How JNU Taught Me To Celebrate My Womanhood: Shalini Dixit

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey


I was an average student in JNU with not much political involvement. There are a large number of students in JNU who do not participate in protests and marches. Still it is said that ‘once in JNU always an activist’. It is because politics in JNU is more about applying your knowledge to society rather than losing our academic track. This comes to happen as a part of academic process that we go through at JNU. The readings that we do are about social structures, political happenings, historical events and economical arrangements. These readings are about things outside the campus. When we do these readings we take them seriously. We start questioning the existing realities, including the reading themselves.  Unlike most of the other universities we are encouraged to do that.

I came to JNU as a small town girl from a religious background from…

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