Why we do what we do?

Leaderless Leadership

Best of times | Worst of Times
πŸ”Natural selection plays major role in an organism’s capacity to evolve and adapt December 4, 2020 Santafeedu
Not for Us Humans Un|Fortunately
We need to Consciously Choose our EvolvAbility

A time to ACT
Wake up from dreaming
πŸ” Let Us Dream by Pope Francis review – the holy father of fraternity In reflections written during lockdown, the pontiff adds his weight to a growing group of people seeking a return to community-minded values ~ Julian Coman Sun 29 Nov 2020 Observer

β€’It’s harder to guess what we see than what is hidden from us ~ Oscar Wilde

β€’β€’Emergent Causation In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence occurs when an entity is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own, properties or behaviors which emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole ~ Wikipedia

β€’β€’β€’Beyond what meets the eye

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End of Kleptocracy : Time FB pays Loyalty Bonuses

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New School For Management Of Self Home Business Governance & Development NSFM

SLApp: Smart Learning App For the Intelligent..Genius.. Smart 0111 The DIY Project | New Literacy | An All Purpose Vaccine
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Buddha’s Smile | West Meets East : A Bridge Across.. From Boston to Bangalore

E: Hi G I’m lying on my bed not doing so well due to pain. I have my splints on and a heating pad on. What do you think I should do?

G: We have an energy healing
meditation we give in class Would you like to give it a try?


G: May be a little inconvenient as you will have to watch the screen and do it Stretch your lips very lightly as if a smile is breaking out

Feel the loosening of the lips Visualise the Buddha and the gentle smile

Feel the tingling around the corners of your lips

Observe your breathing Feel the air entering your nostrils going in
breathing becomes slower and slower tingling spreads from the corners of your lips.. very gently

Imagine a flame of light behind your head and you are tuning in to the flame

Allow your attention to shift from the tingling to your breathing and the flame The smile spreads very very gently breathing becomes slower and slower the flame grows larger gently touching your head and expanding Continue with the cycle as the sensations spread from your face to the body very slowly very gently

The body relaxes Air goes in filling your lungs and leaves the body with the pain tensions and stress

E : Sorry to interrupt The pain is gone Blood has returned to the arms

G : Great I was doing it with you as I was texting Once you are familiar with the steps do it at intervals Extend the duration The details of your visualisation is left to your imagination Your proficiency increases as you practice Focus shifts from healing to health

Remember your comments to our last post ” Its all a ‘Matter of Energy’ ” Gravity | Pain is a very local condition

Teach a few people It helps your learning

E : Sure Thanks G

G Most welcome Next time you have pain that you cant manage ping me we will do it together Dream well Good Night

E: Good day G


End of HiStory | Beyond Ages Stages & Colour : Fifth Kind Untouchable to the SEER πŸ¦‰5 ---

Truth 4πŸ¦πŸŒ• | πŸŒ‘πŸŸ 1 Kali
Threta 3πŸ—πŸŒ” | πŸŒ“πŸ’2 Dwapara


2|4 | 1 |
♾️—0—♾️ —πŸ”₯—
3 | 2|4 |

What’s in a Number other than in relationship with Zero?

Being and Nothingness ~ Sartre

πŸ”All Things are Nothing to Me: The Unique Philosophy of Max Stirner ~Book by Jacob Blumenfeld

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences ~ Thomas Theorem

Atlantis Rising | Entropy Metrics
The Free Association Test FAT

Write 4 words each that comes to mind corresponding to levels 1 to 21 in under 1 minute for each level

1 🦁N NE 🦁

2 1+ πŸ¦… πŸŒˆπŸ¦‹

3 1 β˜” +1
4 0.9 πŸ‘­
5 0.8 πŸšΆβ€
6 0.7 πŸ„
7 0.6 🌡
8 0.5 🧬
9 0.4 πŸ“²πŸ¦
10 0.3 β°οΈπŸ—
11 0.2 🌎🐒
12 0.1 🧭 🐟

