To the First Monkey

What is the project ?
Asked my daughter on Skype
I told her.
Not convinced, she kept on and on
What is the capacity of the capacity builder?
Who will transform the transformer?
What are you building?
Who are you building for?
You will be judged by us, the women, poor, the next gen, the feminine
On what kind of spaces you created for us
Physical and virtual
Virtual first and then the physical
You are all terrorists, either soft or hard
The macho one is easier to spot, the Arnab type
You see them and hear them on the channels
The softer version is hard to spot
Needs a trained eye
She wished me luck and sent me a Tee
It said. ” BANANA REPUBLIC : Reg. No. 1949 ”

Contd: Pay peanuts, get Monkeys 


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