanged from generations. Maps about living, learning, education, work. We look for answers from the past, from the abstractions and concepts that have created the problems. Indeed, an enormous burden on individuals, organizations, nations and the…

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