13:0 βš“ πŸ‘οΈπŸ”₯ @ home +1

14 -0.1🧭 🐟
15 0.2 🌎🐒
16 -0.3 β°οΈπŸ—
17 -0.4 πŸ“²πŸ¦
18 -0.5 πŸŒ“
19 -0.6 ⚫
20 -0.7 🐸 Machina
21 🦁 S SE🦁

Keys to Unlock the Unconscious | Subconscious
Remembering Who We Are

Of 🐸 | πŸ¦…|πŸ¦‰


North NE True North Emergence Potential Direction ReGeneration True to Nature True Normal Natural Improvement Progress Development Levels Virtual

1+ πŸ¦… πŸŒˆπŸ¦‹ In Process Whole Transformation Macro Global Perspectives Shared Vision Infinite Limitless Learning = improvement from the previous best Order Quality

1 β˜” +1 Knowledge Systems Knowledge Management Commons Shared Vision Frame of Reference

0.9 πŸ‘­ Community Homo Sapiens Taker | Net Giver Contributing Work Re Imagined

0.8πŸšΆβ€Human Humanness Individuation Waste Taker
Learning Improvement Infinite

0.7 πŸ„ Perfect Being itself Quality True to Design No Expectations Zero Waste

0.6 🌡Rooted Connected Bridged Synthesis

0.5 🧬 Unicellular Self Regulation Living Systems Managing Non linear Dynamic

0.4 πŸ“²πŸ¦ Algorithmic self regulation Driverless Feedback
Reflection Machina Simulation

0.3 β°οΈπŸ— Metrics Quantity Quality Time Linear Non Linear

0.2 🌎🐒 Crossing Maps Mapping Map of Maps

0.1 🧭 🐟 Position|s Location Search Informed Meaning Lighthouse | Ship

0 βš“ πŸ‘οΈπŸ”₯ Location Anchor @ home Centre Positioned Human Adult Professional Facilitator Consultant Catalyst Student ADULT Wo|Man Conscious Agent

-0.1 🧭 🐟 Compass Positions Location Search Informed Virtual

-0.2 🌎🐒 Crossing Maps Mapping Map of Maps Bridge

-0.3 β°οΈπŸ— Measure Metrics Quantity Quality Linear Time Cyclical

-0.4 πŸ“²πŸ¦ Algorithmic Information Feedback Driverless
Reflection Machina Simulation

-0.5 🧬 Unicellular Self Regulation Living Systems Manage Non linear Dynamic

-0.6 🌡Rooted Connected Bridge between the top and bottom Transformation | Synthesis

-0.7 πŸ„ Being itself True to Design Expectations Waste

  • 1 🐸 Micro Details Routine Quantum Quantity South Developing Edge Chaos Performance Physical

🦁S SE🦁 Black Ignorance Hell Machine

The Owls Vision |5th Kind | The half way milestone


5 | πŸ‘οΈ
14 | 14
2 3 | 23

Buddha Smiles
The System : What Asoka & Nagarjuna SAW
Bhavishya Purana : The Future of History

🦁 🦁
πŸ¦… | New
πŸ‘οΈ 1—0—1πŸ”₯
Old | 🐸
🦁 🦁
Truth will Free Us

The Pilgrim’s Progress | 18 Steps on the Ladder of being InFormed Information being even more fundamental than ‘Consciousness’

Capacity Capability or Potential ?

Perceptual Ladder of Consciousness to the World of All Possibilities
SOS : The System of Systems

🦁N NE🦁

1+ πŸ¦… πŸŒˆπŸ¦‹

1 β˜” +1
0.9 πŸ‘­
0.8 πŸšΆβ€
0.7 πŸ„
0.6 🌡
0.5 🧬
0.4 πŸ“²πŸ¦
0.3 β°οΈπŸ—
0.2 🌎🐒
0.1 🧭 🐟

