We are thought !

” We are thought

We think we think but we are thought

In US Thinking(Sapiens Thinking) (not U.S) it is primitive to think we are modern 

Roots think we are modern
Shoots think they are modern
Root wilt and bunchy top
We miss the in-between from the Tree of life/Knowledge
They are two not one in our thinking
Glad MOM didn’t make an estimation error
If there was one,  it was on the positive side
Lest MOM would have vanished into deep space
…and Dad…?
No he didn’t
Then who went wrong?
US, the living !
The estimation error of our invariant position – human-ness
Is magnified many times over
And we miss the destination by light years
What we think progress is the great fall
We are born to fly, born to live
The car, air crafts and space crafts – our adult dreams
The flying dreams of our early years, dreams of innocence
Manifestations of our collective longing to fly
We think we are born to limp, born to die
And we stumble, fall and die
Improve in spurts, discrete, not continual
We think we think
We are being thought by the unknown
Mightier than the known
Sapiens goes intergalactic as we were once. “

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