What is Natural? – The future of life

Ask more questions?

If you have run out of questions, I have a few for you, questions that I keep on asking. Raj paused  and threw his dart of a question at the group.

What is natural ?

Current average life expectancy at birth is 71 years, 68 years for males and 73 years for females.

Wiki has many lists of centenarians. Here is the one on currently living centenarians

How do we explain the gap of 29- 39 years between the average and the exceptional?

The average is no reflection of the normal or natural and our constructs of normal or natural are far from the true or natural. This is  the brick and mortar with which we build the dungeons to imprison our selves. What we do is break when we say build.

Do centenarians and women live a more natural life?

What is  the design for, to live for  110 years, or 200 +  years?

I believe it is for 200 + years.

If so what is the magic age when you are fully born – physical, mental, spiritual, social – adult ?

What can make you live for 200 + years ?

What happens to work ?

What about marriage ?

What happens when you exhaust your bucket list ?


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