0 βš“ πŸ‘οΈπŸ”₯ @ home +1

-0.1🧭 🐟
0.2 🌎🐒
-0.3 β°οΈπŸ—
-0.4 πŸ“²πŸ¦
-0.5 πŸŒ“
-0.6 ⚫
-0.7 🐸
🦁 S SE 🦁

The Process πŸ”₯ O Men WπŸ‘οΈ Men O ccult M ind M eaning M odels M aps M etaphors M agic M iracles M ythology M ysticism M etrics Management

β€’ The Aion Lectures: Exploring the Self in C.G. Jung’s Aion
Edward F. Edinger 1996 Jung’s Aion laid the foundation for a whole new scholarly discipline that could be called archetypal psychohistory. It applies the insights of depth psychology to the analysis of cultural development, here focusing on the idea of the God-image, or Self, as it has evolved over 2,000 years of Western thinking. An edited transcript of the lecture series given at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles,1988-89.

β€’Novel Folklore: On Sadegh Hedayat’s The Blind Owl Jason Reza Jorjani Sadegh Hedayat’s novel The Blind Owl is widely considered to be the greatest work of modern Persian literature. Often compared to the classics of Existentialism and Gothic horror, The Blind Owl is widely believed to be cursed, so that anyone who reads it seriously is driven to suicide. … Google Books

β€’First Discipline 2013

β€’GovernMentality Kleptocracy & Utility Monsters
Governmentality, approach to the study of power that emphasizes the governing of people’s conduct through positive means rather than the sovereign power to formulate the law. In contrast to a disciplinarian form of power, governmentality is generally associated with the willing participation of the governed…..
…. Thus viewed, governing is an art involving the imaginative application of intuition, knowledge, and skills to administration and management
~Richard Huff Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University. Encyclopedia of Governance (2007) Britannicacom

β€’The Medium is the Message
Foucault (1983) the Culture of the Self YouTube

πŸ‘οΈQ Asian Age

Working Paper Sep 23 2019
πŸ‘οΈQ intelligence in Seeing
Swarm Intelligence | Atlantis Rising | Asian Age
“Had he insisted I take over the family farm I would have been a statistic long ago” In India Farmer suicides do not make news The free will question is no question other than for the academia which do not figure anywhere in the global 300 The fisher and the tribal are no different No freewill Only tenured professors | burrowcrats have options.. the luxury of retrofitting theories to their own hallowed existence What works in practice works in theory Osrrom’ s Law We found ourselves working with Farmers Fisher and the Tribal the very contexts we were fleeing from It started with The White Revolution in the early seventies something that worked in post Independence India Now farmers have an option ..with or without the Holy Cow The Fisher and the Tribal have no such second option It is either fight OR Flee Yet they flee less in comparison to the farmer The fisher is the sturdier of the lot With fifty years behind us to ruminate over this here is an indulgence that more people in the world are more likely to do as we age retrofitting theories to our experience We have the option To Think or not to Think Free will or Free won’t Unlike in the US where thinking is not allowed we have nothing to lose but only gain One Channel we watch is New Thinking Allowed That says it ALL What is paranormal elsewhere is the normal here
So We Think
Quantity We have the numbers
Quality v What is that ? 0 / 300
In search of Quality with Quantity
When the compass malfunctions do data matter ?
In trust we trust We have more trust in the farmer fisher the tribal than in the Pedagogue | Burrow Cats Why we use this platform
Swarm | Scam
Middle ground | Commons
Return of the collective
Wiki is 12 years behind the process of knowledge construction 30 years behind us in swarm intelligence It is feasible for a crowd to tune in to the music of the universe and dream the same dream
Age of Reason | Atlantis Reimagined
East or west North or South the last time we were massively logical was ..
Nagarjuna 150 AD 250 AD
Naga = Snake
Arjuna ..the supreme Archer
Taxila | Nalanda Old | New
Chanakya believed in the sword and the word History tells us Mentor to three emperor’s C..B..Asoka
For Nagarjuna word was the sword
The Warrior | Archer stands poised the bow string fully stretched arrow pointing at the Target | Truth
Duality gives in to the Nondual
The snake disappears Adam | Eve Masculine | Feminine to the Human Paradise Lost | Regained .. Ardha Nareeswara Nagarjuna was a healer a centenarian prophet of Regenerative Learning Learning is no learning unless the outcome is regeneration of the body |planet Judge the tree by it’s fruits
Survival Drive Distortions | Fitness
Fear Quantified
The global arms trade is almost the size of the Indian Economy
The size of the US Placebo Industry is the same as that of Indian Economy now
Economics has nothing to do with ethics ?
When we dream of a 5 Trillion economy we make no distinction between real goods and the substitutes Even suicides add to the GDP
Afraid to dream
The minimum scale to dream is 5 times the US Economy at PPP
Afraid to be gods .. to create
All growth is not Growth
More of this later
Making more with less and less Minimal is in – Buckminster Fuller
First Things First | Orientation
Atlantis Rising | The middle Kingdom |

