The Window to the Self – A Thought Experiment

Return to the Centre and the new beginning

Imagine yourself at the centre of a perfect sheet of rubber being inflated all around in the conflict between the old and the new, the ideal and the operational.   Being a perfect sheet of rubber it does not get torn but stretches perfectly. The centre of the sheet remains at the centre, undisturbed

Now imagine the sheet being transformed into a perfect football. What happens to the centre? The centre is shifted to the centre of the football and the football is being kicked around in the world-cup with no timelines.

It is a perfect football. Nothing happens to the centre. It remains at the centre absolutely centred, motionless and at peace. Sometime during the process of being kicked around the football becomes aware of what is going on.  Instead of being chased around it decides to chase the players!

Imagine your own self, the perfection and the conflicts and the process of becoming centred, taking the lighthouse position and the beginning of the journey of sustained continuous improvement.

Infographics – Return to the Centre, 


11 thoughts on “The Window to the Self – A Thought Experiment

  1. The scientific studies on self systems reveal that the self notions in our consciousness is a product of the learning process,and is hence a disparate system in the brain,as a virtual entity.The real self is a more extended concept that encompasses the universe,and is entangled with it.The scientists are even talking of concepts like quantum consciousness.Empirical evidence related to Eastern meditation based on Yogic breath and contemplation techniques,and those of Zasen,reveal that the organism can attain pure consciousness states characterised by an absence of thinking.In such altered consciousness states there is an inhibition of the brain circuitry associated with self referential thinking and self generated mental images and thoughts.The localised self evolves to an extended self .The subjectivity of stream of consciousness is replaced by an oceanic or mystically ecstatic sense of oneness with a cosmic being.There is more objectivity in perception of truth and reality.
    This has implications for management,self development,personality,mental culture,and even ecology,education and economics.Here one overcomes the subject-object discrimination and the self -other differentiation.The world is not seen in terms of right and wrong or good and bad,or success and failure.One is aware of a grey world where it is not polarised but a bit of both ends or poles.The yin-yang philosophy sees a grey world in place of water tight black and white notions.The metaphysical wisdom of ancient India also speaks of three qualities as operative principle-the pure,the impure and Rajas which is betwixt the above poles of good[satva] and bad[tamas],and has an existence of its own as a middleground,seperate from the other two,but still retaining much of the same in a combined state.
    Deepak Chopra mentions pure potentiality of the self as the measure of self realization and success.The real battle is won within,and inner happiness and peace is more important than extrnal appurtenances and attainments,since the latter alone cannot bring in happiness and contentment.There are many who are miserable despite their material possessions and credits.Robin Sharma speaks about these ancient concepts in a modern way through his writings.
    pOSITIVE THINKING AND FEELINGS COME TO SELF IN PURE CONSCIOUSNESS STATES ATTAINED BY INTERNALISING YOUR VITAL ENERGIES AND LISTENING TO YOUR BREATH WITHIN,AND DELVING DEEPER INTO YOU THROUGH YOUR BREATHING TO ACHIEVE SLEEP LIKE STATES IN AWARENES.There are scientific reports about how one can experience that systematically through sleep breathing techniques.The breath moves more up-down in the body than in-out as in wakeful states.That is the special rhythm and pattern of breathing in sleep which is important in revitalizing your system and rejuvenating and refreshing you physically,mentally and vitally.When you attain or learn to attain this natural sleep state in awareness you have benefits of true meditation as evidenced in scientific literature[reported in prestigious journals like SCIENCE AND SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN].
    The organism has an ergotropic action mode when the subjective or localised self is active,and also a tropotrophic receptor state of the system when the action mode is inhibited and balanced.That is very important in life.
    those more intersted in further discussions in person or by mail can keep in touch

  2. Great concepts that link back to the consciousness development aspect of regenerative leadership. Are you going to Boston at the end of the month? I’d like to start up a conversation.

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