Contextual Literacy

A desiccated self
Appropriated by priests and pedagogues
The elite vs the chaiwallahs 
A freedom struggle
Why do we call it the rush hour when nothing moves – Robbin Williams 
We thought, for him it moved
Standing up for 63 years
Did he? Do we? 
68 years of movement
All the moving, yet no movement
Development  or Re-development? 
Revenge of the underdog, Aam aadmi
A modified nation? 
Cannibals ?  
I go visiting my friend, the Amazonian headhunter
Shown the trophies – half a dozen heads.
I notice his sad face
“what is the problem, this is such a great collection?”
” No problem, but my brother has a dozen! ” – Jchaque Fresco
Have we graduated from our hunting gathering days? 
What trophies do we collect?
Head hunting new style ! 
Turning us into humanoids
A robotic future
Piper of Hamlin –  a few more generations and there will be just one piper and one music 
Are we cannibals?
Parents feeding on children and now children feeding on parents.
Priests feeding on the laity
Pedagogues feeding on their students
Politicians on citizens 
Contextual literacy. 
The dog barks, tree doesn’t though all trees have barks. Stripped of the context, bark can not stand alone, the problem with literacy.  It cannot stand alone for long. Kerala is 100% literate or almost so. But which literacy are we talking about?  If it is about the new literacy, the state might get classified as neo-illiterate!  
Nothing to worry, there will be even Nobel laureates depending on how we define new literacy. 
So what is New Literacy? 
The learning outcome of New Literacy is adulthood in the true sense of the term. 

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