Return | Reign of Quality with Quantity

Getting our numbers right

0 Nothing
1 Everything
0 | 1 Nothing or Everything
0 &1 Nothing and Everything

Let us opt for ..1 ..Everything .. for the sake of conversation
10 or any other x ..infinity
Everything includes Nothing Right ?
Which way to go ?
Clockwise | Anti clockwise ?
Order goes one way Chaos goes the other way
Fishermen midwifed us with navigation They are good at sea Their women fare better on land They took to the GPS before we got our mobiles

Why the πŸ‘οΈ keeps popping up ?
We need to SEE the problem | solution

Oriented | Disoriented ?

IN | Old
W 10…1πŸ‘οΈ1…10 E
New |. OUT

Recession is when real substitutes the substitutes As we age well and more we realise we can do more with less and less Only the impossible happens- Buckminster Fuller
Swarm Intelligence | Atlantis Rising
The Reign of Quality
Paradigms have shifted Habits seldom die All growth is not real growth The first link that surfaces is proof Magical
Time we return to First Principles Nagarjuna rebirthed an ancient system from the South Gave it a second life Also to Buddha
How minimal can minimal be .. to be oriented
Return of the Middle Kingdom
IN |. Old
W x …1 πŸ‘οΈ 1…x E
New |. OUT
Navigation in Conceptual | Physical Space
x can take any value from 1 to infinity Even more simple Ο€
2D turns 3 D and 4 D
The geometry of thought was a prerequisite to the making of the Philosopher King | Chakra ..Worthy | Master of the self at the Academy Aristotle couldn’t make it happen
It takes no time for a crowd to be oriented to turn into a swarm when data makes sense
Less than 1 % makes all the noise
The swarm is at work
Silence speaks more eloquently

The Asian Age
Nagarjuna re..formed Buddhism Gave a second life to it Also to the Science of Life Ayurveda | science of the Whole Regeneration is feasible The loglic is missing in praxis After almost 2000 years we are opening up to the possibility .. Epigenetics the Process | Iterative perspective .. the essence of Sanskrit Integral is the state of being Whole India is the land of the integral Asia is Buckminster Fuller and Werner Erhard would agree In 1984 we went to the EST before it re..formed .. into Forum | Landmark They didn’t quite make it to the Integral With Nitin Nohria Harvard adopted it Gravity is ruthless Nature is Compassion can be Love is Life follows the CPM the critical path similie the path not taken the direction of the journey the process takeover
Every meeting on the road turns critical
More and more with less and less is the way to more of our humanNESS Mainframe to the mobile to the handsfree Algorithm is the soul Time we go handsfree The seat of the soul .. Gary Zukav .. is the body Soul is that which unifies .. makes it 1 ..everything..the algorithm The hole on the wall ..Atlantis missing .. is a projection of the hole in the lens of our vision With the return of the soul the body heals regenerates renews continually Ozone hole thins Earth heals Trust is faster than thought Thought is faster than light It takes courage trust in us to trust others What if Asia goes borderless ? That would be the poleshift to the plural multipolar Nobody wants to let go of what is in hand to reach grasp the whole Fear is in the family
The User Interface to the Whole

IN |. Old
W x…1 πŸ‘οΈ 1…x E
New |. OUT
IN .. the introverts domain conceptual ideal Out .. Extroverts Physicist rules Between Intro | Extro Old ..HiStoric stuck in the past Gravity Drag
New .. Future Vision .. pull
Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes….Carl Jung
Creating alignment with the four wheels of the chariot Arjuna the driver Krishna the soul Trust | Mistrust Insecurity Council Mintzberg Three members of the Security council accounts for 2/3 of the arms trade The business of Security Test oneself to trust oneself to trust Why Crumbs when we can have the Whole cake ..indivisible Akshyaya Indiminishable US is Rich India is wealthy The temple treasure | City of Eternity Money talks we listen Shifting attention to the minimal

The transformational

Ahead of the Curve
One step not too many
Technology mimics Nature
Race goes on
Nature is much more than Quantum Computing & we are much more than our physical body which we have begun to experience Friends who took to running at 70 do better than their earlier versions @ 40 | 25
Tturning ADULT is owning up
Nudge this not illness | mistrust
Fakes meet their destiny on the road
Crisis | Opportunity
Seeing the method in the madness
Options Freewill | Freewon’t
Turn Catalyst | Burn Out
Evolve | Devolve
Flowing with the will of Nature
Slow life | Accelerated lives
Modern slavery = To be Tools of our tools
Real work never runs out
Catalysts remain catalysts unaffected
@ the core | centre
Why not mimic nature itself ?

The UI to the Whole | Integral
Visual Computing | Seeing | Synthesis

In 3 steps


IN |. Old
W x…1 πŸ‘οΈ 1….x E
New |. OUT

The Conscious Agent

If you meet the Buddha | Expert
on the Road KILL

Understanding Integrity | The unbreakable bundle of sticks

They make sense together in the order in which they are

In 10 steps | Avatars

Ladder | Levels of Understanding

7 Process | Iterative
6 Community
5 Human
4 Animal
3 Plant
2 Cell
3 Clock .. we are here !
2. Maps
1 Compass | Position
πŸ‘οΈ..x 4 Quad Core

The Hammer
The flat earth model gives in to the spherical linear to the nonlinear Dymaxion..dynamic maximum tension – Buckminister Fuller
Seeing is central to the Core | Integral | Conscious Agents | Problem Solving

An expert is an expert in any one
Long live the experts ..the Integrators | Problem Solvers

Another perspective

O men
W πŸ‘οΈ men …signs
O ccult …search
M ind
M odels
M. etaphor ..allegory
M agic
M iracles
M ysticism ..trust
M anagement | ADULT

End of Leader | Follower .. Ships
No country for Adults ?
It’s ADULTS only .. young or old 🌈

MIT Technology Review
Humans and Technology Sept 12 2019
An important quantum algorithm may actually be a property of nature
MIT Technology Review
Longer, healthier lives will spark a new generational conflict
As older generations stay productive for longer, they will hold on to more of the wealth and power.
Rebecca Roache Aug 21, 2019
Taking Up Running After 50? It’s Never Too Late to Shine
People who start running competitively in their 50s can become as swift and well-muscled as older runners who have trained lifelong NY Times Sept 16 2019
Environment Climate Change Proof that saving the ozone is world’s biggest environmental success Sept 16 2019
The happiest introverts may be extraverts Neuroscience News
SEPT17, 2019
Why We Should Stop Celebrating Consumerism
Forbes Sept 17 2019
Richard Buckminster Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist. Fuller published more than 30 books, coining or popularizing terms such as “Spaceship Earth”, “Dymaxion” house/car, ephemeralization, synergetic, and “tensegrity”. Wiki
Math Reveals the Secrets of Cells’ Feedback Circuitry
September 18, 2019
Maintaining perfect stability through negative feedback is a basic element of electrical circuitry, but it’s been a mystery how cells could do it β€” until now.- Quanta